Beach, Seaside And Nautically Inspired Bedrooms With Whimsy

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Creating a nautical bedroom theme inside the home is quite easy; just a few touches here and there can create a beach, boat or ocean side feel in no time at all! In the bedroom, the sea can be quite pleasing in the nautical sense, and the colors associated with water are calming.

A child or guest bedroom could be created to resemble a boat, oceanic scenes or just an array of nautical gadgets, maps or lighthouses. Whatever the style, a nautical bedroom theme can create a cozier place and make a house feel like a home.

Plan The Bedroom Redesign Carefully

Beach, Seaside And Nautically Inspired Bedrooms With Whimsy

A nautical bedroom theme is one of the many choices out there for a bedroom. To create a nautical bedroom, there must first be a design plan or schematic layout of the room so it can be easily determined what will go where in the final decorating phase. Decide on the basics first – paint color, draperies, furniture placement, how the window and door locations impact the design and where there are wall studs. Finding the studs is very important, especially if you are hanging heavy or oversized objects such as fishing nets, lobster traps or even a few oversized starfish!

Once the basic layout has been decided and the groundwork for the interior design project has been decided, it is time to paint. Paint color is important with a nautical theme, as magenta and pink would simply look out of place. Stick with natural decorating colors – blue, green and white; making certain to add a few minor doses of accent colors such as yellow, red, orange and pale grey. How the room is panted will also affect the overall look, feel and ambiance of the room. A popular choice for a beachy look is pale blue walls with the window frames, baseboards and crown moldings painted an antique white.

Choosing The Right Furniture For A Seaside Bedroom

Beach, Seaside And Nautically Inspired Bedrooms With Whimsy

Furniture in a seaside themed bedroom must be casual, comfortable and inviting. This is not the place for formal or fussy furniture pieces. Remember to keep function in mind, as well as style, when you are shopping for and choosing furniture. A boat-shaped bed in a boy’s room would be the icing on the cake but will not work as well for a double or queen bed in a guest room. For an adult version, a white painted sleigh bed would be just right. White and pale painted chests, nightstands and tables will help to add decorative flair. This is the perfect bedroom theme for reused, re-purposed, vintage and antique pieces. The shabby chic feel would be right at home in a beach cottage theme.

Flooring Choices Could Make Or Break the Design

Beach, Seaside And Nautically Inspired Bedrooms With Whimsy

Another thing to add flare to a nautical bedroom theme is flooring. Wide planked wood flooring in a bleached stain would be perfect – unlike a dark plush carpet which would feel out of place. If you want to go with carpet, choose a shade that resembles sand and keeps the pile short. Good choices for area rugs are jute, seagrass and Berber – natural fibers that blend easily with a nautical theme.

Final Accessories Really Make the Room

Beach, Seaside And Nautically Inspired Bedrooms With Whimsy

Placing a knick-knack here or there will add to the atmosphere of a nautically themed bedroom and will give the room a lovely lived in feeling. Accessories to a room will decorate it, but many can be functional, so why not use a seagull pull-chain decoration for the fan? Collections such as seashells, compasses, starfish and sea horses would be right at home in this room. Don’t be afraid to bring the outside into the newly decorated space.

A nautical bedroom can be a wonderful, and often whimsical additional to a home. Remember that you don’t have to live near the ocean to have a seaside themed bedroom. The whole point of a theme is to create a look and feel that can be enjoyed year-round.