5 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer


Painting requires excellent efforts, but it will be easy for you if you manage to get your hands on a paint sprayer. Because a handheld paint sprayer is an easy-to-use tool for doing small to medium painting tasks like cabinets, exterior walls, ceilings, fences, etc.

You can quickly transform your house appearance with this painting sprayer – but as it is quite a hassle and you can only hope for the best. Moreover, only use this paint sprayer for small projects – if you use it for big projects, then there is a high chance your project will end up a mess.

However, a handheld paint sprayer is the best addition to any tool collection – but when it comes to choosing the best of the latest model for yourself is a challenge.

But, don’t worry, we are here to help you as we have already reviewed some paint sprayers – if you want to get these amazing deals and offers, check out Revounts Australia, and now we are presenting you with the five of the best models. So, stay tuned with us.

5 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

1.    Graco True Coat 360.

The Graco17D889 handheld paint sprayer is the best among Graco’s project series. It can be used indoors & outdoors, and it is designed for house owners & DIYers – who want to transform their houses with small to medium projects with ease.

Moreover, it is excellent for outdoor furniture, ceilings, repair doors, trims, interior walls, and shutters, among the home improvement projects.

It has a 42-ounce flex-liner paint bag for being recyclable as it is easy to use and offers a time-saving feature. However, you can squeeze the bag to unforce the air after placing the suitable amount of paint.

You can also control the speed of the paint sprayer since it has low and high-speed options, and the bag of this paint sprayer will never be punctured or ruptured because it is held in a formed place holder. Therefore, it is an ideal paint sprayer for those who want to paint fast.


  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Adjusted flow patterns
  • It is used indoors and outdoors


  • Not suitable for professional use
  • Small power cable

2.    Home Right C800766, C900076.

credit: shopinnrightway.com

If you plan to do products, then Home Right is an excellent purchase because it is versatile and compact. It also comes up with many functions in such a small package. It is manufactured with a 27-ounce paint bag container – so you can easily cover the large area without refilling it.

The critical feature of this product is the adjustable nozzles. So that the spraying pattern can easily be adjusted to horizontal, vertical, or circular directions.

However, it is compatible with many other paint sprayers, including sealers, stain, varnish, milk, enamel, and chalk paints with water and oil-based coatings. Therefore it is an ideal paint sprayer for furniture, interior wall paintings, cabinets, etc.


  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Multiple coating options
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Reasonable for all


  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • The power cable is too short.

3.    Graco Ultra Max Cordless.

Graco Ultra Max 17M367 is the best cordless handheld paint sprayer. Only serious DIYers and contractors will appreciate its adaptability and the fact that it is excellent for small to medium works that both homeowners and professionals require.

The Graco Ultra Max Cordless has a Triax piston pump, fixing the problem. On the other hand, the Triax Triple Pump is durable and light. You may also change the pressure for different materials, and it ensures that the pressure does not fluctuate when spraying.

It provides dependable coverage. This is the perfect option for you if you’re searching for a lightweight sprayer that you can take with you anywhere you go. It is well-known for having the best market performance of any company.



  • Portable design
  • It can be simply operate
  • It required only one coat of spray, and you’re done
  • Lightweight
  • Best cordless spray


  • The battery needs recharging after every 1-gallon spraying
  • High prices with an average tank capacity

4.    Wagner 0525027 Power Painter.

Wagner 0525027 is the popular choice when it comes to longevity and quality. In addition, it can efficiently work on medium-sized projects because this sprayer can be used on large surfaces, including interior and exterior walls, sheds, large furniture, patios, and outdoor fences.

The dual-tip design on this handheld spray cannon gives you more control and coverage while reducing overspray. The product can be used with oil-based or latex paints, stain and paint sealers, and wood sealers.

The product can be used with oil-based or latex paints, stain and paint sealers, and wood sealers. In the world of power painters, Wagner has a reputation for excellence and longevity.


  • Easy to clean
  • It can be used for medium-sized projects
  • High quality
  • 1-quart paint container
  • The pattern can be both horizontal or vertical


  • Handheld turbines are much louder.
  • This isn’t a battery-powered model.
credit: coolcircuit.com

5.    Wagner 0518080 HVLP Sprayer.

Wagner 0518080 is an easy-to-use sprayer for finishing touches. Because it is compact and simple to use, a Wagner HVLP sprayer is the finest handheld paint sprayer for beginners. The Wagner 0518080 sprayer is also corded and electric, eliminating the need for recharging.

The Wagner portable spray cannon comes with a stationary base that houses a motor and a turbine that can be adjusted using a control knob.

You won’t get weary as quickly this way, and you’ll be able to paint for longer. It does, however, give your painting project a professional appearance.

In addition, a dual air filter guarantees that your paint is uniformly applied. Many homeowners like the functionality and simplicity of this paint sprayer because it is simple to use, even for beginners.


  • Easier to use
  • Best choice for beginners
  • Suitable for thin and thick paints
  • Minimize overspray
  • Choose your own preferred paint pattern


  • Too noisy
  • For some paints, you may need a thinner layer.

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Finding the best handheld paint sprayer is simple if you keep your painting demands in mind. As you may have noticed, the best handheld paint sprayers are listed above.

Investing in a high-quality handheld paint sprayer is the most effective approach to starting your painting business or growing your pastime. All of the sprayers listed above have unique qualities that make them valuable additions to any tool kit. So do try these out and let us know which one you like the most.

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