12 Things To Do To Ensure Your Home’s Safety And Security

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Home security should always be your top priority. An average of 4.3% of Australian households still get burglarized every year so it is important to always ensure that your house is fully secured and protected. To ensure your house security, you should do the following:

1. Ensure Door Security

Did you know that 34% of burglars simply stroll through front doors? This is because most households have front doors with little to no security whatsoever. To ensure door security, you should do the following:

  • Do a physical inspection
  • Check if your door frames are strong
  • Look over if the hinges are in good condition
  • Check if your mail slot allows for people to unlock from the outside
  • Inspect your door locks; change them if someone used to live in your home
  • Invest in a deadbolt
  • Have a strike plate
  • Consider having smart locks
  • Consider having a video doorbell.

2. Ensure Window Security

Intruders usually slide through weakly secured windows. To enhance your window security, you could do the following:

  • Use a window bar
  • Consider having a glass break sensor
  • Always ensure that your windows are locked
  • Reinforce your window’s glass with security film
  • Place prickly bushes under your windows

3. Install A Security System

12 Things to Do to Ensure Your Home’s Safety and Security
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You should have a security system that allows for home automation and professional monitoring. You can totally DIY a system so just ensure that you do the following:

  • Choose a security system that you find comfortable and manageable
  • Check all the risks that you need to consider — the design of your house, your neighborhood
  • Do a home security evaluation of your place

If you already have a security system installed, you should make sure that you do regular maintenance and system check. You should immediately ask for professional help if you need security camera repairs.

4. Light Up Your Lot

People with bad intentions don’t like houses that are lit up. Their goal is to not be seen and to do everything in the dark without being caught. You can easily keep them out if you have good outdoor lighting. Have lights installed around your backyard and front yard? Pathways, garage areas, and outdoor structures should be fully lighted. Do the following as well:

  • Prioritize using solar-powered lights
  • Have motion-activated lights
  • Use smart light bulbs that can be scheduled
  • Have a smart outlet that comes with a timer 

5. Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

You should tightly secure your Wi-Fi network. Hackers can easily get through it and steal your identity by having access to all your personal and financial details. Criminals should never have access to your smart home gadgets as they could very easily get themselves in if you use devices that support home automation. Do the following:

  • Have WPA2 encryption or simply enable WPA
  • Your wireless router should be secured
  • Hide your home network
  • Rename your home network
  • Have a firewall 
  • Have strong passwords
  • Install an anti-malware app
  • Install an anti-virus app

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6. Secure Your Garage

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Criminals can also easily find their way through your garage. Do the following for boosted security:

  • Always lock all garage doors from the inside and the outside
  • Keep your garage door opener inside
  • Keep your security code a secret
  • Never input your security code in front of neighbors, delivery people, or strangers
  • Consider having a smart garage door system
  • Fully cover the windows of your garage 
  • Install extra locks
  • Have a driveway alarm

7. Install Security Cameras

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CCTV installation in Caloundra will be your best friend in securing your home’s safety. Do the following: 

  • Connect your security camera to your smartphone
  • Install a camera with night vision
  • Set a camera with a motion detection feature
  • Install a camera that allows two-way talking
  • Build up a weatherproof camera 

8. Remove Hiding Places

Remove everything that burglars can use to be kept from being noticed. Do the following: 

  • Always trim down plants, trees, and shrubs
  • Usually put away ladders
  • Always put away stools
  • Don’t forget to lock sheds
  • Remember to lock gates
  • Don’t leave tempting items outdoors
  • Use security stickers and signs – do this even if you don’t have any active security system 

9. Have A Safe

Have a dedicated space for your most valuable items. Do the following:

  • Place all your jewelries, passports, and vital documents in a dedicate safe
  • Get a waterproof and fire-resistant safe
  • Get a safe that can’t be easily taken away – the heavier, the better
  • Have safes with two locks
  • Garefully evaluate if you need an anchored safe or a portable safe

10. Automate What You Can

A smart home is so much easier to secure as you will get real-time footage and real-time alerts 24/7. For seamless automation, do the following: 

  • Have a smart doorbell with two-way talk features
  • Schedule the turning on and off of lights if you’d be gone for long
  • Connect your video feed to your smartphone
  • Foolproof your smartphone from false alarms

11. Emergency Numbers

Post emergency numbers in spaces around your home that are easily accessible by all. Numbers of the following should be included:

  • Local police department
  • Hospital
  • Poison control
  • Animal poison control
  • Family doctor

12. Fireproofing

Prevent any fire-related incident by doing the following: 

  • Install smoke detectors
  • Set fire alarms
  • Install CO detectors
  • Have fire extinguishers
  • Check the expiration date of fire extinguishers
  • Have an inspector check your fireplace before use
  • Get a fire exit plan

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