5 Best Paint and Primer in One Review with Buying Guide


Are you planning to repaint your wall? Then, ensure that you buy a primer apart from beautiful painters. Or to make it easier, buy the best paint and primer in one product!

It is recommended to have a primer layer where the walls are porous, glossy, or stained a lot. Primers, although they look like paints, are more concentrated solids with an adhesive binder. They will help seal and provide uniform coverage for the paint to adhere to.

Having primer and paint in one means you can save time and money on the painting work — no need to buy and open two bottles of paints simultaneously.

How to Buy The Best Primer and Paint in One?

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The idea of paint and primer in one is incredible for DIY painters who want to repaint their houses or furniture. And the fact is, many paint manufacturers add a label of “self-priming” or “paint and primer in one” to their products without really meaning so. As a result, you might purchase a scam product and ruin your walls.

Before buying, consider the following guide first.

Understanding Your Painting Work

Not all painting tasks require a primer. Thus, the self-priming in one will not always be the best choice.

  • Re-painting stain walls: Old walls are often stained from water leaks or bad weather conditions. At that time, you should use stain-blocking primers or shellac-based primers to prevent odors. The primer and paint should also have UV-protector elements.
  • Raw sheetrock or drywall: These surfaces do not take paint well, significantly when you add a fresh texture. They are extremely chalky and porous. It would help if you used a primer that has the same pH level as the walls.
  • Slick tiles or brand-new furniture: A bonding primer would be recommended to formulate a sticky surface for another painting later.
  • Woodwork like doors, baseboards, or windowsills: That stuff often requires oil-based or water-based paints like latex or acrylic. It means you will also need an oil-based or latex-based primer to seal it in advance.
  • Metal surfaces like guard rails: It would be best to use rust-converted or direct-to-metal primers to make surfaces stick and rust-free.

Considering The Types of Paints

Types of primers depend upon the paint’s styles, which often come in three main options:

  • Oil-based: These primers and paints are versatile because they are supposed to work with all kinds of coverage – both interiors and exteriors. Oil-based primers will cover stains, cracks, and pores well. They also prevent moisture from sneaking into the paint.
  • Latex-based: Primers and paints of this type are ideal for drywall porous thanks to their flexible application and quick drying time. They are affordable as well.
  • Shellac: Shellac paints will seal and cover the wooden surfaces excellently. However, this type is often expensive.

Picking up Suitable Colors

Finally, keep in mind that primer and paint in one are often thicker than non-priming paint, making it darker in color. It will not be a problem if you repaint the surfaces in the same color scheme as earlier. However, if you choose a new color, you must be considerate. It is better to refer to the color range of the manufacturers.

TOP 5 Paint and Primer in One Review

Rust-Oleum 245210 – Best Spray Paint for Metal, Wood, and Plastic

Top 5 Best Paint and Primer in One Review with Buying Guide
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Coming in the first place is the Rust-Oleum 245210 – an oil-based self-priming paint in one for almost all surfaces, including concrete, plastic, metal, wood, vinyl, etc. The priming coat is adhesive and quick to dry completely within 30 mins. Then, you can apply the new paint to create a satin and chip-free look.

What we appreciate about this self-priming paint rather than its coating quality is its spraying design. You will not have to prepare rollers or brushes. This paint adopts a patented triggering technology to spray out the primer from any angle directly. However, you should apply multiple light coats and in a stable back-and-forth movement.

In drawback, we found its tip is a bit small, so it sprays like a mist. You will not want to use this bottle ọn a windy day because the paint is easily blown away.


  • Versatile oil-based primer and paint
  • Quick to dry on any materials
  • Satin smooth coating
  • Convenient spraying design


  • Mist spraying
  • Low capacity for the price

Prestige Exterior Paint – Best Exterior Paint and Primer in One

Top 5 Best Paint and Primer in One Review with Buying Guide
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You might already know Prestige for its colorful paints. This manufacturer also offers primer and paint in one- Prestige Exterior Paint.

As its name indicates, this product is designed for superior performance on all exterior substrates. Because of the high-quality acrylic latex formula that is easy to apply and clean, you can expect a satin finish on any surface. It also effectively sheds water and protects your exterior surfaces from fading under the sun.

Plus, the paint is unexpectedly cheap, coming to think of its 1-gallon capacity. You can paint around 400 square feet at a time.

The color, nonetheless, is what we want the manufacturer to offer more. This exterior paint-and-primer bottle is all white. Although it gives off a fresh and spacious feeling on any surface, painting it with darker colors can cause warp.


  • Affordable price
  • High coverage capacity
  • Satin acrylic latex finish
  • Water-resistant and sunlight-resistant


  • More colors will be better
  • Unable to use indoors

The Spruce Best Home by KILZ – Best Odor-free for Bedrooms

Top 5 Best Paint and Primer in One Review with Buying Guide
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Looking for indoor paints to use in bedrooms, kitchens, or kid rooms? You must go for odor-free paints – for your family health’s sake! Take the Spruce Best Home by KILZ, for example.

This is a semi-gloss paint made of complete acrylic with a low level of VOC and odor. Moreover, the Spruce Best Home is quick to dry and resistant to mildew. You can expect this paint to last for long, even when the weather in your area is humid.

What also makes the paint ideal for indoor surfaces is its wide range of colors. There are 32 options in three sheens, from neutral shades to bold colors.

Take notes that its true color is a little deeper than in the image. Moreover, you need to apply several coats so that the paint will not chip and scrape easily.


  • Almost no odors or harmful VOC
  • Resistant to mildew and humidity
  • Easy to apply and clean off
  • 32 colors and three sheens available


  • Darker colors than advertised
  • Thin layer

KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Semi-Gloss Paint – Best Choice for Walls

Top 5 Best Paint and Primer in One Review with Buying Guide
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KILZ also offers TRIBUTE Interior Semi-Gloss Paint, having advantages like the Spruce Best Home. Accordingly, the paint is low-VOC, odorless, and mildew-resistant.

Even better, this primer and paint in one come with more colors and sheen styles. There are up to 100 colors, from classic to on-trend options. This paint will decorate vibrant and clean walls, making your beloved house larger and fresher.

So far, so good except for the packaging. Many consumers found the lid busted off on arrival, causing an annoying mess.


  • Odorless and mildew-resistant
  • Smooth and bright finish
  • Four sheens and 100 colors
  • Quick to dry and easy to clean


  • Careless packaging
  • Multiple coats required

BEYOND PAINT Quart – All in One for Furniture

Top 5 Best Paint and Primer in One Review with Buying Guide
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BEYOND PAINT Quart is the last on the list but is not the least worthy of mentioning. This paint combines all in one – a primer, a finisher, and a sealer at the same time.

With such an excellent formula, the BEYOND PAINT Quart fastens the painting process of complicated furniture. You do not need to sand, strip, or prime the stuff in advance. All to prepare is to clean off dirt, dust, and grease if there is any.

Interestingly enough, this low-VOC paint does not smell ugly at all, making it ideal to use indoors. It is even resistant to UV, so no worries if you use it for shutters or outdoor projects.

The only thing that possibly disappoints you is the low sheen and light texture compared to the KILZ paints and primers above.


  • Functional as a primer, sealer, and finisher
  • Compatible with all painting surfaces
  • Easy application and quick dryness
  • Low-VOC and sunlight-resistant


  • Low sheen
  • Light texture


How Long between Coats of Paint and Primer in One?

It depends on the types of paint you are using. Most manufacturers will mention it in their product description. Most latex primers we know will dry to the touch after a half or an hour. 

Moreover, drying time will be longer or shorter according to the room’s humidity and outside temperature.

No matter how long it might take, you must make sure that the priming coat is completely dry before you add new paint.

How to Fix Paint and Primer in One?

Theoretically, primer and paint in one often cause a higher build on painting surfaces. Without proper techniques, you might end up having a very thick layer, coming with lumpiness, ridges, or orange peel finish.

How to fix it? – You can scrub the thick paint with brushes, and next time, use a thin paint layer.

When Should You Use Paint and Primer in One on Furniture?

We would recommend primer and paint in one for wooden furniture because untreated or unstained wood is porous. Thus, such wooden stuff is prone to absorb moisture, odors, and stains. A priming layer will help seal the surface and offer a smooth area for the paint to glue.

It is also important to use primer and paint in a similar color or darker color to its existing one. The reason is that 2-in-1 paint is often darker and thicker than typical paint. As a result, it will not damage the look of your furniture.

Why Use Paint and Primer in One?

Back then, when you choose a paint prime, you will always have to consider its type carefully to get a compatible primer with the paint. It is a time-consuming task. Now you have self-priming paints, meaning that the two undoubtedly work well together.

Plus, imagine that you used to open two bottles of self-priming while hardly using them all. With the paint and primer in one, you simply buy one bottle to save money and preparation time before painting.

How Should You Use Paint and Primer in One on Metal?

Metal seems more adhesive than other surfaces, but the self-priming paint can still fail without proper preparation. To have the perfect coating ever, please follow:

  • Clean the coverage you plan to paint from grease.
  • Remove peeling paint and loose.
  • Then, immediately apply a primer to cover rusted pots, making them paintable areas. Take note that you should not use water-based primers because the moisture might seep through and cause rust.
  • Finally, wait for the primer to thoroughly dry before you paint the metal stuff.

How to Prep Walls for Paint and Primer in One?

Here are some essential steps you will want to follow:

  • Protect your furniture and floor from splattering primer and paint.
  • Remember to wear old clothes and safety goggles.
  • Scrape any flaking or cracked paint with a scraper and smooth the surface with sandpaper.
  • Clean off the dust from the walls – with a vacuum, we would recommend it.
  • Get painting tools and materials at hand: self-priming paint, stir sticks, brushes/rollers/sprayers, etc.

Can I Use White Paint Instead of Primer?

We would not recommend doing so because white paint does not have a concentration of solids and adhesive binder as the primer. As a result, it will not help stick the primary paint later.

What Happens If You Mix Primer with Paint?

Since there are paint and primer in one product, some people just come up with an idea to mix primer with paint.

You can do that as long as the paint is not quite matte and dewy. It would be helpful if you mixed a proper ratio in order not to ruin the whole paint. Also, you cannot mix the latex paint with an oil primer.

However, the best solution is to use paint and primer in one rather than challenge yourself with calculation tasks.

Last Verdict

Don’t hesitate any longer! You should have at least one among those best paint and primer in one above. Choose wisely based on your painting tasks and your styles. If you love all but have to make only one choice because of your limited budget, we would recommend KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Semi-Gloss Paint. This paint is colorful and versatile for both indoor and outdoor painting.

5 Best Paint and Primer in One Review with Buying Guide