Best Paint Colors For A Large Room With Vaulted Ceiling


Vaulted ceilings have their appeal in the home. They can help to make your room feel more spacious and airier. Some people might feel comfortable in the spacious look in their house, or some might like it cozy and small. 

Well, we have a few amazing paint suggestions for you that will give your vaulted ceiling rooms a unique look. If you make the right choice, rooms with vaulted ceilings can also lift the mood when you enter them.

The paint job is not always a piece of cake. Whatever choice you make for your larger rooms, we recommend always hiring a professional painting service for this purpose.

Best Paint Color Ideas For Your Vaulted Rooms:

Rich pumpkin orange

Vaulted ceilings are not everyone’s choice. If you are stuck with a large spacious room. And do not want to feel like a cold and empty room. You need a color that will make you feel like it’s cozy and warm. Rich pumpkin orange is darker than the standard orange color.

The darkness of this color is up to the extent that it will make your room feel warmer. If you pair it with crisp white linens. It will suit more if painted in a bedroom with vaulted ceilings.

The floor for this room should also be the same as the walls. But if you are confused with the color selection of the ceiling, then here is the tip for you. 

If you want to make the room cozier. You should paint the vaulted ceiling the same color as you painted on the walls.

But there is no need to use the exact color or texture. And you can use a similar contrast of the paint. This combination is most suitable for large bedrooms with vaulted ceilings.

Warm khaki

Another color combination for your vaulted ceiling room is warm khaki. It is very popular for defense forces in some countries as it depicts security and trust. Using khaki in your vaulted ceiling rooms will make them attractive and welcoming.

The best suggestion is to paint this color in your living room. As it will be more appealing with your furniture and lights. It is a neutral color palette and can go with several colors of furniture that you can use in the room.

If you use a combination of white furniture and khaki paint on the walls. The combination will create a cozy environment. You will not want to leave the room because it will make you feel nicer and warmer.

Warm butter yellow

This color is the most common of all used in vaulted rooms to make them cozier and smaller. It is a shade of yellow color that brightens even the dullest part of your room. The color can help high ceilings feel warmer. 

Warm butter yellow is cheery and bright, and can even blend with a number of different color palates present in the room.

If you are an art lover and will place some art in your room. Then this color is the one that will create an eye-catching contrast with your art. This color goes great with the unique pieces of art.

This color is known as the summer heat as it has a nicer feel than most bright colors. If your room is sunny and airy.

Warm grey

Painting a warm grey in larger rooms or vaulted rooms is not always a good idea. Because this color goes for small places like the bathroom or kitchen.

But the same color can also work well in the living room. It not only warms the place but makes an interesting appeal if used with a few additions.

We recommend you to use it in your living room with a few pieces of art, and a combination of grey contrast with it. The world’s best designers use this color with a combination of lights, and different greys to give the room a timeless look.

Elephant grey

People are stuck with dark and light colors only. If they need a light color, they will go for white. And if the people need a dark color in their room. They will go for standard dark colors that only make the room darker.

There are many shades of a single color that you can use to spark up your vaulted rooms. Elephant grey is one of many shades of grey that is light and creates a standard light in your room if it is sunny.

Other bright colors might have a bad effect on the light of your room. But this shade will comfort your eyes and create a relaxing environment.

Vaulted rooms are not always painted with the same shade on the walls, floor, and ceiling. They are paired with a different shade of the same color or white. It is also best for an art combination if painted in a bedroom or living room.

Mango yellow

Mango Yellow is a shade of yellow with a unique light look and can brighten a place to its limit. It has a yellow undertone which creates an elegant environment. It will create a nicer look if painted in a living room and furniture of green shade. 

Light color paired with a dark color is always the best combination. But sometimes light shades of different colors give a cozier look to your vaulted rooms than the usual. This color shade can provide a warmer and brighter look if painted by experts. 

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You will use a darker color combination when you want your large room with a vaulted ceiling to look smaller and cozier. Therefore, spacious rooms are painted with a darker and warmer color to make them cozy. 

Whereas, if you tend to make your room look larger and spacious even if it’s not. Then you can use white and lighter shade color paint in your room. It is a simple trick that works every time.