8 Tips to Elevate the Appeal of Your Kitchen In A Budget

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Your kitchen hosts an array of vital and routine tasks. Hence, it should look good and impressive. Regardless of whether you are hosting, eating, cleaning, or cooking, the kitchen must be a place that you enjoy being in. For this, you need to be thoughtful with the kitchen design.

Are you planning on remodeling or redoing the kitchen design? If yes, the below-listed tips can come in handy for you. You can use the tips below to help you create a space that you will love and cherish. Do follow our advice on the organization, planning, and must-have features for your kitchen that look spectacular and make your kitchen more efficient, keeping in view your needs and requirements. 

1. Change Or Include More Lighting

‘Do you hate the overhead fixture or lighting in your kitchen? Is the lighting in your kitchen not bright enough? If yes, change it. Bringing in the new overhead fixture is certainly a lot easier than it may seem to you. The good thing with fixtures and lighting is you do not have to splurge. Instead, you can buy a budget-friendly lighting fixture that goes with the theme of your kitchen. 

Well, yes, if you have not tried yet, check out the lighting options available on Etsy, and you can find a whole range in under 20 USD. Ikea is another place to explore when you need budget-friendly fixtures for the kitchen. When it comes to lighting, even the under-cabinet lighting is essential as much as the overhead lighting. So, change or add new lights wherever possible. 

2. Refresh, Recycle, And Remove

Do your cabinets appear ugly and old? If yes, you can consider removing them and building an open shelving option in the room. You can also consider updating the cabinet and drawer hardware in the kitchen to give it a new look and appeal. Alternatively, instead of changing the whole cabinets and drawers, merely changing the pulls can also give it a unique and updated look. Some people also like to change the cabinet doors with new ones or refinishing and sanding the old cabinet doors to provide them with a new and fresh look. Finally, you can use high-gloss doors or glass doors to boast your latest pieces. 

Typically, anything that seems worn out should either be replaced, recycled, or repainted. 

3. Decide The Proper Height For The Microwave

Does the microwave placement and height matter for your kitchen’s appeal and look? Most certainly, yes! The right height and the oven’s or the microwave’s station depend on the chef’s height and structure. If you wish to ensure that your child, too, can get access to the microwave, then you will have to place it lower according to their height. 

If only the adults will be using the oven or microwave, then typically you can place it fifteen inches over the countertop level. However, if your kids, too, will have access to the microwave, then you must consider placing it below the countertop.

4. Pick Lighter Hues

Using lighter hues on the cabinets and walls can go a long way in brightening up space and making it seem bigger and naturally pricier. In addition, lighter shades tend to reflect light, thereby concealing the dents, dings, and scratches on the old cabinets. 

5. Change The Shelf Or The Drawer Lines

Since you first decorated your kitchen, did it ever occur to you to change the shelf or the drawer liners? No, right? Well, you are not alone. This is indeed one of the most ignored segments of the kitchen. But, a small change here can elevate the whole look and usability of the kitchen. 

So, shop for some non-stick liners and elevate the kitchen. The good thing with the liners is that this also allows you to get everything out of your cabinet and rearrange them in a more organized and put-together format. 

6. Conceal The Counters

Usually, your old countertops will have burn marks, dents, and scratches. You don’t need to replace the kitchen island or cabinet, just use a Carrara marble to place on top of the old table and renovate the remaining parts.

If you do not have the budget to replace them, you must seek a more creative way to conceal these dents. So, you can hide them under the standing appliances, or fresh paint them or conceal them with elements, such as a cutting board.

7. Double Up The Kitchen Appliances

If you have a huge family or your family has extensive cooking needs, you can consider adding two of your more frequently used appliances. 

For instance, You can add a new mixer grinder, air fryer oven, or a second refrigerator according to the needs of your household. You can also have a dedicated snack bar section in the kitchen where the kids can sit down, discuss their day at school, and enjoy their snacks. 

8. Add Mirrors

Mirrors can give a more extensive and spacious look to your kitchen. Surprisingly, people usually consider adding mirrors in their bathroom and bedroom, but never in the kitchen. A life-size mirror that covers one wall can look spectacular, primarily if it reflects the kitchen worktop.