Best Double Sided Tape – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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The best double sided tape differs from one person to another. Why? It’s primarily due to the variety in applications of double-sided tape. Some will use it for arts and crafts while others need it for their store display — or for mounting picture frames in their bedroom. Plus, not all bonding surfaces are the same.

With a ton of double-sided tape in the market, it can be difficult to choose one for your specific needs. Check out my comprehensive buyer’s guide on double-sided tape below

If I only had to pick one double-sided tape, it would undoubtedly be the Gorilla 6065001. It’s my favorite model for three primary reasons: ease of use, tremendous bonding strength, and a clean finish. This is a double-sided tape that has effectively reduced the times I had to buy cumbersome nails and fasteners.

I had a dozen metal photo frames to mount in three rooms, and each weighed about two pounds. That didn’t prove to be a daunting task to the Gorilla 6065001, which has a limit of 15 pounds — more than seven times what I needed. Likewise, you may use this outside without worry since it’s weatherproof.

Homeowners should follow the instructions and prepare the surface before applying this. Why? For one, it eases the bonding process. Second, it has a seriously tough bond, so you must have an idea of where to put it in the first place.

Use four inches of Gorilla 6065001 for every pound, and apply it vertically — doing so ensures that the weight is distributed equally. Lastly, this is my favorite because it works on the most common surfaces: plastic, metal, wood, brick, stone, and concrete, among many others.


  • Easy to use with a clear finish
  • Applicable for indoor and outdoor use due to its weatherproof design
  • Reliable, long-lasting bonding will help you save money in the long run
  • Works on nearly all surfaces from plastic and concrete to wood and metal
  • Strong bonding even if the surface is relatively rough


  • Peeling the liner may be a bit difficult due to the jelly-like feel of the tape
  • It may remove the paint from the surface if you decide to remove it

I like the Gorilla 6065001 for being a reliable, all-purpose double-sided tape. But if that isn’t available or you’re looking to keep your rugs and flooring materials in place, this might even be a better option. The Melca DS-CT is 2.5 inches wide, which is generous enough to ensure non-slippery or risky walking areas.

I used this for my two rugs in the living room, and they didn’t budge once I applied many pieces of the Melca DS-CT tape on each. Likewise, I tried this rug tape for mounting my wood clock — and it worked. None of the items I’ve used with the tape have budged after weeks, and that’s an impressive feat.


  • Will work even on kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Doesn’t make the rugs feel uneven once applied
  • Offers superb stability for rugs and carpets
  • Thick and wide enough for extensive surface coverage


  • Some residue may remain on the floor
  • Might be too sticky to use with ease

The popular company Scotch has the 4011 mounting tape, which may be the most impressive entry in terms of value. For just $6.45 (or even $5.05 during sale periods), you get a heavy-duty double-sided tape that’s simple to use but will not fail in mounting your household items for months.

It can’t hold a mirror for your closet, but it should work without a problem for lighter items. Likewise, the Scotch 4011 has high weather resistance, so it’s safe to use for outdoor and indoor applications — even if it’s only marketed for exterior use. 


  • Bonding strength is solid even on stucco and bricks
  • Temperature changes do not significantly affect it
  • Regular water exposure doesn’t make it slip off the surface
  • Can be used for hanging even solar lights outside


  • Can be hard to remove the red liner
  • Could’ve been thicker for better adhesion

If you don’t mind paying nearly $14 for carpet tape, consider the XFasten CT230. Unlike other tapes for stabilizing items on the floor, this one works on both smooth and rough surfaces — but you should still clean the surface beforehand. It’s safe for wooden floors, and I didn’t have a hard time repositioning it.

I used the XFasten CT230 on one of my old carpets, and it hasn’t budged an inch even after four months. The width of the double-sided tape definitely matters in keeping items in place. Similarly, I’ve used it to bond some of my craft projects, and it has done well, so don’t be afraid to try it for non-floor items.


  • Bonded rug or carpet won’t move even with constant foot traffic
  • Easy to apply and bond once you’ve ensured a clean surface
  • Does not leave residue on the floor even with its strong bonding


  • Hard to completely remove if the temperature gets too hot
  • May leave residue on your cutter or scissors when cutting to strips

The 3M 03614 is primarily meant for vehicular use. Thus, it’s not as sleek as the other entries with their clear design. However, it more than makes up for its appearance with its permanent bonding. Instead of using rivets, you can simply use this molding tape to attach emblems and side moldings onto your car.

If you have a car and you’d like to prolong its lifespan, consider the 3M 03614. It may just be an essential maintenance tool thanks to its ease of use and many applications. Whether the car part carbon fiber or plastic, it should bond well — and this is true for both painted and unpainted car surfaces. 


  • Works even metal and even composite parts
  • Industry-grade bonding strength ideal for vehicles
  • High resistance to both weather elements and sudden impact


  • Extremely difficult to remove so you must be extra careful in application
  • May not work well if the surface isn’t significantly smooth

Double-Sided Tape - Buyers’ Guide

What is a double-sided tape?

Unlike a ‘regular’ tape, a double-sided tape has pressure-sensitive adhesives on both sides. When people say they’re looking for double-faced tape or double-coated tape, they’re all referring to the double-sided variant — and a good one can significantly reduce the need for nail, glue, and one-sided tape at home.

This tape has a few crucial parts such as the adhesives, the carrier, and the release liner. I’ve talked about the adhesives on each side, but I’d like to add that they may differ in thickness and material composition — even on the same piece of tape. The carrier, as its name implies, holds both adhesives.

The release liner, on the other hand, is what you pull away to unveil the adhesive of one side. It ensures that your fingers won’t stick to the adhesives and affect their bonding strength as you hold and prepare a piece of the tape. Only when you know where to put the tape do you remove the release liner.

Here’s a video on how to remove double-sided tape: 

Where can I use double-sided tape?

Double-sided tape is beneficial for homeowners and business owners alike. For the former, they can use it for craft projects with their kids or on their own. It’s a much better option than glue in many cases because the latter won’t work at all for typical craft items made of cotton or fabric. 

On a similar note, a double-sided tape is a great option for mounting objects such as frames, mirrors, and even some clocks. You don’t need to put holes on your wall for screws and nails. Just consider things like item weight, tape strength, and if there’s enough surface area for both sides of the tape.

You may also use double-sided tape for scrapbooking, sticking pillows on your couch, and preparing your gift wrappers. And thanks to the lightweight nature of foam, you can use the tape to cover your bedroom with as many foams as you’d like to minimize incoming and outgoing noise.

And it’s not just about hanging items on your house. If your kid accidentally drops a vase or photo frame and it breaks, just use double-sided tape to put the pieces back. Of course, this won’t work for all frames and vases, but it should be a decent, immediate solution for variants with relatively thin pieces.

Perfect for Stores Displays and Businesses

Double-sided tape can help you promote your business for cheap. If you have a retail store, then you can use it to put up posters and other marketing material on the display glass. This is something that nails or glue can’t do. Nails will break the glass while glue can smudge it — giving customers a bad impression.

Even people in the metal industry can utilize double-sided tapes. Heavy-duty variants are capable of connecting metal sheets. It’s not often the permanent solution, but it’s an ever-reliable temporary fix. People have even used tape to cover holes in pipes or to stabilize the rear-view mirrors on automobiles.

What are the general type​​​​s of double-sided tape?

Double-sided tape can be divided between thick and thin models. Double-sided tape is thick if it has a thickness of more than 0.25 millimeters. Usually, tapes of this type have foam carriers, which contributes significantly to its thickness. 

On the other hand, thin variants are no more than 0.25 millimeters thick. You can divide them into a few sub-types depending on the carrier (or lack thereof). A thin double-sided tape with no carrier is called a double-liner tape. Other thin tapes have carriers made of tissue, PVC, polyester, or polypropylene.

What are pressure-sensitive adhesives?

A pressure-sensitive adhesive isn’t a gimmick. Double-sided tapes benefit from this kind of adhesive whether it’s a thick or thin variant. Since it only requires pressure to initiate bonding, you don’t need any sources of heat or water unlike other adhesives — and you don’t have to dissolve it in a solvent either.

Thus, pressure-sensitive adhesives are most often the cleaner, safer, and more practical option. If you’re unsure where to apply the tape, don’t push the tape hard onto the surface. And once you’re sure, simply apply sufficient pressure to ensure proper attachment.

Acrylic and Rubber Adhesives

Pressure-sensitive adhesives come in either acrylic or rubber form, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. An acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on a double-sided tape usually costs more than the rubber variant, but it offers better resistance against UV light, chemicals, and extreme temperature.

Acrylic adhesives are suitable for heavy-duty or long-term bonding purposes. They don’t offer immediate strong bonding, but they become much more reliable in the long run. In contrast, rubber adhesives cost less. They’re only good for short-term or light bonding, like when you have to fix a piece of clothing.

What are the factors to consider in buying double-sided tape?

Tape Measurements

You don’t always have to choose the thicker double-sided tape. A thin variant creates a much narrower gap between the wall and what you’re mounting. On the other hand, thick double-sided tape is your best bet for hanging heavy or larger items.

Similarly, check the tape width. It shouldn’t be wider than the actual surfaces you’re trying to bond. This is especially crucial if you’re using the tape for strapless clothes or even lingerie — you wouldn’t want to risk embarrassing yourself by showing even a hint of tape.

Temperature and Natural Elements

Sure, pressure-sensitive adhesives don’t require heat or water to work. But temperature still affects how they perform. Typically, double-sided tapes will bond better during warm weather, and will be less ideal in colder temperatures. In this case, you’ll need to buy a tape designed for the cold weather.

Intense heat can ruin the bonding strength of the double-sided tape. And if the surfaces will be exposed to UV light and dirt, you should look for a tape that specifically addresses these issues.

Surface Type

Yes, general-purpose double-sided tape exists. But you can save money if you pick a tape that best suits the surfaces you’ll bond together. Determine their texture and composition. 

If the surface feels rough or thick like in the case of brick and cement, pick a thick double-sided tape since it has foam carriers. But If you have a smooth or flat surface like glass, PVC, or aluminum, a thin double-sided tape should work with no problems.


Overall, my top pick for the best double sided tape is the Gorilla 6065001 Tough & Clear Double Sided Mounting Tape. Does it work on practically all surfaces? No, but it works on pretty much all surfaces I have in my home in need of superior and reliable bonding, including plastic, wood, tile, and concrete.

Furthermore, the Gorilla 6065001 tape works on smooth and rough surfaces. Even if you use it for any outdoor application, it should work properly since it’s weatherproof. You could say that it’s too tough at times, but I’d rather have a superb double-sided tape than one that isn’t actually worth the investment.