What is The Best Ladder For Painting 2 Story House For You To Pick?

Tools and Equipment

House painting is no easy job. It takes time, energy, and sometimes a bit of skill to paint the house’s tricky spots. One tool that could make house painting a more feasible job is a properly chosen ladder.

A good ladder for painting a 2 story house is mandatory since it provides great accessibility for you to paint comfortably at any height. Therefore, choosing the right ladder is a necessary step before painting.

With that said, let’s take a look at our picks for the best ladder for painting 2 story house below.

Top 5 Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House that You Should Consider

#1 – Louisville Ladder FE3220 24 Feet – Best for painting outdoors

Louisville Ladder FE3220 24 Feet

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Louisville Ladder FE3220’s dimensions are 8 inches in width, 19 inches in length, and 148 inches in height. It weighs 51 pounds and comes in an orange color with many size options: 16 feet, 20 feet, 24 feet, 28 feet, 32 feet, 36 feet, and 40 feet.

Louisville Ladder extension ladder is sturdy and strong with fiberglass material, a capacity of 300 pounds, a clean design, and a smooth finish.

Fiberglass is extremely durable and non-conductive, making this material and the ladder ideal for working near any electrical source. This characteristic is beneficial because when painting on the house’s second story, we tend to encounter electrical lines, which can be dangerous if we use metal ladders.

The ladder features D-shaped and serrated rungs so that users can stand and work more conveniently for a long time.

This product includes heavy-duty plated steel shoes with thick rubber treads for better grips to ensure firm placing of it on any surface.

It also has mar-resistant rail end caps, helping protect any surfaces that the ladder lands on.


  • Strong, non-conductive fiberglass material.
  • D-shaped rungs for comfortable usage.
  • Solid steel shoes and rubber tread for stability.
  • Mar-resistant rail end caps to protect landing surfaces.


  • Quite expensive.

#2 – Little Giant Ladder Systems 10126LG Model 26 – Best for versatility

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10126LG Model 26

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Little Giant 10126LG’s dimension is 8 inches in width, 29 inches in length, and 73 inches in height. It comes with many model options: model 13, model 17, model 22, and model 26.

Little Giant 10126LG features a triple-locking hinge and telescoping sides system, enabling versatile usage cases. As a result, when stored, the ladder is quite compact at just nearly 6 feet.

The multiple usage cases includes 5 different sizes of A-frame ladders, 9 different sizes of extension ladders, 2 scaffolding trestles that can be set at 5 heights, 10 staircase ladders, and 4 90-degree ladders, etc.

With multiple usage cases, this versatile ladder system can replace many different types of ladder and gather them into a single package.

The product is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum with a 300-pound capacity. The ladder itself weights at only 54 pounds and includes wheels for easy transportation.


  • Triple lock hinge & telescoping sides system for versatility.
  • Many optional accessories to increase usefulness.
  • Wide flared legs for stability.
  • Compact size.
  • Strong aluminum material.
  • Factory lifetime warranty.


  • Slightly expensive.

#3 – Little Giant Ladder Systems 15422-001 22 Feet – Best lightweight carriage

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15422-001 22 Feet

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Little Giant Ladder Systems 15422-001 is 9 inches in width, 27 inches in length, and 67 inches in height. It comes in a gray color with many size options: 13 feet, 17 feet, 22 feet, 26 feet.

Compared to other similar products, the Little Giant Velocity is a very lightweight ladder at just 39 pounds. The ladder is made out of sturdy material with a lightweight alloy and can support up to 300 pounds.

It is also a multi-position ladder with tons of usage cases, such as A-frame, extension, 90-degree, and so much more.

This ladder’s all big parts are held together by the dual-pin hinge and the easy-to-use rock locks for quick adjustments.

This product also has some other noteworthy features, such as wheels for easy carriage and wide legs to stabilize the ladder.


  • Lightweight with compact storage.
  • Multiple usage cases with quick adjustment systems.
  • Capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Affordable price.


  • Aluminum material, not ideal for working near electrical sources.

#4 – Louisville Ladder AE3224 24 Feet – Best for budget

Louisville Ladder AE3224 24 Feet

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Louisville Ladder AE3224 is 6 inches in width, 18 inches in length, and 149 inches in height. It weighs 38 pounds and comes with many size options: 16 feet, 20 feet, 24 feet, 28 feet, 32 feet, 36 feet, and 40 feet.

Louisville Ladder extension ladder provides necessary features at a very reasonable price. It is made out of strong aluminum with an elegant and clean design and a smooth finish.

Securing the 2 parts of the ladder firmly together is the QuickLatch rung locks with easy and simple steps. The 2 parts of the ladder will remain sturdy even at its maximum 24-foot length.

This product also has swivel safety shoes, extra heavy-duty cast aluminum shoes with thick rubber tread for securely placing the ladder at desired spots.


  • Strong aluminum material.
  • QuickLatch rung locks to secure the extended ladder.
  • Swivel shoes for stability.
  • Affordable price.


  • Slightly low capacity support.

#5 – Little Giant Ladder Systems 18724 24 Feet – best for working near electrical sources

Little Giant Ladder Systems 18724 24 Feet

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Little Giant Ladder Systems 18724 is 6 inches in width, 18 inches in length, and 151 inches in height. It weighs 44 pounds and comes in green color with 3 options to choose from: 20 feet, 24 feet, and 28 feet.

Little Giant Ladder Systems HyperLite has an elegant design and a clean finish with fiberglass as the material. Fiberglass is durable and suitable for working around electrical sources as the material is non-conductive.

With the HyperLite extension ladder, the pulley can be moved to the side and turned into a double-pulley system. Now the pulleys will no longer get in the way of your feet.

The ladder rungs are flat and wide to increase comfort while stepping and working on the ladder.

To place the ladder firmly, the HyperLite extension ladder comes with swivel shoes for easy angle adjustments. It also has spiky rubber feet for extra stability on rough terrain.

In addition to the swivel shoes, this ladder integrated a bubble level to help set up the ladder for safer climbing. Tilted ladders can be dangerous, especially when placed on slippery surfaces.


  • Strong, non-conductive fiberglass material.
  • Easy to recognize bright colors.
  • Side-pulley system for easier usage.
  • Swivel shoes with spiked feet for more secure placement.
  • Bubble level for safer climbing.


  • Not very compact.

Buyer Guide

Painting a 2 story house with ladders

Image by instructables.com

House painting is not an easy job since it takes lots of time, resources, and skills. A good ladder can make the job more effortless as it helps us reach the desired heights to paint the house more comfortably.

To choose the best ladder for painting 2 story house, here are some important factors you should take into account:


Different types of ladders have different ranges of price:

  • A-frame ladders range from $50 to $500
  • $100 to $600 for extension ladders
  • $75 to $600 for multi-configuration ones.

Budget picks usually aren’t the best choices since you will only get low capacity ladders made with less durable materials.

You can get ladders with higher load capacity and more durable materials like fiberglass, aluminum at a higher price point.


It is a wise decision to opt for extension ladders or tall articulated ladders to paint 2 story houses outside. They are capable of extending to your needed height while being more stable than other types of ladders.


Load capacity is the maximum weight that one specific ladder can hold.

When determining the needed capacity to paint 2 story houses, try to factor in your weight and the weight of the tools you’ll be carrying with you on the ladder, such as paint cans, paint brushes, etc.

Also, remember to include the weights of the accessories that the ladder comes with.


Aluminum is lightweight and resistant to corrosion, but it’s also very electricity-conductive and not recommended when working near electrical sources.

Fiberglass, however, is heavier, stronger, and more versatile than aluminum. Since fiberglass is non-conductive, it is a better material than aluminum when working near electrical lines.

Therefore, fiberglass ladders are ideal for outdoor painting. For indoor painting, aluminum ladders are decent options if lightweight is your priority.

Both aluminum and fiberglass are better than wood. Wood ladders are weaker than their counterparts and also likely to absorb moisture.


Ladders for painting 2 story houses should come with accessories like hooks and trays to hold the cans, the brushes, and other tools.

The ladders should also have ladder caps that slide over the rail ends to prevent damages to the surfaces that the ladder is propped against. You should focus on painting the house and leave other tasks for the ladder.

With the right accessories, you can paint the house without worrying about things that can divert your attention from staying still on the ladders and painting even strokes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up an adjustable ladder for painting?

Extend the adjustable ladders to desired configurations. Different types of ladders have different ways of executing this. For example:

With an extension ladder, pull the rope and tie it where you need it; with an A-frame ladder, you can lock the ladder up at the “A” position or extend it to the ladder’s full length.

Place the ladder so that there are 4 points of contact at all times, either 2 points on the ground and 2 points firmly on the wall. Otherwise, 4 points of an A-frame ladder should be on the grounds.

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How to use a ladder on stairs for painting?

You should use ladders which allow setting one side of the ladder longer than the other if you want to paint on stairs.

Place the ladder on the stairs, then carefully adjust the side of the ladder that is on the higher stair to shorten it until it reaches the desired length.

You can also set one side shorter first and then put the ladder’s longer side on the lower stair, then adjust the shorter side to its final length.

How to keep the extension ladder from slipping while painting the interior?

When climbing, you must always face the ladder and use both hands to grab the rungs; never grab the side rails.

Tie the ropes tightly to avoid accidental collapsing of the upper half of the ladder when you are standing on it.

Place the ladder at an appropriate angle before climbing and secure the base to prevent it from moving. You can block the ladder from slipping with a heavy object. But the best way is to have someone do it for you.

How to safely stand on a ladder on the roof for painting?

The ladder should have roof hooks attached to secure it to the roof. Before climbing, you should tie the ladder to an anchor point on the roof.

When climbing, always face the ladder and keep 3 contact points with the ladder, either with 2 hands and 1 foot or 2 feet and 1 hand.

It is important always to have a person at the base of the ladder to prevent it from slipping. Moreover, he or she can help you out in case you need some extra supplies or something slips off your hands.

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Are fiberglass or aluminum ladders better?

Overall, fiberglass ladders are better than aluminum ladders in many ways. Fiberglass is stronger than aluminum, rust-proof, resistant to many corrosive chemicals, and non-conductive.

But if you want a lightweight and cheaper ladder while sturdy enough, aluminum is probably better.

Why do extension ladders have ropes?

The rope is fastened at the bottom of the ladder’s extending part. The rope runs through a pulley at the top of the stationary part, then back to the ground level for a user to grab.

The rope pulls the ladder’s extending parts up instead of pushing it up to prevent unwanted wear and tear since this action can grind 2 parts of the ladder against each other.

It also makes extending big ladders more easily with just some pulls instead of having to maneuver each part of the ladder manually.


Overall, those are the best ladder for painting 2 story house.

We highly recommend Little Giant Ladder Systems 15422-001 as the best all-rounded option given its many versatile usage cases with lightweight material and many useful features. Regardless, all of this comes at a very reasonable price.

Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House