What is the Best Lightweight Step Ladder and What You Should Lookout?

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You might need to access a particular location that might be out of your reach or do some DIY tasks. Ladders come in handy then and what better ladder than a lightweight one. There is a type of ladder known as a step ladder and in this review you will get to know the best lightweight step ladder you ought to look into when making a purchase.

Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool


  • Comes with slip resistant features
  • Comes with frames and steps made up of steel to provide for studiness of the ladder
  • It doesn’t mar the floor
  • It is very stable as it comes along with leg support
  • Ability to be folded into a flat shape for convenient storage
  • Comes with a very light weight of 7.4 pounds
  • It comes with a warranty of 10 years from the company
  • An important addition for all your cabinet cleaning and other light household cleaning
  • This step stool meets the ANSI standards applicable for type 11 medium household duty rating 225 pounds
  • Manufactured by a reputable company which is fast becoming a household name when ladders are concerned.


  • It is recommended to be used for interior applications due to its limited ability to reach very far places
  • Its weight capacity of 250 lbs is smaller than other step ladders
Little Giant Ladders Flip-N-Lite 6-Foot Stepladder


  • Possesses an extra large standing platform to ensure your feet is well placed on the top of the ladder
  • Balance and comfortability is part of the features of this step ladder
  • A spot is created for all your tools to be placed on whilst working. You can work more faster with this feature
  • Possesses an easy to release handle to shift from storage to climbing position
  • It can easily be transported from place to place due to its extremely light weight
  • Wider steps for foot placement helps to reduce tiredness from extended work periods
  • A perfect fixture for anyone doing construction, building or any other advanced jobs away from home
  • It comes with a tall handrail for more support and comfortability
  • It meets up with all standards set by OSHA and ANSI
  • Easy fold ability and storage
  • Even with its light weight, it still has the ability to carry up to 300lbs of weight on each of its rungs


  • It is expensive to purchase in comparison with other step ladders


  • Perfect for reach within kitchen, bathroom or even the garage
  • It comes with a tray for tools placement
  • Possesses an automatic locking mechanism for the top rung of the ladder
  • Features a padded hand grip to ensure your safety during its usage
  • Can easily be folded to aid storage and transportation
  • It is lightweight at 8 pounds thus can be moved from place to place when desired
  • Good value for your money


  • Its warranty is of a very low quality of 1 year unlike step ladders of other brands


  • It is extremely light weight at 7 pounds thus it can easily be maneuvered
  • Possesses a project top for placing all of your tools to fasten our job further
  • Possesses ANSI type 2 duty rating
  • Comes with an automatic locking mechanism that keeps the top rung locked when in usage
  • Strong durability is recorded for this brand of step ladders
  • Possesses a slim profile to aid storage
  • It folds flat enough to be easily stored anywhere you might want to store it
  • Very sturdy even with its lightweight feature
  • It was designed to ensure users’ safety in all dimensions


  • It can only allow for 225 weight capacity which makes it a tool not meant for all population.
  • Has the tendency to shift during usage


  • It is very lightweight and can be carried around easily
  • It can be folded easily which makes for easy and convenient storage
  • It comes with a handgrip that makes it the more easy to carry around
  • It provides for security as it has a locking mechanism which secures its place on the ground when you are carrying out a task.
  • It is cost friendly and economical
  • It doesn’t require batteries hence it can be used at all times
  • The depth between the steps do not overlap during usage hence you get assurance of your knee not hitting the ladder
  • It doesn’t scar the floor when pulled from place to place
  • This step ladder comes with a very aesthetic design which can fit your home décor in case you don’t have another space for storage
  • It can allow for 330lb of weight. This level of weight is enough to accommodate different kinds of individuals


  • It can only provide a little height for small jobs hence it cannot be used in all jobs you might need to carry out.

What are the types of ladders available in the market?

There are different ranges or types of ladders in the market and you have to be the one deciding which one you need. Asides the step ladder, there are other ladders used by individuals for their different job needs. Here are few of the different types of ladders available in the market which you might or might not be aware of:

1) Extension Ladders

Extension leaders has the capability of getting to higher heights than other ladders would go. It is best suitable for external activities as most people tend to need the extra height when working outdoors. It comprises of a base which sticks to the ground and a fly which aids extension.

- It is excellent at painting and construction projects go provide the extra height needed for such activity.

- It doesn't provide for self supporting hence you will need to rest in it to achieve stability.
- It is extremely heavy and can not be moved around

2) Step Stool Ladder

Trying to get something from my kitchen cabinet and not being able to reach it was the reason why I got this ladder. Step Stool ladder provides you with that little height you might need to grab a plate for your guest or get the wine in the upper shelf.

- Provides easy reach for indoor purposes
- Doesn't involve stress in its carriage

- Cannot be applied in all jobs

3) Flexible Ladder

This ladder is used for multi purpose jobs. It is mostly applied in recreational settings by most people. Asides from its multipurpose use, it comes with a lot of disadvantages which makes it not a favorite for a lot of people.

- Can aid a lot recreational settings

- It requires a lot of muscle and strength in its operation. Hence, just anybody can't make use of it except he or she has the muscular ability.

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Why is a step ladder important?

A step ladder is an important asset to have for so many reasons. When compared with the other types of ladders, step ladders happen to be more versatile in its applications. Different brands spring up on daily basis to accommodate functions which step ladders might be deficient in and this makes it a favorite type of ladder for different people. Here you will find reasons why the step ladder is considered important.

  • They provide more security and safety unlike other ladders. A step ladder has mechanisms that keep it rooted on the ground to provide for safety of its users.
  • It is capable of being folded and can help in managing space portions due to its convenient storage.
  • Step ladders are important also because they are more durable and have a longer shelf life when compared with other ladders.
  • People use the step ladders for the normal reasons of accessing places their hands can't reach without it.
  • Also, a step ladder is seen to be beneficial as there is no need to use the hands and feet in its usage. Users just have to climb the ladder like steps like the name implies. 

What you should look out for when attempting to purchase a step ladder?

Step ladders are of different types and it might be a bit confusing when making a selection. Even if it's not a step ladder, purchasing any type of ladder is still difficult and confusing. Here are things you should look out for or have in mind when making your step ladder purchase or the purchase of any other ladder whatsoever:

1) The Purpose for the Ladder 

For basic stuffs like painting the interior of your house, a step ladder would be the best fit. Other ladders should be considered when it's a more technical purpose. Regardless, knowing the purpose for which the ladder is needed would be a key criteria in determining which ladder to obtain. 

2)  Length of the Ladder

The length of the ladder will help in determining your safety level in the usage of the ladder. Generally, ladders have the ability to get to extra four feet away from its present height. Depending on what you need the ladder for, consider the length of the ladder you are to get and compare with the job at hand to see if it will fit.

3) Weight of the Ladder

The weight of a ladder cannot be removed from the equation when it comes to purchasing a ladder. The weight of a ladder can add more stress to carrying out a task. A step ladder especially the light weighted ones comes with the benefit of accounting for reduced weight for the ladder. Other ladders doesn't possess this feature except for the light weight step ladder.

4) Ability to be used in several jobs

You might want to carry out a painting job for your apartment and still need to carry out some outdoor functions as well. It won't be a wise choice to have to get separate ladders for these tasks. Some people might prefer it that way but personally, I would rather get the best value for my ladder by acquiring one that can serve me in different ways.

5) Convenience in Storage

Most step ladders comes with the feature of easy and convenient storage. Proper storage feature makes the ladders have a longer shelf life. Personally, the step ladders appeal to me because most of them are foldable and occupiers less space in the storage room as well.

Tips to make your step ladder work best for you

It’s not enough to get a step ladder. You have to know ways by which you can use the best of your ladder. These tips will give you all the ideas you would need.

  • Do not use the step ladder until it is spread wide t its base. This is a key thing to note as no one would like the experience of falling from a high level when it can be avoided.
  • The floor on which it is placed should be a leveled surface. If this is not obtained, disaster might happen.
  • When ascending the ladder, ensure you face it totally so you can mind your steps.
  • Do not use your step ladder on snowy floors or slippery floors unless you have made adequate arrangement to prevent the inevitable act of slipping.


Ladders are very beneficial in different facets and with the different types of ladders comes more efficiency in its usage. Step ladders as can be seen in this review are one of the types of ladders which makes up for self support. The different ladder mentioned in this review comes with different pros and cons which makes it up. The best light weight step ladders have been portrayed here. Despite the fact that these step ladders all come with great benefits, there is one which I personally think is the best of the bunch all things considered. Following safety, lightness, durability and portability, as a guideline, the Little Giant Ladders, Flip-N-Lite, 6-Foot, Stepladder, Aluminium, Type 1A, 300lbs Rated (15270-001) might just be the best of the five step ladders reviewed here.