7 Low-Cost Home Decor Tips To Give Your Little Heaven A Revamped Look

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A home is not just about the worldly manifestation of lavish interior and exterior décor. It is more about the memories, emotions, and feelings you put in from day 1 to your last day in it. 

The emotional journey of transforming your house into a home or revamping it does not depend on extravaganza spendings on furniture and interior design. So if you have a low budget but high hopes to decorate your home perfectly, fret not. 

We have a list of simple decorating ideas at home that will shed no weight on your budget and give your home sweet home a completely new and classy look.

Decorate Walls With Plates 

If you are looking for cheap decorating ideas for living room walls or any other wall in your sanctuary, go for the plate design. Bring out the paintbrush and show your artistic side by doing some DIY painting on the ceramic plates.

It will give them a unique and eye-catching look. Hang the beautifully painted plates on your living room wall to put your guests in an awestruck state. 

These will be an interesting yet cheap alternative to expensive artwork. Think of a design that you want to pull off and follow your imagination to give it an enhanced look. 

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DIY Wall Painting

Yes, wall paints are important. But remember, the money-saving way of painting the wall of your room is to go with limited colors. Contrast 2 colors, paint three walls with one and make the 4th wall your prime focused wall by painting it in a darker and richer second color. 

To keep everything under a strict budget, you will need to get your hands dirty. But, it will be fun and worth it. All you need to do is buy a roller and get busy rolling it up and down on the walls. You’ll splatter paint a lot, but there are plenty of ways to clean every surface from paint stains, so you need not worry.

No need to hire professional help, as they are expensive. Plus, no one is competing for the best-painted walls, so you can go all wild and have fun with every bit of the work. It will surely give a completely new look to your home while being within your expense limits. 

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Choose Recycled Products

There is no shame in opting for recycled products to add to your home décor. Rather it is an ideal approach for a more sustainable lifestyle. 

How about using recycled wood to make vintage but charming storage units for your shoes, raincoats, and bags. It will be a unique way of making your home a step closer to nature. Such wooden pieces can be a perfect addition to your dining room for cutlery, bedroom for your gaming set up, or study room for your books.

Choosing recycled products to add to your home décor is a cheaper yet enticing way that attracts many eyes and will be a perfect conversation starter at your parties and gatherings. 

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Display Collectibles As Decoration Pieces

You must have had a hobby of collecting things in your young years or might still have one. So, instead of going for high-priced glass or ceramic decoration items, why not display your collections in a versatile manner. 

Your collection can range from ordinary stones to round marble balls, put them in glass flasks and place them on shelves. Display these on shelves across your home to give it a low priced yet appealing décor.  

You can stick your currency notes collection within a frame at one corner of your living room to give your guests a little world tour from within your house walls. 

If you are a fan of shells of all shapes and sizes, place them in a bowl on your table to add a distinctive décor feature. 

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Repainting Furniture

If you are fed up with sitting on the same table chair on your patio while having your evening coffee, the only solution is not to buy new furniture.

No, no, and no to infinity times.

To stay within your budget, you can repaint it with new colors that suit your present mood. Add some design to make it even more different from the old furniture. The number of praises and queries you will be getting with respect to the newly painted furniture will be proof of how cool and budget-friendly this tip is?

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Add Some Epic Light Sources

Dull and dark rooms are only meant to be storage rooms where you only go looking for some childhood album cartons. 

The rest of your home needs to be well lit and glorious. And for that, you need innovative and attractive light sources in the form of lamps and string lights. This purchase can be expensive but is necessary too. 

The trick is to wait for sales on multiple online marketplaces like Inspire Uplift, where you can easily save a lot of your hard-earned money. Events like 11-11, Christmas, Black Friday; come bearing big sales which you can avail convenient to stay in your budget.

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Add Mirrors

The benefits of mirrors in the home exceed far beyond a grooming aid for your day.

These are ideal additions to make your home look bigger than it actually is. So, if you have a small home but have the widest and sharpest of the brain, you’ll use mirrors more often than you have used in the past. 

Full-size mirrors, ceiling mirrors, or hanging ones, each one of them has the capability of sprucing up the dullest corner of your house and revamping it to the fullest of your expectations.

Mirrors are an inexpensive and necessary way of decorating your home sweet home, and their versatility makes them perfect to be displayed almost in every room of your home. 

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Bottom Line

Redecorating your house need not cost the earth. You can always spruce up every room of your home by staying within your limited budget. You need to be creative and innovative to use the resources at your disposal and make the most out of them.

Break the misconception that it takes a huge chunk of your savings to decorate your home, and go for the above-mentioned ideas of decorating small spaces on a budget.

These unique and appealing ideas are sure to keep your guests wondering how you did it!