Finding the Best Paint Roller for Smooth Finish in 2021


There’s only one reason why you are looking for the best paint roller for a smooth finish. It’s because painting is difficult. It’s not a task that a newbie can easily handle, especially if you want excellent results. But if you can’t hire a painter and must do the job yourself, arming yourself with a good quality painter is a must.

Check out below our reviews of the best paint rollers to find the one that suits your needs.

Top best paint roller for smooth finish

#1-WHIZZ 25009 Mini Roller – The Editor’s Pick


At the top of the choices of the best paint rollers for easy application is WHIZZ 25009 Mini Roller. It is a simple enough paint roller at four inches with Xtrasorb Microfiber in a fabric made for thin coatings. This paint roller boasts of having 10x the retention compared to standard rollers, meaning it should apply paint really well.

One of its most notable features is the 360,000 microfibers per square inch of the roller. With that, it is capable of distributing paint evenly on any surface. At the same time, this paint roller also promises to reduce drip and splatter. If it does, it would certainly help you have it easier when painting a surface on your own.

Unlike the others in this list, this product includes the handle. You can also use it with any type of paint. However, the paint roller cover is not reusable. It means you will need to throw the cover when you are done, clean the handle, and use a new clean cover for a new painting job. It does have a soft microfiber cover that does provide a smooth finish.


  • Great thickness
  • Perfect size for painting doors and cabinets
  • No cleaning needed
  • Soft microfiber for smooth application
  • Excellent to use in small spaces


  • Some cases of the microfiber shredding
  • Not reusable

#2-PANCLUB 9” Paint Roller Covers – The Runner Up


At the runner-up position is PANCLUB 9” Paint Roller Covers that come in 6-pack. This one has a white microfiber and lint-free covers. You can also use them with most paints. This paint roller cover is known for high strength thanks to having high elasticity. It is said to be strong enough so it never sheds or breaks.

It also promises to be highly efficient, absorbing and releasing paints well enough but without splashing or dripping. Compared to normal fibers with flat shapes, this paint roller cover has wave-shaped fibers. The covers are 9 inches long, ideal both for DIY and professional use. This length means using the paint roller will let you cover a lot of spaces in a short time. 

The material used for the covers is wool fabric. It is elastic with excellent paint absorption and release so the handle feels comfortable when painting. Because of this, PANCLUB 9” Paint Roller Cover is great for reducing fatigue. This product is also non-reusable, so you simply throw it out when you are done.


  • Excellent paint absorption and release
  • 6 covers included in the pack
  • It doesn’t drip even when waved around
  • Comfortable to use
  • Flawless application


  • Not exactly lint-free as advertised

#3-Pro Grade Paint Roller Covers – The Budget Pick


If you are looking for something that will not be too much for your budget, then you might want to check out Pro Grade Paint Roller Covers. These ½ x 9-inch microfiber covers in 5-pack are the cheapest in this list, ideal if you need one that’s budget-friendly. It is said to be of use for all kinds of paints and stains.

The most notable feature of these paint rollers is perhaps the fact that it is washable. This means easy cleanup and you don’t need to throw away the covers. Pro Grade Paint Rollers also boasts of providing stunning results thanks to no-shed microfiber. You should be able to apply any paint or stain without issue using this paint roller.

These covers include a 1/2-inch nap, which provides even and full coverage during paint application. They are durable and designed for repeated use, so it is certainly cost-effective. It is excellent to use for various surfaces such as ceilings, walls, and even an entire house. Pro Grade Paint Rollers are also okay to use for interior or exterior jobs.


  • Can work with all kinds of paints and stains
  • Reusable and washable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • For interior and exterior painting
  • Cost-effective


  • Need to be careful when using to avoid leaving lint

#4-6-Pack Microfiber Paint Roller Covers – The Upgrade Pick


If you have the budget and would like to invest in a higher quality paint roller kit, then Rollera’s 6-Pack Microfiber Paint Roller Covers may be a good option. Known to be a high-density paint roller cover, it can be used on all types of surfaces. This is thanks to the nap included in the kit, as well as the microfiber fabric used, which allows more paint to be released.

Because of these, these paint rollers seem to be able to reduce painting time significantly. Besides being able to use it on different surfaces, you can use the paint roller covers for any paint as well. The microfiber used for the covers is high-quality, providing smooth and consistent application whether it is oil-based, water-based, later paints, or epoxies.

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Rollera Microfiber Paint Roller Covers are highly dense. They use premium microfibers that are said to be lint-free and shed resistant. This is great because then you can apply all kinds of paint without any lint residue that could ruin the painting. They are also resistant to splatter and dripping, thus less mess. The best thing perhaps is the covers are reusable and washable.


  • Can be used in all kinds of paints
  • Applies on any surface
  • Reusable and washable
  • Has dense fibers
  • Produces smooth results


  • The nap is too thin

#5-True Blue Professional Paint Roller Covers – The Niche Pick


For professional painters, the best option in this list is True Blue Professional Paint Roller Covers. These are premium microfibers that are ideal for painting any surface. As a professional paint roller cover, True Blue boasts that they can pick up and release paint up to 3x more. Thanks to this, the paint roller covers can paint more areas but still with a smooth finish.

What makes these paint roller covers our niche pick is the high-quality microfiber material it uses. It is thanks to them that you can use the paint roller like a pro, allowing you to easily apply paint with a roller that doesn’t shed or leave lint. These paint roller covers are also high capacity, working with all types of paints and stains.

Perhaps the best thing about this paint roller kit is it comes with different nap lengths. The product is available with a 1/2-inch nap and 3/8-inch nap. The 1/2-inch nap is perfect for painting semi-rough surfaces such as textured ceilings. But if it has smooth and semi-smooth surfaces, the 3/8-inch nap is a much better choice.


  • Lint-free and shed resistant
  • Made of high-quality microfiber
  • Works with all paints
  • Applies on all surfaces
  • Comes with 2 nap lengths
  • Available in 4 roller lengths


  • It is a little unwieldy

Looking for the Best Paint Roller for Smooth Finish – A Buyer’s Guide

If you search online or in online stores, you will find your choices for a paint roller is almost endless. It goes to say it will not be easy to look for the best paint roller for a smooth finish among them. Because of that, it will be great to know a few things about how to look for a paint roller that suits your needs.

Finding the Best Paint Roller for Smooth Finish in 2021
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On that note, below are the factors that can help you.


It is great to start looking at top brands. Beware that because there’s a big demand for paint rollers, many companies sell them. Some of them sell cheap, low-quality products. When searching for your paint roller, look at brands with high ratings. Many users often post reviews online and reading those can help you choose.

Type of Paint

Paint rollers are often rated for the type of paint they are suitable for. But these days, most paint rollers are applicable for all types of paints, which is great for versatility. Microfiber paint rollers are often like this. In the case of foam paint rollers, make sure to check that it is compatible with the type of paint you will be using.

Type of Roller

There are various types of rollers too, which you need to consider. One of the most common is the microfiber paint roller. Microfiber roller covers work well with oil-based and latex paints, providing a smooth finish although there’s some learning curve. Another type that can provide a smooth finish is the foam roller.

Roller’s Softness

The softness of the roller has an impact on how smooth the finished paint is. However, perhaps the most important reason for this has to do with fatigue. You want a soft roller that will be easy to use even for longer periods. If the roller is hard, you will be feeling tired quickly and that can ruin your painting job.

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Paint Roller Size

In most cases, you already have a frame for the paint roller. So, what you are looking for is a roller that fits your frame. There are various sizes available that suit various purposes. For instance, the larger ones are usually used for ceiling painting. Knowing the size of the paint roller is important to choose the one suitable for the painting job.

Roller Nap

Finding the Best Paint Roller for Smooth Finish in 2021
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The roller nap is also an important factor for you to consider if you want a smooth look. The idea is that a thicker roller nap means more texture. In that case, the advice is to use a 3/8 to 1/2-inch nap for smoother results. This means you should choose a lower roller nap if you want a smoother painting job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the best paint roller for a smooth finish that you need to be answered? This FAQ section can help you with that. Read on to find the answers to some of the most common questions about using paint rollers.

1. How do you avoid roller marks when painting?

There are various tips you can try to avoid roller marks when painting, one of which is in the strokes. You can paint your walls nice and even if you do so in sweeping strokes, starting at the bottom then rolling up at a slight angle. Make sure that your pressure is light, rolling back and forth at a decent pace, enough so there’s no paint build-up drying in between strokes.

2. Does a good paint roller make a difference?

It does. Some people think that a roller is just a roller, you don’t need to be picky about it. However, you can save a lot of time and effort if you choose the right paint roller. On that note, make sure to know more about it – types, sizes, materials, etc. – to pick the one suitable for your project.

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3. How do I get a smooth finish with a paint roller?

You can get a smooth finish with a paint roller by making sure you choose the right roller and you prepare the surface you will be painting. Don’t forget to clean the wall or ceiling first, brushing away the cobwebs or dust. Also, protect the parts you want to be splattered on using painter’s tape. Most importantly, learn about the right painting stroke.

4. Why does my painted wall look patchy?

You probably have patchy walls after painting because you skipped some steps during the process. It’s likely that you eliminated the preparation to save time and proceeded on painting the surface as is. If it has dust and other particles on it that makes it hard for paint to stick, then you will most certainly have a patchy wall.

5. Do you wet a paint roller before painting?

You do. Before using a brand-new paint roller cover, you want to wet it with water first to condition it. You can do this by spraying water on the cover while spinning it, allowing the water to cover it entirely. Do this until the cover is noticeably wet, which helps your paint roller to soak up a lot of paint.

6. Are foam rollers better for painting?

Finding the Best Paint Roller for Smooth Finish in 2021
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Foam rollers are great for certain kinds of painting jobs. This type of roller is great because it is budget-friendly compared to microfiber or nap rollers. If you choose the right foam roller, it can also do well on painting smooth surfaces, large surfaces, using thinner paints, etc. Foam rollers are also great for short-term use.

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7. Why does my paint roller slide instead of rolling?

Paint tends to drip while on the wall, thus sliding and smearing instead of rolling across it. If you don’t want this to happen, your first stroke must be upwards. Rolling down on your first stroke results in the paint puddling under the roller then running down the wall. When that happens, it becomes harder for the roller to roll.


In this review article, the clear winner for the best paint roller for smooth finish is WHIZZ 25009 Mini Roller. It has all the features that make a great paint roller, not to mention it includes a handle. It is a complete kit that delivers excellent results. But of course, all the other products in this post are a great choice if your painting needs are something else.