How Much is a Bathroom Remodel in Greenville, SC

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The process of renovating your home is always tricky. Few homeowners are ready to take the plunge with hundreds of options, calculations, and decisions. The decision can be more problematic when it comes to bathroom remodeling. These projects involve plumbing, electricity, tile work, and the purchase of many materials. So how much does a bathroom remodel cost in Greenville, SC?

If you are to compare remodeling calculators online, you’ll notice a discrepancy. While some conservative online estimates range from $8,000 to $15,000, others provide a higher figure, between $12,000 – $30,000. 

For those experienced in home remodeling, the discrepancy is understandable. Bathroom projects can differ significantly according to requirements, moving the price bracket. So let’s see how much a bathroom remodel costs in Greenville by breaking it down into several separate items.

What Determines The Cost Of Bathroom Remodels In Greenville, SC?

The remodeling cost of any project is dictated primarily by materials, labor costs, and renovation goals. Other items that can influence the project cost include the location of the bathroom within the house, the bathroom’s current size, and the bathroom’s current condition. 

Requirements for the remodel will increase the price; the more dramatic the changes, the higher the cost and vice versa. When the bathroom is adjacent to an outside wall, there is usually more room for plumbing, so the rest of the home is unaffected. More minor bathroom renovations require fewer materials and work hours, which reduces the cost. 

Plumbing costs in Greenville

Whatever the scope of the project, remodeling a bathroom usually involves plumbing. The cost of residential plumbing in Greenville, SC, hovers around $66 per hour {need citation}. If you add up the costs of parts and materials, you can get a rough idea of the project costs. 

Bathtub installations in Greenville cost around $1,800, while the cost of installing or replacing a pre-purchased toilet is usually $135. Both estimates are for labor only.

Most homeowners opt for toilet seats between $250 – $600. Shower heads and faucets can vary. Most we discovered cost between $150 to $600. 

If you need rates and reviews for professionals in Greenville, Angie’s List provides details about top contractors in the area. 

Flooring costs for tile installation

In Greenville, tile removal costs slightly more than $3 per square foot, and installation from licensed contractors costs about $7 per square foot. 

It would help if you considered the cost of materials, too. Laminate flooring is probably the least expensive, followed by wood and tile. Tile and wood types vary, so it’s not easy to say that wood is cheaper than tile or vice versa. Keep this in mind when shopping. Below are price ranges found online 

Laminate flooring per square foot – $0.7 to $2

Tile flooring per square foot – $3 – $15

Wood flooring per square foot – $3 – $7 

Costs are estimated from several online sources like home depot, Bob Villa, and Home Guide. 

Installation of backsplashes and countertops can be as high as $32 per square foot (materials and labor). Tile showers in Greenville are estimated to cost between $320 and $1,354, according to 

Cost for electricity

In Greenville, SC, the average hourly rate for hiring a licensed electrician is $75. More costly electricians charge $120/hour; this is what you could expect to pay a reputable company. 

Homeowners can often find lower-cost electricians on Craigslist. If you’re on a budget and looking to save money, look for electricians who live nearby, are friends, or have promotions. Please always check past work and referrals and ask about work guarantees and insurance. 

Cost of fixtures when remodeling a bathroom

Among fixtures, vanities are usually the most expensive item on the list. Depending on your choice, the price can vary between one hundred to several hundred dollars for a single-sink item. Custom carpenters can charge up to three times as much. Still, they offer flexibility and a customized set of cabinets for your bathroom. 

Locally, in Greenville, installation of fixtures goes anywhere between $100 to $300.

More expensive fixtures, such as tankless water heaters, can range from $1,600 to $1,700, providing 6-7 gallons of water per minute. They can be bought locally in Greenville, SC, with installation costs of around $2,300. 

Bathroom décor

Bathroom décor means different things to different people. Still, it usually includes curtains, wall art, organizers, shelves, towels, over-the-sink lighting, and mirrors. 

Depending on your taste and preferred style, expect to spend between $500-$1,500 for a small bathroom. 

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Total Cost For A Bathroom Remodeling In Greenville, SC

As you can see, the price of remodeling a bathroom depends on several variables. Knowing the numbers will help you can plan before starting the project. Plus, they will help you decide if you want to hire a contractor to take some of the responsibility and workload off your shoulders. 

Whether you are hoping to rent or sell your home in Greenville, you might want to prioritize major upgrades over fixtures, allocating your budget accordingly. 

Hopefully, this article will help you with your bathroom remodel and give you some information to consider. With a good plan, your bathroom renovation in Greenville should be successful.