35 Affordable DIY Farmhouse Home Decoration Ideas

Farmhouse style is a way to decorate your home that is very hot right now. Every family likes this style and they try to add it to their house. So how do you make your home unique from many other houses? Here some gorgeous DIY farmhouse home decoration ideas for you.

1. Fresh In Old

This DIY wreath is perfect for fall. Red apples are natural elements and my favorite decoration. Hanging it on an old board, you will create a great combination between the fresh and the vintage.

Source: Thewoodgraincottage

2. Rustic DIY Frame On The Wall

Let your logic mind create an amazing wall with rustic frames. You just need some vintage frames and arrange them smartly on the wall.

Source: Cleanlivingcleaneating

3. Curtain Rods With Family Photos

Make a DIY curtain by some frames of family photos is not too hard. You can use old and vintage frames to keep the farmhouse style look.

Source: Hometalk

4. A Wooden Palette Hanging Cups

A wood palette to hang cups is so easy to make. From an old wood palette, you cut it for two and with some hooks put on the wooden bars, you have a wood palette to hang coffee cups.

Source: Onelittlebirdblog

5. A Wooden Box Of Flowers

This wooden box can be used as a decorative centerpiece. It’s made with a handful of paint stir sticks and it’s very easy.

Source: Build-basic

6. A Rustic Wooden Clock

A rustic wooden clock is made easily with a wood palette. Paint the numbers and you have a rustic decoration hanging on the lovely wall.

Source: Lizmarieblog

7. Big Change For An Old Table

Just some thick wood bars, you can have a new table from the old one, a farmhouse touch for the dining room.

Source: Ana-white

8. A Handmade Picture For The Bedroom

Your bedroom is too boring? Try some pallet to create a lovely picture to decor your bed. Just some wood pallet and color painting, you have a handmade picture with farmhouse style.

Source: Ilovepalets

9. Amazing DIY Mirror

If the mirror in your bathroom is too far from the farmhouse style you’re following, you can try an amazing DIY mirror by lots of driftwood.

Source: Sustainmycrafthabit

10. A Stunning Decor With Flowers And Old Frames

Just like the idea of the DIY red apple wreath, with an old frame, and a pitcher of flowers, you have a decoration for the wall. It’s easy to cause only requiring basic woodworking skills, everyone can do it.

Source: Knickoftime

11. Beautiful Chic Decor From A Piece Of Wood

Beautiful chic decor can be made from a piece of wood follow the easiest and most cheapie way. Paint white color onto the piece of wood then writes a phrase, decorate with tiny characters on it.

Source: Littlefarmstead

12. Put A Ladder In The Bedroom

If you’re tired with the same decor ideas, let’s be unique with a ladder in a bedroom. You can put it in the angle of the room and make it become the hanging clothes “tree”.

Source: The36thavenue

13. Some Painting On The Wooden Board

A barn door can be used for your storage. You can paint some cute pictures on it for more decorative.

Source: Thistlewoodfarms

14. Put A Picnic Table On The Dining Room

A picnic table and bench chairs save lots of space in your tight dining room, with the color of wood, you can feel the farmhouse style everywhere in the room.

Source: Lovegrowswild

15. Wooden Crates Instead Of Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen with the white color is perfect for wooden crates. Just like the kitchen in this picture, wooden crates are used instead of kitchen drawers is a smart idea for a farmhouse kitchen.

Source: Hometreeatlas

16. Wire Baskets Hanging On The Wooden Board

Your simple wall needs a little boost, so try this DIY decor to figure out. An easy DIY wooden board and add two wire baskets for putting greenery.

Source: Thriftyandchic

17. A Wooden Handy Tote

Scrap wood and paint will help you make a lovely wooden handy tote. Put into it some pitchers as vases and add flowers to decor colorfully your room.

Source: Refreshrestyle

18. A Gorgeous But Cheap Bench On The Entryway

Just under 20 dollars for this gorgeous bench on the entryway. This bench is not really too hard and you can set it in anywhere you want, not only the entryway.

Source: Thecreativemom

19. Glass Bottle Vase Only $10

Say goodbye to fancy and expensive glass bottle vase, you absolutely can make for yourself one only with 10 dollars.

Source: Sarahblooms

20. A Thick Wooden Shelves

These open shelves are made with thick wood bars and it’s not too hard. Put some elements on the shelves to decor the wall more creative.

Source: Thriftyandchic

21. Pallet Arts

A DIY pallet art brings to your room a little romantic but also rustic decor and very fit for the farmhouse style you’re following.

Source: Infarrantlycreative

22. A Beautiful Greenery Circle

This quick and easy wreath to decor the door. It’s modern but rustic with a faux greenery wreath.

Source: Aprettyfix

23. Light In The Jar

Use some jars as lights to make a vintage decoration. This DIY idea is very easy and cheap that you can try for your house.

Source: Sarahblooms

24. Amazing Scrap Wooden Wall

Scrap woods are left around, it’s still useful for an amazing scrap wooden wall like thí picture.

Source: Prettyhandygirl

25. An Old Barn Door

Having a barn door always create a farmhouse style for your home. Don’t need to buy a new one, an old barn door is cheaper and brings more rustic for the room.

Source: Shadesofblueinterioirs

26. Vintage Pillows

Use fabric and fabric paint to make some vintage pillows for your living room. It’s cheap and can be found in any craft store.

Source: Lilacsandlonghorns

27. Mason White Jars For Bathroom

Put every bathroom stuff in a set of mason white jars, it brings a vintage look for your bathroom.

Source: Masonjarcraftslove

28. Recycle Chicken Feeder

A chicken feeder is not only used for feeding the chicken, if you don’t have chickens, you can plant some greenery in it to create a unique and vintage planter.

Source: Houseofhawthornes

29. Storage Chest To Decorate The Bedroom

The storage chest is a gorgeous decor for the bedroom, you also can keep your clothes or blankets in it.

Source: Aburstofbeautiful

30. White Chalk To Plant Greenery

The plant greenery in white chalks to bring the light and airy to your kitchen. These cute little planters keep herbs handy in your kitchen.

Source: Rusticandwoven

31. Wooden Note Board

This wooden note board makes the room look prettier than before. You need wood pallet and chicken wire to create this lovely wooden note board. It’s not too hard.

Source: Seekinglavenderlane

32. Handmade Arrows Art

Arrows are the big thing in farmhouse style. This DIY idea is one of the trends that you can not miss.

Source: Akadesign

33. DIY Farmhouse Cabinet

With an old wood crate, metal wire and simple wood skills, you have a DIY cabinet bringing the farmhouse look to your home.

Source: Knickoftime

34. Rustic Pots

New pots still can become old with some messy painting. Paint the pot carelessly so you have rustic pots to plant greenery or hold something.

Source: Pinkwhen

35. Lantern Jars

If your house has a rustic theme, this lantern is for you. Try to make it, not too hard. A mason jar and stones to decorate.

Source: Asouthernfairytale

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