Top 8 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

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Even the top bathroom remodeling experts in Charlottesville VA make the most common remodel mistakes. There are multiple kinds and levels of bathroom remodel mistakes that make the space nonfunctional and old-school. 

A bathroom should be a space that serves the needs of the user. It should be functional and easy to use with sufficient storage space and a comfortable environment. It is imperative that you have a clear vision in mind when you start your bathroom remodeling otherwise things can go haywire pretty quick with even a single mistake. 

Yes, people make mistakes with paint colors and textures, but there are even other disastrous mistakes that cost a lot in the long run. Keep an eye out for the following bathroom remodel mistakes to avoid any future hassle.

1. Absence Of A Vision Or A Clear Plan

The very first meeting you schedule with your remodeling team is the time to throw in your fantasy ideas even if they seem impossible. However, if during this meeting your designer tells you that your ideas cannot manifest to reality, then you need to think on a practical basis and draft an actionable plan. 

Bathroom remodels are not cheap. Hence, a lack of a clear plan can disrupt the entire space and decrease functionality. Totally defeating the purpose. 

You need to sit with proper professionals and come up with a practical plan according to your bathroom space and type. Once the vision is clear, the plan becomes easier to draft. 

2. Improper Utilization Of Space

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The bathroom designs that are a complete waste of time, money, and resources are the ones that focus on cosmetics and not on function. Nightmarish mistakes can go against the construction codes as well. 

It is important you design a layout and a blueprint that is functional and smartly utilizes the spaces including the plumbing and electrical wiring. 

3. Ignoring The Importance Of Bathroom Storage 

When you hire a bathroom remodeling expert in Charlottesville VA, it is important to sit with him and come up with ways to increase the storage space in the room rather than focusing just on the cosmetics. Minimalist designs are all in trend, but you do want some form of storage space even if it is hidden to store bed sheets and medication, etc. 

Let’s say you want to install a pedestal sink. It is a good idea to save space. But, think about alternate storage space since you will not have a vanity.  

4. Focus On The Direction Of Water Flow 

This is a mistake that you need to avoid right when you are drafting the plan for your bathroom to remodel. Poorly designed bathrooms can present a lot of water problems. 

In fact, poor bathroom layouts can seriously hamper effective water drainage in the bathroom. So, see where and how the water flows. This is important because you do not want your walls etc to be damaged by water. 

5. Do Not Ignore The Ventilation 

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This is one of the huge bathroom remodel mistakes. Ignoring the ventilation. You do not want a claustrophobic bathroom with poor or improper ventilation. Excess moisture from the shower etc can lead to mold growth. 

Poor ventilation includes installing a wrong size exhaust fan or a lack of window space. The humidity can accumulate inside and simply destroy everything you have worked so hard for. 

6. Avoid Using Cheap Construction Materials 

The most critical step of any bathroom remodel is the choice of material. Poor selection of construction material is a huge mistake that you all need to keep an eye out for. Do not go for cheap material simply because it is “cheap”! You will end up regretting this badly. 

Temperature fluctuations can lead to a build-up of moisture and make the construction material on the walls chip off pretty fast. You do not want a mildewed bathroom. Yes, you do not!

7. Avoid Mellowed Lighting Options

These days it is quite common to go for back mirror lighting. But you must see the layout and then decide the best lighting options for your bathroom. It should make the space bright and add a stylish touch at the same time. Wrong selection of lighting can destroy the entire remodeling design.

8. Do Not Underestimate Your Budget

During any remodeling project, there are surprise costs that can easily pop up when you are least expecting them. You must understand the importance of smart budgeting and keep an amount that is more than the base value. If there are any surprise additional costs, you should be prepared beforehand. 

We’ve reached the end of the list. To get excellent outcomes, try to avoid making these bathroom remodel mistakes. These are probably not the only ones, but they are some of the most popular or frequent ones.