How to Find The Best HVLP Paint Sprayer 2022



The popularity of HVLP paint sprayers can be accorded primarily to the convenience they give. Spray painting furniture and cabinets are made easy because of their compactness and portability. Other features made for greater ease of use and mobility are also prime reasons why HVLP paint sprayers are so famous in the market. 

In this post, we look at some of the best HVLP paint sprayers. If you are intending to get one for your DIY painting jobs, it would be best for you to know which ones you should consider first. As is the case, read on. 

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer

Without much ado, let us dive into the list of the best HVLP paint sprayers available in the market today. In this section, a rundown of the best HVLP paint sprayers and their respective pros and cons are featured here. 


1. YATTICH Electric Patterns

This is considered one of the best electric HVLP paint sprayers on the market today. One of its best-selling points is its painting accuracy and affordable price. It is a top-tier paint sprayer because of its copper nozzles and interior pad which is beneficial in avoiding paint backflow. 

Its best features do not stop there. It also comes with a flow control knob that regulates both speeds and paints flow. It also comes with five changeable nozzles and six tips so you can cover different painting jobs. 

Product SpecificationsProsCons
Pressure: 4-6 psiFlow control knob to regulate speed and paint flow. Tends to get clogged often. 
Container capacity: 35ozComes with five-size nozzles. 
Pattern control: horizontal, vertical, roundHas interior pad to prevent paint backflow. 
Weight: 3.85lbs
Tips: Five

2. Home Right Super Finish Max

If you are looking for another handy HVLP paint sprayer that is good for small painting jobs, this is a good choice for you. One of its major upsides is its portability. Its compact design is also made for easy operation without hand fatigue.


Another plus for this is its multiple spraying options and its pre-installed cup vent and tube for easy cleaning. It also features different tip sizes, sturdy nozzles, and a volume knob to control the amount of paint dispensed. Most of all, it has a powerful turbine for better precision and even paints spraying. It is best for walls, cabinets, furniture, and even fences. 

Product SpecificationsProsCons
Pressure: 2-4 psiLightweight and compact. Poor sealing. 
Container capacity: 30ozAdjustable spray control.The paint needs to be thinned first. 
Pattern control: 1”-12”Multiple spraying options. 
Weight: 3.3lbs. Large tank capacity. 
Tips: 3 tip sizesAffordable. 
2-year limited warranty. 

3. Wagner Spraytech Control Multicolor

This one is highly rated for its versatility. It can be used for most outdoor and indoor painting jobs with ease as you can control paint flow and paint patterns. Precision is also a key plus of this HVLP spray paint model. As such, it is also perfect to use for furniture and cabinets. 

You can also use different types of paints at different thicknesses thanks to its double turbine. Its base is also separate from the spray gun, making it easier to maneuver. 

Product SpecificationsProsCons
Pressure: 6psiAdjustable and versatile. More recommended for small painting jobs. 
Container capacity: 600ozEasy to maneuver. Not speedy. 
Pattern control: horizontal, vertical, roundSuper paint control. 
Weight: 11lbs. 1-year warranty. 
Tips: 3 tip sizes

4. Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO


This one is specially designed for beginners and DIYers. It is lightweight, with a compact build, and portable with 11.5ft of hose length. One of its best features would be paint capacity. Its paint cup can hold 600oz of paint and an additional 20oz capacity suspended in the finishing reservoir. 

This model is known for its 8gallon per hour performance. The powerful turbine is stable so you can be versatile at taking the spray paint even in hard-to-reach areas. Most of all, it has a patented feature called the X-Boost Turbine Drive system which regulates paint flow. It is perfect for cabinets, furniture, and painting walls. 

Product SpecificationsProsCons
Pressure: 4-6 psiLightweight yet sturdy. Cleaning nozzles can be frequent. 
Container capacity: 600ozEasy to store.
Pattern control: horizontal, vertical, and roundLarge tank capacity.
Weight: 15lbs.Easy to operate. 
Tips: ThreePaint control. 

5. BATAVIA Paint Sprayer 500W

If you want a powerful airless spray paint, this one is a good pick to go for. It has a powerful motor at 500W, delivering robust paint flow even for a large coverage at prolonged periods of time. 

Its selling points include an adjustable spraying power and its three copper nozzles. However, it is quite heavy and it needs regular cleaning due to issues with clogging. If you want to skip de-clogging regularly, make sure that the paint you load in the tank is thinned first. 

Product SpecificationsProsCons
Pressure: 2-4 psiComes with durable copper nozzles. Quite heavy.
Container capacity: 35ozHas an adjustable speed. Expensive. 
Pattern control: horizontal, vertical, and roundRobust paint flow. Issues on long drying time. 
Weight: 4lbs.
Tips: Four

6. AOBEN Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer is another top-tier for its performance. One of its best-selling points is its high-power motor at 750W. It is also notable for its large tank capacity of 35oz. It also offers precise spraying which comes with a superior smooth finish. With its rotatable valve knob, you can regulate the thickness of the paint. It also features four copper nozzles. 


It also comes with a detachable tank for easy cleaning and maintenance. A complete brush set and a clogging needle also come with the package. 

Product SpecificationsProsCons
Pressure: 2-4 psiHigh power sprayer. Tends to clog often.
Container capacity: 35ozComes with various nozzle sizes. Quite expensive. 
Pattern control: horizontal, vertical, and roundHas three spray patterns. 
Weight: 4lbsWith a rotatable valve knob. 
Tips: Four Comes with cleaning and maintenance set. 

7. Scuddles Paint Sprayer 1200W

This is considered one of the ultimate picks for high-quality and precise spray painting at an affordable price. One of its pros is that it is already pre-assembled and ready to use. With its compact design and ergonomic handle, your painting job becomes easy and breezy. 

For its compact build, you would be glad to know that it features a powerful motor at 1200W. The paint tank is also large so you can be sure to finish a wider coverage of the painting job.

It also comes with five spray rotations, adjustable flow control, and three spraying modes. It is used for woodworks, furniture, cabinets, and carpentry. 

Product SpecificationsProsCons
Pressure: 1.45-2.9 psiLightweight and compact. Needs a longer power cord. 
Container capacity: 400ozDurable build. 
Pattern control: horizontal, vertical, and roundAffordable. 
Weight: 4.5lbs. Comes with a cleaning set. 
Tips: 3 tip sizesPowerful motor. 
Comes with four extra nozzles. 
2-year limited warranty. 

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Buying Guide 

There are a lot of HVLP paint sprayers in the market but only a few are truly standouts. To land on the best HVLP paint sprayers out there, here are some buying tips which should guide you in looking for the best one. 


The first thing to square out is the type of HPLV paint sprayer suitable for you. The choice is between a fine spray gun and airless spray paint.

If you are into DIY painting projects and small coverage, go for a fine spray gun. But if you are into more extensive painting projects at a fast speed, go for an airless spray gun. 


Regardless if you choose airless spray paint or a fine spray gun, you need at least 40-60 psi to get an even spray. The good thing about HVLP spray paints is that they already have an injected pressure. Said pressure drops once it reaches the inlet so that the precise volume is dispensed. 


A good HPLV paint sprayer should be adaptive to different painting jobs and to different types of paints. As such, you should buy an HVLP paint sprayer that you can operate flexibly at different paint thicknesses. A major plus would be a model which no longer requires paint thinning. 


By adjustability, we mean a model whose nozzle sizes and tips could be adjusted. Through this, you are given more versatility when it comes to spray patterns and finishes. 


Hose length:

If you want an HVLP with a remote reservoir, the length of the hose should be an important consideration. A good model should have at least 25ft of hose length. This would allow you to cover hard-to-reach areas. 


By logic, the bigger the tank capacity, the more paint to be loaded. And as such, lesser time to refill is needed especially when covering large painting jobs. However, the tradeoff is that the large capacity tanks tend to be heavier too. 

Price and warranty

You can splurge on more high-end HVLP paint sprayers if you want a more professional look and feel for your paint sprayer.

Good HVLP paint sprayers must also come with at least one year of warranty. If you are for DIY and small painting projects, there are also outstanding low-budget HVLP paint sprayers out there. 


In this section, we shall look into some of the FAQs regarding HVLP sprayers. These shall help you in narrowing down your HVLP sprayer choice later on so sift through each as they may come in handy later on. 

How to thin paint for HVLP sprayer?

The primary thinning agents used in paint sprayers would be thinner or water. Generally, latex paint thinning requires 10% or a quarter cup of water for a gallon of latex paint if used for an airless paint sprayer. However, if using HVLP, 20-30% of water for a gallon of paint is recommended. 

Basically, all you have to do to thin paint for HVLP sprayer is to mix the right ratio between the paint and the water or thinner. This is measured through the viscosity of the paint. 

How to mix paint for HVLP sprayer?

The first step in mixing paint for the HVLP sprayer is thinning. Since we have covered this in the previous question, let us just dive into the steps of mixing paint for HVLPs. 

For the process, here is the five-step guide to mixing paint for HVLP sprayers: 

  1. Mix the paint with 20-30% of its volume with water. 
  2. Prepare the HVLP sprayer’s tank. Get a funnel and pour the mixture through it. 
  3. Test the mixture on a test board. 
  4. Increase the ratio of water and paint as needed. Mix directly in the tank. 
  5. As soon as you get the desired viscosity, start spray painting. 

How to clean airless sprayer latex paint HVLP?


There is not much difference when it comes to cleaning spray paints. But in so far as airless sprayers are concerned, who are more vulnerable to latex clogging, these easy steps are followed: 

  1. The first step is to remove the sprayer’s nozzle. Tip the slides for clogged latex paint. Scrape off dried paint using a soft bristle brush. You may also use a water hose to loosen the hard latex inside the spray can. 
  2. Next, remove the filter and clean it inside the spray gun. Take off all dried paint in the filter. Repeat the same process as the previous one. After a thorough cleaning, run water through the filter to check if it could pass through without resistance. 
  3. With a water hose, run water through the nozzle and the filter. Repeat this at least two times to make sure that the sprayer was cleaned thoroughly. 
  4. Finally, clean the inlet strainer. After the water hosing, some of the smaller particles might have been suspended in the strainer. Remove all remaining paint particles using a soft bristle brush. 

How often do you replace HVLP paint sprayer?

The measurement for this would be by the gallons. It is said that the approximate lifespan of HVLP sprayers would be up to 40-45 gallons of paint. This means that at the 40th paint gallon, you should start looking for an HVLP paint sprayer replacement. 

Is HVLP better than an airless sprayer? 

While it is hard to compare, professional painters and DIYers alike say that HVLPs is better in terms of a fine production. This means that HVLPs offer lesser oversprays and give finer, more precise outputs. As such, HVLPs are recommended for more expensive paints. 

What paint is used for HVLP sprayer? 

HVLP sprayers work best with oil-based paints. While you could use latex paint for HVLPs with bigger tips, it is not that recommended because it is the common cause of clogging. If you insist on using latex for your HVLP, make sure that it is thinned first before loading it in the paint tank. 

What is the most common issue with HVLP sprayers? 

The most common problem of HVLP sprayers would be leaking nozzles and clogging paint tanks. This is the reason why it is imperative to thin paints before loading them up. It is also important to have durable nozzles so that leaks could be prevented. 

Can beginners start with HVLP sprayers? 

Yes. As a matter of fact, most of those featured in this list are perfect for DIYers and spray paint beginners. Generally, HVLP sprayers are helpful for beginners because almost all of them feature a knob that regulates paint flow. The pressure can also be adjusted so the spray paint would not be a bad experience for the newbie painter.

Do HVLP sprayers require air compressors? 

Most of the time yes, especially if you are loading thick paint or those that did not undergo thinning. HVLP stands for high volume, a low-pressure mechanism for spray paint. As such, a compressor would be beneficial in maintaining the right volume and pressure of the spray paint across different painting jobs. 

What is the desired PSI for HVLP spray guns?

The ideal pressure for HVLP spray guns is 35-40 PSI. This would ensure the best paint flow out of your HVLP sprayer. Ordinary spray guns only need 25-29 PSI for a good paint flow. This pressure range of HVLPs gives it the desired precision and paint distribution which one cannot get from ordinary spray guns. 

Is HVLP spray guns any good?

Compared to ordinary air compressor guns, HVLP spray guns are ‘healthier’ to use because they dispense less overspray.

It is also more eco-friendly compared to ordinary spray paints because the paint flow and pressure are controlled. Combining it, less paint waste and low power usage are achieved. It is not just environmentally safe but also more practical to use. 

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Final Thoughts 

Choosing the best HVLP paint sprayer should not be a hard task. While all of them would surely do the job, some outstanding HVLP paint sprayers set a different standard.

This is the reason why you should know which to pick. There are standard features which you should look for. Checking the specifications is also important in getting the best one that would suit your needs and preference.