8 Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas for Your Country Home

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Earning to own a huge historic farmhouse is one of the most common dreams of people. You can be one of those who want to live in a country-style home and revel life. Undeniably, country houses invoke a nostalgia you will always find appealing. In the past few years, antique interiors and rustic décor has gained popularity.

Finding farmhouse living room décor ideas can be your best bet in this case. It is because setting up a country-style living room can make you feel like residing in a farmhouse. One of the most iconic ways to set up such a space is by introducing the right furnishing. You can use Home Colours discount codes and get the best furniture pieces for this setting.

From casual and comfortable couches to barn-wood coffee tables, you can add multiple natural décor elements to intensify the look. It is not necessary to invest in a country house for applying this setting. You can be thrifty and transform your urban apartment into a country-style place of living.

Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Rustic farmhouse living rooms can always add a modern and traditional touch to your place. It is a trendy way to introduce country furnishings and chic materials in the house.

Transform your family room into a space ideal for all types of homeowners. Look further for incredible farmhouse living room décor ideas.

Grungy Fashionable Living Room

A grungy and shabby look is easy to achieve in any type of living room regardless of its size and shape. You can incorporate patterns and rustic hues in it. It will acquire a chocolaty wood flooring paired up with greyish white rugs for an ultra-modern touch.

Your cosy couch will look like a comforting daybed that you can cover in warm blankets and cushions. For more, add plants, and give your window a vintage-style décor.

Barn Wood LED Console Cabinet

This living room décor is incomplete without a soft rug, brown furniture pieces, and lovely grey walls. You can create an entertainment centre in the living room by using a rustic cabinet made of wood. Also, mount the LED television to one of your walls for a chic look. It will quickly introduce storage space on the top of your console cabinet.

Try placing a vintage basket and a vibrant jar on the cabinet for making an impression. Also, you can hang different signs or canvases of plants on the wall.

Recycled Window Frame and Wreath

Induce a coveted farmhouse feel to your living room by this easy-to-apply décor. Look for a distressed vintage window in your house and place it on a wall. Now, complement it using a boxwood wreath and pair it up with a gingham bow.

For perfectly accenting this rustic masterpiece in your living room, find a distressed wooden plank. Interior experts will always suggest iron lanterns along with Mason jar flower vases for making a statement.

Huge Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

Steamer trunks are cabin trunks used by people in older times for carrying luggage. You can amp up your furniture by utilising it as the coffee table. Stick to the aesthetics of a rustic farmhouse and quickly place a Mason jar filled with your favourite flowers.

Also, you can keep a platter or a white china tray underneath it to make a look. Interestingly, you can make the best use of this trunk by using it as a storage space for pillows, blankets, and other items. It will quickly remove clutter and give a chic look.

Antique Wooden Ladder Picture Display

Wooden ladders can be an ideal way to display your pictures in any corner of the country-style family room. You can create a shelf by using a vintage ladder and enhance farmhouse living room décor ideas immediately. In fact, there are many benefits of using a ladder for display purpose in the house.

Firstly, it has equally spaced panes that provide plenty of room for keeping a stylish picture frame. You can keep it steady to the wall by using ‘L’ brackets. Moreover, prefer black and white picture frames for complimenting the vintage look.

Cosy Armchair and Quilt at the Corner

Placing a good, warm, and cosy armchair in the living room is a fantastic idea. You can implement this farmhouse living room décor idea by covering your armchair in white or grey. Now, throw a blanket and fleece pillows for the definitive statement.

Compliment this setting by adding a ladder blanket holding rack behind the chair. Also, place a table lamp on a distressed white stool for warming up the ambience. You can hang rustic canvas art on the wall if you like or throw a rug on the floor.

Another exciting way to upscale the overall setting of your living room is by installing a warm slipover. This couch looks overexciting if you introduce a burlap rug with fluffy cushions and throw pillows. Also, think of a great steamer trunk or ottoman coffee table here.

Give the storage table a vintage look by placing a wired jar full of white candles and green gourds. If you are spacious after this setting, pair the table with a huge wooden basket. Add blankets and extra pillows in this basket for the signature style.

The ceiling is a focal point in the living room. Nowadays, the Edison bulbs are perfect for home décor in different settings. Therefore, you can add these bulb on the ceiling for a chic look. Create pendulum lights with these bulbs in the living room for a vintage ambience.

Try to fix a wooden beam on the top with a few holes. Now, place these pendulum lighting fixtures between these holes. For a warm set up throughout the room, add greenery on the plank and let it hang by the bulbs. It is a décor suitable for other places in the house too.

Final Thoughts
These are the best farmhouse living room décor ideas that you can introduce in your space. Revel your life and prefer these ideas for more. You can also share other tips and tricks for vintage style décor in the comments below.