Finding the Best Furniture Polish for Antiques Improvement Projects

Tools and Equipment

Furniture polishes come in various forms such as cream, spray, or liquid. The primary purpose is to enhance the luster of wooden furnishings. These products are different from wood finishes because they don’t seal the wood. 

Best furniture polish makes the wood shine and clean. It also renews the look even of old and antique furniture. To achieve the best results, it is essential to find the right product. Thus, product reviews can help in making the right choice.

Product Reviews

1. Howard Products FW0016 Wood Polish & Conditioner

Best Furniture Polish for Antiques

This product is the ideal choice if you want to maintain the good appearance of your wood furniture. It provides not only luster but also protects the wood grain. The product contains Beeswax and Carnauba wax responsible for the protective coating.

Applying this product can prevent drying out of the wood, cracking, or fading. The best thing about Howard wood polish is it contains conditioning oils to improve the natural appearance of the woods. Once the wood furniture does not dry out, deterioration is at bay. 

This product is perfect to apply on wood furniture such as dining tables and chairs, wood doors, kitchen cabinets, and other antique furniture.


  • Easy to apply
  • Gives life and luster to wood furniture
  • Gets rid of watermarks
  • Also ideal for wood floorings


  • Flammable, that’s why be careful when using it
  • Not ideal to use in kitchen cabinets because of the flammable wax

2. Cristalbox 2 PACK Wood Seasoning Beewax

Best Furniture Polish for Antiques

If you are looking for a wood polish that is all-natural and environment friendly, the Cristalbox product is a good option. The key component of this product is natural beeswax. It does not contain paraffin, GMOs, and other ingredients unsafe to your health. 

Once the beeswax penetrates the wood grain, you will notice enhancements in its appearance. It moisturizes the wood to prevent cracking and drying out. It is perfect to apply on wood furniture to get rid of grime, scuff marks, and grease even on painted surfaces. 

You can use it on treated wood and wood floors. By simply wiping the product on the surface, the smear disappears completely. Restoring the life of your wood furniture is easy by using this product. Nothing to worry about awful smell as it leaves a honey scent. 


  • Easy to apply
  • No harmful or flammable ingredients
  • Complete furniture care solution
  • Leaves fresh scent
  • Brings back the life of wooden furniture
  • Provides significant results


  • Some customers complain the product does not deliver its purpose

3. Pledge Multi-Surface Furniture Polish Spray

Best Furniture Polish for Antiques

Pledge polish spray works on different surfaces, including wood, stone, leather, and stainless steel. You can use this product to clean, beautify, or revive the look of the surface. This brand offers different products that you can use for your cleaning needs. 

Spraying the product on the surface can protect and polish the wood, making it shiny. You can use it in three easy steps. Shake the container before spraying it on the surface, then wipe it. You will notice the gleam on the surfaces and leaving a lemon scent fresh. It is an impressive product with Allergen Trappers that eliminates allergens in the dust.


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Smells good
  • Works great on wood, stainless steel, granite, and leather
  • Enhances the appearance of the surface
  • Worth the price


  • Tips easily clog
  • A little greasy when spraying too much

4. Beeswax Furniture Polish and Conditioner with Orange Oil


This polishing product is ideal for both unfinished and unfinished wood surfaces. It preserves the appearance of the wood. Before applying the beeswax, clean first the surface with 0000-grade steel wool. But using steel wool is not ideal for finishes like mahogany or cherry.

You can use this product on furniture, cabinets, and floors. It conditions the wood surfaces to restore the original look. You will notice the natural beauty of the wood furniture. It is best to use on antique and hardwood. It has a preserving solution that improves faded and dull surfaces. 

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Once the solution penetrates, it revitalizes the wood. Perfect for water and sun damaged surfaces, making them lustrous. The natural oil of orange serves as a cleaning agent. It is safe on the surface and to humans.


  • Simple to apply using a soft cloth
  • Relive lifeless and dull wood surfaces
  • An excellent solution to repair scratches
  • Removes damaged spots on the wooden floor
  • Good for restoring the original look


  • Expensive

5. Guardsman Clean & Polish For Wood Furniture


The primary work of this product is to improve the natural beauty of the wood. This formula is an ideal cleaner and polisher. Unlike other products, this one does not offer artificial gloss. Instead, it showcases the original shine and luster of the wood. 

To protect your wood furniture from discoloration, we recommend cleaning and polishing them regularly. It eliminates not only scratches but also protects the surfaces from any damages. It does not contain silicones, abrasives, or waxes. Thus, does not make the surface greasy.


  • Offers lingering polish
  • Ready to use, no need to mix
  • Brings out the natural shine of the wood
  • Has UV protection


  • Leaves grease on the surface

6. Guardsman Clean & Polish For Wood Furniture


Guardsman offers products for proper care and protection of wood furnishings. The good thing about this product is that you can use it not only for wood but also for fabric and leather. If you have furniture stock in the basement for a long time, you can use this product.

The Guardsman polish solution is simple to use. All you have to do is put a small amount on a soft cloth and wipe it on the surface. It is a concentrated solution that’s why you can control the amount to use. 

Many furniture sellers recommend using this cream polish to improve the appearance of the furniture. It leaves a woody scent, making the furniture smell good. The cream polish does not make the wood surface shiny, instead regains the natural luster. It works well on polished hardwood.


  • Easy to apply using a soft cloth
  • Does not contain silicon
  • Protects and repair damaged wooden furnishings


  • Applying a sizeable amount of cream solution leaves a greasy residue

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Buying Considerations

There are essential factors to consider when finding the best furniture polish for antiques. The right product will give you spotless, shining results.


When buying a furniture polish, think about the formula in manufacturing the product. You can choose silicon polishes, oil-based polishes, emulsion polishes, and waxes. Choose the component of the product that would answers best your needs.

People having antique furniture prefer using wax polish. The good thing about wax is it protects the surface. To regain the original look of your antiques, use a polish that contains beeswax. But also consider the wood of the antique furniture. The wax creates a deep patina on the surface. You can also use oil-based polishes to achieve a high-gloss shine.

Wood finish

Before buying a polish, check first the type of wood you have. It requires doing some tests on the wood surface. You can drop a small amount of oil, and if it penetrates, then the wood is oil finish. Otherwise, if the oil does not absorb, the wood has a hard finish.

Method of application

Furniture polisher is available in aerosol, liquid, and mini-solid. Each differs from the application. The liquid polishes are simple to use. Pour a small amount on a damp cloth and wipe it on the furniture. The aerosol polisher requires less work. Spray the product to the surface. There’s no need to rub or wipe with a cloth. The semi-solid polisher requires slathering the product using a cloth and rub the wood surface vigorously.


Q: Can you use a pledge on antique furniture?

A: The use of pledge on antique furniture is not accurate. Sadly, it results in a long-term problem. Pledge is a hydrocarbon solvent-based polish used for all-purpose furniture. But the trick is, the product contains silicone and solvent. Those contents leave an oily texture that can damage pieces of furniture. It creates a large mass of white stains that affects the outcome of the polished spot, as well.

Q: What is the best oil for antique wood furniture?

A: Oil is not suitable for wooden furniture especially, old antique ones. So, no oil is best for use in antique wood. It is because of the damage it could do to the furniture. Once applied, the part where it was oiled will turn black over time. The drying oils soak the wood particles that change the color, while non-drying ones take a moment to dry. The latter would bring a lot of dust and dirt on the antique wood furniture instead of protecting it.

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Q: Can I use Murphy’s Oil Soap on antique furniture?

A: Murphy’s Oil Soap used on antique furniture helps in cleaning the surface. Dirt and dust particles can be stuck on the product when being used. A little addition of water, a soft cloth, and oil soap can ensure that the wood’s surface is clean. The amount applied should always be average to avoid overuse. It might result in a different outcome.

Q: What home remedy cleans wood furniture?

A: One example is through the use of vinegar with water. This product cleans wood furniture without damaging the natural color. It also wipes off the dirt and dust. Those parts of the wood will be disinfected. But always mix it with water and apply it with a cloth or by spraying.

Q: How do you clean and polish old wood furniture?

A: Cleaning and polishing of old wooden furniture are easy. With an old rag, water, and oil soap, cleaning the surface would take away the dirt. Then, to avoid the moist, gently tap it with a dry cloth. In polishing, you should be careful on what products to use. Wax can be used to shine the wood more vibrant so, use one and scrub in circular motion on its surface. Avoid touching it after applying so it won’t be damaged.

Q: Should you oil antique furniture?

A: Antique furniture should not be oiled but used with wax. The latter is more effective to be used for polishing and preventing future damages on the furniture. Since antique furniture are old, waxing it could enhance its color and cleans it, too. The wax can also put a protective layer on the furniture, so it won’t stain easily as time goes by.

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Q: Why is pledge bad for furniture?

A: Pledge is not to use for the furniture because of how they absorb the product. Wooden furniture tends to soak when used with a pledge and creates damages during its uses. Another is the fact that it tarnishes the natural color of the wood instead of enhancing it. It leaves oil excess on the surface, as well.

Q: Is lemon oil good for antique furniture?

A: Like Pledge, lemon oil is not the best use for antique furniture. The effects of lemon oil on wood lies on the texture of the surface after spraying it. The color is noticed, as well, because it turns black over time. Instead of preserving the thin wood coating, lemon oil has its effects. It tarnishes the natural color of the antique furniture.

Q: What’s the best furniture polish for wood?

A: A high-quality wax is the best polish for wooden furniture or surfaces. The benefits of using it are the protection it gives to the wood. Preserving its patina and not damaging the wood are also included. Waxing enhances and makes a more natural look on the wooden surface than other polishing products as well. 

Q: Should you oil wood furniture?

A: Wood furniture is sensitive to oil since it oxidizes the wood from the inside, giving it a dark color. It harms the wood and can have more damage as people use it. Wooden furniture should use other alternatives for oil to prevent dust. That dirt can build within the oil solution or products.


Using the best furniture polish is a good treat for your wooden furnishings, especially antique ones. The appearance of the wood fades with time. That’s why it’s important to restore the original and natural shine of the wood. The polish also protects the wood finish and get rid of grime and dirt.