Best Electric Garage Heater 120v – Review and Buying Guide 2020

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Your garage can be much more than a place to park your vehicles and store equipment. Your garage can be a space where hobbies like carpentry, painting, brewing and more can thrive. If you are taking up any of these hobbies, the atmosphere must be very conducive for work. One of the ways to ensure a conducive atmosphere in the garage is to install a garage heater.

Are you looking to buy one?

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best electric garage heaters 120v in the industry. You will also learn everything you need to know to make the best decision when you want to buy one.

#1 - Editor’s Pick - Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

The fantastic thing about this product is the way it works.

This unit uses the dual heating system that is unique to the Dr. Infrared brand. It produces heat by combining PTC and Quartz Infrared element.As a result, you will be getting a lot of heat at relatively low electricity costs.

Also, instead of warming air like other heaters, the Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater warms objects. This makes the heat from the heater feel more natural. This also makes it very energy efficient as 100 percent of the energy produced is used.

Another perk of this unit is the fact that it can easily be maintained. It comes with a removable filter that is easy to clean and replace. So, anytime you replace the filter, it feels like you have a new heater.

Another important thing that should be noted is that this product is very safe. The heating elements are not exposed, so there are no chances of a fire outbreak.

Though this unit is portable, it produces more heat than most of the other heaters of its size. That it does while retaining air moisture and saving you a lot of money on heating bills. This is why it is our editor’s choice.


  • The unit is easy to maintain
  • Very energy-efficient heater. Uses 100% of the energy it produces
  • Very Safe To Use
  • Can conveniently heat up large rooms


  • Can be distractingly loud

This unit is perfect for those who are looking for electric heaters for medium sized garages. The Homegear Infrared Electric Space Heater features a dual heating system (Mica and Quartz heating tubes). This combined with a quiet and efficient fan makes it able to quickly heat up anything from a medium-sized room to a large room in a matter of minutes.

Though this unit is a smaller unit than our editor’s pick, it is a great alternative, particularly if you are looking for a low noise unit. With a heat output of about 1500w/ 5100 BTU, it can heat up rooms as large as 500 square feet.

This product is also cool to touch. This makes it safe to be used in a house full of children and pets.

The heat output can easily be controlled using remote control on the inbuilt thermostat. This heater is also perfect for those who like to move around during winter.


  • Portable unit
  •  It provides a lot of heating power for a product its size.
  • An excellent choice for people looking to save money on electricity bill costs.
  • The heating elements of this product are incapable of starting a fire
  • Quiet Machine


  • Users have complained that the unit is not durable

If you are looking for quality at a very low price, this iSiler Space Heater is your best bet. It is not as expensive as most of the other heaters in this review. However, it can stand toe to toe with them based on its many great attributes.

Isiler prioritizes safety when designing their products. This is why all their products are created using fire-retardant materials. This unit is no exception. It also uses the PTC heating element. This element does not require oxygen to produce heat. The unit also comes with a self-regulating feature that turns the heater off when it overheats.

Another attribute of this unit worth mentioning is its “Instant Warm Up” feature. Because of factors not limited to its 1500 W output, reliable ceramic heating elements and large air outlet, it is bound to heat up your room within a few minutes. 

It also comes with an adjustable thermostat that features a temperature range between 41F and 95F.


  • Safe and Reliable: Made with fire retardant materials
  • Warms up the room instantly
  • Very Portable Unit
  • Very Durable
  • Budget Pick: Best at the lowest cost


  • Users have complained of the fan being noisy
  • Unlike most of the other heaters in this category, this unit is not cool to touch.

If you do not have a big garage, a big garage heater may just be a waste of money. The Multi Fun Electric Portable Ceramic Space Heater is excellent for folks who have low spending power and small garages. The price is unbelievably low when compared to all the fantastic qualities it possesses. This unit performs really well in small spaces.

It comes in a compact and minimalistic design with and handle designed especially for easy lifting. It comes with an adjustable thermostat that keeps the temperature between 41F and 95F. Just like the price, the heater is very small. However, it can distribute warm air evenly in an area of about 200 sq feet.

The heater also comes with a couple of safety features, which include: Overheating protection, fire retardant metal shell, and a triangular profile stand for safety usage like. 


  • Very Portable
  •  The unit is pocket friendly
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Users have mentioned that the heater comfortable was comfortable to use
  • The heater is equipped with exceptional safety featuresGreat for small garages


  • Not ideal for large garages

If you are willing to spare no expense in getting a high-quality product, this is your best bet! The Lasko Pro-Performance High-Velocity Utility Fan is for people who are ready to splurge for the sake of getting the right product. Lasko is a household name in the American engineering industry. They have spent over a century building a reputation in manufacturing household appliances. They put so much effort into this product.

The fan has 3 high-velocity speeds. This unit also can cool down the garage during hot afternoons.  It comes with a pivoting outlet, built-in power outlets, and a carry handle. Convenience is not an issue here

This unit works like an industrial heater but is built like a portable one. For all its power, users of this fan have commended it for its quietness. Top among the comments of reviewers is the blowing ability of this heater.


  • Value for Money Product
  • Can be used as a power tool
  • Great for large garages
  •  Very Durable
  • Very Portable Unit
  • Low Noise Machine
  • Made with Quality Materials


  •  The remote-control function is poor
  • The unit is more of a ventilator than a heater

Best Electric Garage Heater 120v - Buyers’ Guide

If you are reading this, it means you have already read our review of some of the best garage heaters in the market. If you haven’t, it is not that much of a big deal because, in this section, we will be covering a vital topic.

1. What types of Electric Garage Heaters? 

Here, we will be looking at the various things to look out for when buying a 120v Garage heater. Before we go on, you have to understand that garage heaters can be categorized in two ways.  The first one being in terms of portability and the other in the mode of heating.

1.1. Categories of Electric Garage Heaters: Portability

In terms of portability, we have two types of garage heaters; Portable heaters and Fixed electric heaters.

  • Portable heaters

Portable garage heaters can be lightweight units that are easily moved around. To a large extent, these heaters are the easiest ones to use. This is mainly because no wiring is needed for the heaters to run. In fact, in most cases, assembly isn’t even required.

All you have to do is find an excellent spot for it in the garage. Plug it into the proper outlet. Then, turn it on.

  • Fixed electric heaters

Fixed electric garage heaters are mounted to either the sides of the garage or ceiling with fasteners. They are also often needed to be connected to the electrical system of the house. In other words, professional help might be needed.

1.2. Categories of Electric Garage Heaters: Style of heating

In this category, we have three main types of heaters; radiant, convective, and micathermic type of heaters.

  • Radiant Garage Heaters

This is by far the most used type of heating mode for electric heaters. They work by using electro-magnetic waves in transferring heat energy into objects in the room.
This style of heating is great for warming up large spaces. They also generate quick heat.

  • Convective Garage Heaters

Convective heaters use a current passed through an element. When the element reaches a high temperature, some of the heat is released to the air. This air is passed through the heating unit. Warm air is released from the unit. Then, cool air enters it to be warmed.

  • Micathermic (Mica) Heaters

The Micathermic heater uses a heating element that is surrounded by a heat-conducting stone called mica.

The mica plays an essential role in helping the heater pass heat waves from the heating element to other parts of the room. Mica also produces electro-magnetic waves on heating. Just like with the radiant heater, these waves also warm up the room even further.

2. What should I look for When You Choose an Electric Garage Heater 120v?

As you may have seen, the 120-volt electric garage heaters are in different options. Making a choice may be a bit of a hassle. This is why we prepared a buying guide that will help you make the right decision. Before buying a 120v electric garage heater, here are some things to look out for

2.1 Wattage/BTU

Not all 120volt heaters come in the same size. While most of them are rated at 1500 watts, you may come across other models rated as low as 1200 watts and even as high as 2500 and 4000 watts. If you see the term ‘BTU’ instead of watts, do not be confused. BTU is another way to calculate how much heat the heater can generate. One watt = 3.41 BTU.

2.2 Size of the garage

This is very important. The standard 120v electric garage heaters are rated at 1500 watts. This is only ideal for spaces less than 150 square feet. The great thing is electric garage heaters display recommended coverage areas to help you in making the best choice.

2.3 Safety Feature

Generally, electric garage heaters are safer options than garage heaters that are powered using combustible energy. However, it is important to note that some electric garage heaters are safer than others.

The garage heaters listed in the review have some inbuilt safety features that prevent the risk of fire outbreak. However, some other things should be taken note of. For instance, having a ceiling mounted heater is a great choice if your children or pets play a lot in the garage.

Also, models that keep users’ hands away from heat are not a bad choice. These models will help reduce the risk of skin burns.

2.4 Ease of installation

Garage heaters that are fixed are a lot harder to install than portable heaters. You may need to employ the services of an electrician to install the heater. If you do not intend to spend more money and valuable time on installation, the portable model is an ideal option.

2.5 Ease Of Maintenance

Maintenance is another thing that you should consider when you want to purchase an electric garage heater. No one wants to bear the extra costs of a repairman if the heater needs maintenance. The easier it is to maintain, the better for you.

Opt for models that can easily be opened up. One way to know if a model is easy to maintain is if it comes with a mini set of tools designed specially for fixing simple maintenance problems.

2.6 Cost

Another thing that you should consider when you want to buy an electric garage heater is the cost. The cost of having a garage heater does not end over the counter. There are adiitional costs like cost of installation and electrical bills that you have to factor into the equation.

2.7 Overheat Protection

Also, look for units that offer Overheat Protection. For most units, this feature turns off the machine when it starts to overheat. This will prevent your machine from getting damaged early.


The clear winner for this roundup is the Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt. It is the better choice when compared to the other electric garage heaters in the review. No other heater provides the level of quality this product produces. It is conducive for both large and small garage spaces. It produces radiant heat. In other words, objects instead of air are heated. The heat quantity produced by the heater can be toggled with using the inbuilt thermostat and the remote control that comes with the heater.

The only other product that comes close is the ‘Value for Money pick”. The Lasko Pro-Performance High-Velocity Utility Fan is one hell of a product that offers the same positives that our editor’s pick provides (and more). It would have been our editor’s pick, if not for how expensive it is.

However, you will be getting value for your money if you purchase it. It is a high-velocity blower that does more than heat up a room. For something so small, it works with so much power.

The Multi Fun Electric Portable Ceramic Space Heater is cheap and high for small spaces. However, if you want something that is not that expensive but still packs a punch, our budget pick ( the ISiLER Space Heater 1500W) is a great choice. It is the relatively cheapest of the bunch. However, it is excellent for large garages.

All in all, the electric garage heater is an excellent purchase for anyone who spends most of their time in the garage. This probably being due to their intense love for their automobiles or other hobbies that require the use of the garage. Also, the garage heater can be used in different spaces (particularly the portables) during .the cold winter months.

Thank you for reading this. I will love to see what you think about it in the comment section below.