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Looking for a change in your bathroom in 2020? Before you start planning and calling the contractor, it is smart to take a look at popular trends for this and next year.

As you consider your next bathroom remodel, consider some of the ideas below!

Biophilic Bathroom Design

If you are a nature lover, you should learn more about a biophilic bathroom design! This looks to put you in touch with nature. Science shows that we are more efficient and calmer when we are surrounded by the beauty of nature.

To make your bathroom seem like it has become part of nature, integrate a variety of plants into the decor. You can devise a wall of greenery, use natural material tiles, and use a standalone stub to inspire a touch of nature in your private bathroom space. Try for soothing tones that include greys, whites, and greens.

For your powder room, think about wallpaper with greenery. Lighting also is important, so add big windows or a velux skylight to mimic the light of the outdoors.

Standalone Tubs

Having standalone tubs and even water basins can really make your new bathroom look amazing! You can put in a standalone tub along a wall, in the middle of the bathroom, or even in a corner. It depends on the size of the bathroom.

For your washbasins, try rough-looking materials such as concrete, stone, marble and so on. Keep the natural look of the stone, and choose stones with a lot of veins. To tie the look together, the rest of the space should be neutral so your standalone tub is the focal point.

Matte White Fittings

This can be an acquired taste, but it is becoming popular. It is a minimalist look, so it can work well in a simple or contemporary bathroom.

Look for a simple bathroom vanity. Unique fittings for the bathroom should be paired with simple tile so they can be the center of the design. It is ideal to get a glass-walled shower, too. If you do not like white, try black matte fittings.

Try a Colorful Sink

Instead of colorful walls or vanity, have you considered a colored sink? We are used to seeing white sinks, so try ao sink with a neutral tone that goes with the rest of the bathroom.

Try Terrazzo

Terrazzo is loved by bathroom designers. It is a mix of natural stone, cement, and marble. It can be found in wall surfaces, accessories, backsplashes and counters. For your bathroom, this material is popular along the shower flooring and walls. It can even be used to replace a ceramic sink. This is an Italian material and is never dull because it has unlimited color and material combinations.

Choose an Open Shower

The open concept Italian shower is very popular, especially if they have several functions, such as an integrated bench, misting option, ambient lighting, anti-fog mirror, etc.

A new trend is to have the tub in the shower. The shower and bath space can be separated from the bathroom with a glass wall. The advantage of this look is that it makes the bathroom appear more spacious.

Before you try this trend, it is smart to think of how practical it will be in your space. A shower/bath is a great concept, but maybe not for daily use. If your space allows, you may want an open shower and a separate standalone tub.

The above trends are popular and in 2020 and look like they will be next year, too. Give them a try in your new bathroom redesign and we think you will be amazed at just how great you feel in your new, modern concept bathroom.

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