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Best Elastomeric Paint Reviews And Buying Guide

Elastomeric paint is basically a kind of paint when compared to other house paints. It is often used when you want a versatile paint that protects against moisture and elements in the environment. The best elastomeric paint comes with various benefits thus, it is widely used for residential and commercial painting jobs. 

What is Elastomeric Paint?

Elastomeric paint is a top-of-the-line wall or roof paint that is about 10 times thicker than regular paint. When applied on the surface, elastomeric paint forms an exceedingly thick yet flexible coat that provides exterior waterproofing benefits. 

Elastomeric paint is suitable on concrete, masonry, stucco, and other surfaces. It is also suitable for walls and roofs

Elastomeric paint can be tinted in various colors. It can maintain its good-as-new look for a long time. 

Best Elastomeric Paint Reviews

Jetcoat Elastomeric Sealant – Editor’s Pick – The Best Product

Best Elastomeric Paint Reviews And Buying Guide

The Jetcoat Cool King is a surefire winner. It has for many years been popular among homeowners and contractors. This 5-gallon white paint is a reflective and premium-quality paint. 

The 5-gallon Jetcoal Cool King Elastomeric paint can cover an area of up to 250 square feet. For best results, it is recommended that you apply two coats on any or roof. 

This elastomeric paint can make your home energy-efficient because with just a few coats, it can help trap the heat and cold in your home. You will then see a drastic reduction in your electricity bill. 


  • White and reflective
  • Reduces electricity bill
  • Quick-drying (2-3 hours)
  • Wide coverage per 5-gallon container
  • Ideal for various roof types
  • Protects roofs for over 5 years


The 5-gallon Jetcoal Cool King Elastomeric paint comes with strict application rules. You need to take into consideration the weather and drying time. It takes 2-3 hours for this paint to dry but when allowed to dry for up to 8 hours, it becomes waterproof. 

KST COATING KS0063300-20 Roof Coat – Runner-up

Best Elastomeric Paint Reviews And Buying Guide

The 2. KST COATING KS0063300-20 Roof Coat comes in a 4.75-gallon container and is available in white. It is an inexpensive RV roof coating. It is ideal to using in various roofing materials including runner roofs.

The KST COATING KS0063300-20 Roof Coat reflects the sun, thus you are protected against the harmful UV rays. 

 It is easy to apply with a paint roller and spreads easily over the surface of the roof. Once the paint dries it seals the roof preventing any leaks that could damage your home. Once dry, a membrane is created to protect the roof against rain, wind, and snow. 

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This 4.75 gallon can cover up to 300 square feet of area. If you paint a 25-foot trailer truck, one can is good for 4 coatings. 

This white elastomeric paint helps extend the life of the roof. It also seals the roof to stop it from leaking and provides protection against moisture. 

This paint is durable because it is made of acrylic elastomeric raisin. It is flexible thus; expands and contracts along with the roof from between 100F – 1600F. This paint is resistant to algae and mildew. It can be cleaned with soap and water.


  • Suitable for various materials
  • Spreads easily
  • Provides waterproofing
  • Creates a smooth finish
  • Provides good protection against the sun
  • Highly affordable


  • Provides a thin coat, thus multiple coats need to be applied

The KST COATING KS0063300-20 Roof Coat comes with a white, elegant, and smooth finish that provides maximum protection against the sun. 

Dicor Corporation RP-MRC-1 Elastomeric Coating – Best Elastomeric Paint for small roof repairs

Best Elastomeric Paint Reviews And Buying Guide

The Dicor Corporation RP-MRC-1 Elastomeric Coating is made of 100% acrylic elastomer resin. It creates rubber-like coating that will expand and contract along with the movement of the roof. 

The RP-MRC-1 Elastomeric Coating is available in a small and is ideal for small roof repairs. This makes you save money because you do not have to buy a 5-gallon bucket for small repairs. One gallon of this elastomer paint can cover a roof of up to 200 square feet. This is a feature RVers look for in a roofing paint. 

This elastomer paint is ideal for metal and fiberglass metal RV roofs. It also works well on RV roofs made aluminum, metal, and steel 


  • 100% acrylic elastomeric resin formulation
  • Ideal for RV roofs
  • Ideal for aluminum, metal, steel and fiberglass materials
  • Contracts and expands with the movement of the roof


  • Too small a can for a regular house roof

This elastomer paint comes in a white brilliant color that reflects on the roof. It reduces the temperature and becomes an energy saver. 

KILZ Interior/Exterior Self-Priming Masonry– Budget Pick 

Best Elastomeric Paint Reviews And Buying Guide

The KILZ Interior/Exterior Self-Priming Masonry is a water-based masonry paint with superior adhesive properties. It has a great ability to hide imperfections and repel water on stucco homes

The 4. KILZ Interior/Exterior Self-Priming Masonry is an alkali-resistant paint with a pH factor of 12 making it mildew-resistant. It is easy to apply with a sprayer or roller. It is also easy to clean-up because it is water-based-latex. This self-priming elastomeric self-priming paint has great hiding properties.


  • Easy to apply
  • Can cover old cracks
  • Superior water and mildew resistance
  • Maximum
  • Easily washes off brush and equipment


  • Can be a bit transparent

The Rivers KILZ Interior/Exterior Self-Priming Masonry works well to enhance textured surfaces. It provides a stucco exterior with an appealing natural finish. It comes with great adhesion properties, too. 

KILZ Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint – Best Upgrade

Best Elastomeric Paint Reviews And Buying Guide

The Kilz Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint is ideal for interiors and exteriors. It comes with a formula that allows the paint and waterproof any porous surface. 

This Klitz elastomeric mildew and mold-resistant paint uses Nanotechnology that makes patient form a barrier to prevent water infiltration making it ideal for wet places in your home. It, however, should not be used on surfaces where there are leaks. 


  • Easy to apply with brush, sprayer, or roller
  • For interior and exterior surfaces
  • Builds a waterproof barrier
  • Low to almost odorless


  • Needs a primer
  • Not ideal for floors

The Kilz Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint is durable and long-lasting alkali-resistant paint. It has a decorative finish making it ideal for masonry walls, basement walls, as well as concrete brocks and brick. 

Reasons Elastomeric is the Best Exterior Paint

Elastomeric is usually acrylic latex or water-based. It adheres to the surface it is painted to create a sealant that is flexible. When the structure expands and settles, elastomeric expands and settles with it. 

There are many reasons elastomeric paint is the best. 

  • Durable

When properly applied, elastomeric can last long than acrylic paint. Acrylic paint lasts for 10 years. It comes provides a thick layer making it last longer than most paints., thus, it is an ideal option of walls, concrete, stucco, and other exterior surfaces. 

  • Superb Adhesion

Elastomeric can adhere to almost all exterior surfaces. 

  • Bendable and Flexible

Elastomeric paint is in liquid form. It then hardens to become flexible and watertight hide that is ideal for roofs. Its flexibility allows the paint not to be damaged when it to stretches and gets back to its original form. Its flexibility allows this paint to be ideal for external surfaces that are exposed to cold and heat. 

  • Eliminates Cracking

It only takes two coats over an excellent primer for elastomeric paint to fill cracks preventing water from penetrating the surface. This paint is so thick that it can get rid of cracks in in wood and masonry. It can also bridge and repair hairline cracks (non-structural). 

  • Prevents the Penetration of Moisture

Elastomeric paint does not allow water to penetrate the surface. When used with the proper painting process, elastomeric comes with waterproofing benefits. 

  • Heat-resistance 

Elastomeric paint is heat resistance and can enhance the energy efficiency of a home or building. 

  • Resistant to Wind-driven Rain

Wind-driven rain can damage paint coatings. Elastomeric can withstand this better than any regular house paint. Because of the many benefits of elastomeric paint, it is the best option for industrial and commercial buildings that are prone to harsh weather conditions. 

Some Issues with Elastomeric Paints

Elastomeric paint is a coating designed for the protection of masonry surfaces. This paint can help protect stucco against wind driven rain. When properly applies, it can also build a waterproof system.

Elastomeric needs to be used in the right projects or it can cause some harm. There are certain instances, though that it is used even when not necessary. 

  • Your home is already painted and the paint is in top shape. This situation will not need the use of elastomeric paint. It is best to use only regular exterior paint as it will require less paint to complete the job.
  • If your stucco has multiple coats of paint, it is not a good idea to paint it with elastomeric paint. 


How long does elastomeric paint last?

Elastomeric has a super-strong makeup, therefore, it can remain in to shape for up to 10 years or longer. It is so durable it can outlast even the best acrylic paint. This paint is resistant to heat, cold, sunlight, and wind driven rain. 

What is elastomeric paint used for?

Elastomeric paint is suitable for brick, ceramic, concrete, metal, masonry, and staccato surfaces. 

Do you need a primer with elastomeric paint?

Elastomeric paint provides waterproofing to almost any surface. A good primer plus two coats of elastomeric paint can fill cracks and prevent water from penetrating. Applying a primer is an impot.

Can I paint over elastomeric paint?

Elastomer provides good coverage; however, it is difficult to paint over it. An elastomer finish becomes slick when it dries and so you cannot paint over as easily as you could oil or regular latex-painted surfaces. There are, however, techniques on how you can paint over elastomer and get quality results. 

Is elastomeric paint good for metal?

Flexibility is one of the major features of elastomer, thus, it can protect metal that expands and contracts due to changes in temperature. 

How do I remove elastomeric paint?

Elastomeric is hardy and durable. When painted on a surface. It can be difficult to remove. Removing elastomer coatings can be a labor-intensive task.

  • Scrape off the paint using hand-held paint scraper or use a drill with an abrasive disk that can remove paint. 
  • Peel off large strips of the paint with your hands. 
  • Use a brush and chemical remover to strip elastomeric paint. 
  • If the surface has just been newly painted with elastomer, slit the paint and insert a drywall knife or screwdriver and pull the edge. Once the elastomeric paint is dissolved, pressure wash the paint and peel it off. 

Final Thoughts

The quality of an elastomeric paint is dependent on its performance. There are many makers of elastomeric paint. Elastomeric paints are not created equal any each brand and model have their own features and benefits. Some brands have a full line of elastomeric paints and some have a few. More often, the brand tells you off what that it is the best elastomeric paint.

Of the elastomeric paints review, the Jetcoat Cool King Reflective Acrylic Roof Coating Waterproof Elastomeric Sealant is the best of the pack. It has for many years been the go-to elastomeric paint of homeowners and home contractors. Tis elastomeric paint is reflective and is energy-efficient making you save on electricity. This paint is also quick drying.

It is important to understand that not all painting jobs require the use of elastomeric paint. elastomeric paint is thicker than regular paint. Since it is thick than regular paint, its color lasts longer than regular paint. 

Elastomeric paint works to provide protection against harsh weather conditions, thus before painting, the area needs to checked for flaking, peeling, or chipping. 

Is it worthwhile to invest in elastomeric paint for your home projects? Learn how it works and know the right areas and conditions to use elastomeric paint and to maximize the benefit. The best elastomeric paint is always a worthwhile investment. 

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