How To Find The Best Paint Sprayer For Furniture In 2022: Top Reviews



There are ways to revamp and remodel furniture without having to throw them away. One method to go for would be repainting.

As simple as it may sound, it is a tedious task and for it to look professional-made, consider having a paint sprayer. In this post, we look at some of the best paint sprayers for furniture. If you happen to be needing one, read on. 

Best paint sprayer for furniture 

Without much ado, let us look into the best paint sprayer for furniture in the market. In this section, a rundown of their best specs and features is featured. An objective list of pros and cons is also listed to help you in deciding which among them is the most suitable for your spray painting needs. 

1. AOBEN HVLP Spray Gun

This one is a top-rate paint sprayer known for its high-power performance at 750W. It has a large tank capacity at 1000mL, offering precise spraying with a superior smooth finish. The tank is also detachable so you can clean and maintain it when the sprayer is not in use. 

It also features four nozzle sizes and as such, you can control the thickness of the paint with its rotatable valve knob. Its main upside would be its clog needle. This is something that not all paint sprayers have this maintenance feature. You can use it anytime to de-clog the tank. A cleaning brush also comes with the set. 

High power sprayer. The issue on frequent clogging. 
Comes in various nozzle sizes. Quite expensive. 
Has three spray patterns. 
Can spray at a length of up to 300mm.
With adjustable valve knob. 
Comes with maintenance tools. 
Secured with a one-year warranty. 

2. YATTICH Paint Sprayer HVLP Gun

This one is rated as one of the best handheld electric paint sprayers because of its top performance and inexpensive price. One of its most notable features would be its copper nozzle and its interior pad which prohibits paint staining. It also regulates paint distribution. 

It comes with five tips in different sizes. Hence, you can depend on its performance across various surface areas. It is also equipped with three different pattern sprays for a smoother finish. 

Portable and easy to maneuver. The handle may get hot in prolonged use. 
Adjustable flow rate. The paint tank is small. 
Durable copper nozzle. 
Multiple spray tips and patterns. 

3. Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO

As the name implies, this one offers one of the most flexible performances to cover both small and large surfaces. Its major upside is its high-precision spraying at eight times the faster rate compared to most handheld paint sprayers. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor painting jobs.

Its X-Boost turbine system allows you to control the distribution and spray rate of the paint sprayer. It also features three spraying patterns. Most of all, it has a Lock and Goes system, mostly found in commercial paint sprayers. This is beneficial for an easier change in accessories and colors. 

Durable, portable, and lightweight. Nozzle tends to get clogged up.
Adjustable dispensing. Not suitable for very large surfaces.
Multiple tips and spray patterns. Quite expensive. 
Best Wagner model for furniture. 
Upgraded turbine system.

4. Wagner Spraytech Control Multicolor

If you are going for a professional choice, this one is a consistent top pick. It is an HPLV sprayer featuring double turbines. This feature makes it easier to paint surfaces with stains and thin latex. 

Its major upside, however, is its adjustable settings which allow you to customize paint flow and pressure for an accurate smooth finish. Aside from this, it also sports a turning tip for different spraying patterns. 

High paint volume and low-pressure technology.  Not portable. 
20ft of air nozzle. More expensive than other handheld paint sprayers. 
Rotatable tips. 
Durable spray nozzle. 
Good value for money.

5. Home Right Super Max HPLV

This one is an inexpensive yet top choice for beginner spray painting. It has a high-capacity tank for larger furniture and cabinets. Its material is built for dispensing not just paints but also lacquers, varnishes, and even chalk paint. 

Its best feature would be its six spray tips (3 brass and 3 copper), a powerful motor turbine, and easy to clean tank. Most of its reviews point to its smooth finish and high-precision spray. 

Smooth finish for different types of surfaces. Spray patterns are small. 
Comes with 6 durable spray tips. Spray nozzles are a bit noisy. 
Easy to maintain.
Relatively cheap. 
High power capacity. 

Buying guide 

To make a solid choice when it comes to the best paint sprayer for furniture, you need to acquaint yourselves with the factors to consider when buying one. Hence, here is a comprehensive buying guide before buying a paint sprayer for your furniture. 

Paint sprayer type

You must know that there are also different types of paint sprayers. The most common would be the airless paint sprayer which is used by professionals for large, outdoor painting jobs.

Another one is the HVLP sprayer which is the most affordable type and also the most popular among homeowners. There is also the compressed air sprayer which is specifically used for trims, cabinets, and furniture. Lastly, there is the LVLP paint sprayer which is good at painting uneven surfaces. 


The size of the furniture or the painting job, in general, serves as the basis for choosing the best paint sprayer for you.

Power sprayers for a small coverage painting job would lead to over spraying, wasted paint, and a very poor finish. As such, it is recommended that you choose a paint sprayer with a large enough capacity.  


As per the rule of thumb, the paint consumption of an ordinary paint sprayer is at 14-16oz per minute. For HPLV sprayers, the consumption is at 10-12oz per minute.

Staying within the paint consumption range means that the paint spray has good pressure. It must not exceed 30% of the range. An adjustable pressure valve or knob is also a good feature of paint sprayers. 

Tip size

The tip size determines the amount of paint and sprays pattern dispensed. A good paint sprayer would feature different tip sizes for more flexible usage. It is also beneficial to avoid paint clogging and to have more even finished. Copper or brass tips are the most recommended materials for paint spray tips. 

Spray pattern

The main spray patterns would be vertical, horizontal, and round. If a paint sprayer features all three patterns, then you landed on a good one. It offers a variety of options and easy switching from wide surfaces to narrow ones even without rotating the paint sprayer. 

Hose length

This buying factor depends on the area of the surface that you are usually covering. Of course, if you are doing it outdoors or if you are covering a large area, a 25ft hose is viable.

But if you are in for different surface areas, it would be best to just purchase different hose lengths. Unreasonably long hoses are not recommended, however, especially for indoor spray painting. 


There is a reason why handheld paint sprayers are more recommended nowadays. But even then, there are still handheld paint sprayers that could lug out strength and gives hand fatigue because of their weight. The ideal weight for portable paint sprayers would be at 5lbs. 

However, if you are considering painting large furniture at once, you might want to opt for the larger ones (those at 30lbs) or those that are pushed in carts. 

Paint filters

Clogging is still a common issue among paint sprayers. To prevent this problem, installing paint filters is essential.

Another benefit of this feature is that it reduces paint contaminants, giving a smooth finish to the spray-painted areas. Most importantly, it also extends the life and betters the performance of the spray paint. 


Always consider how frequent your painting job would be. Of course, the more frequent the use, the more that you have to employ maintenance tips. To be sure, you should also buy complete maintenance set for your paint sprayer. 

Size and weight

A handheld paint sprayer could be heavy. This is the reason why you should look for a paint sprayer that is lightweight enough to prevent arm fatigue. A lightweight and portable paint sprayer are also beneficial for newbie painters or those who are into DIY. 


For safety techniques, always make sure to check the user’s manual. This is to ensure that the right assembly is achieved, hence, encouraging safety while using the spray paint too. 

As a part of safety mechanisms, also make sure that the paint sprayer you choose does not over-splash as to contaminate nearby plants or come in contact with the eye or nose. Always use safety gears too, whenever you are spray painting.  


Like all other products, warranty notes are important indicators of quality and performance. It is good to know that you can return the item if it does not perform well. A two-year warranty is a good warranty for paint sprayers. 


Now that we have squared some of the best paint sprayers for furniture, it is time for some FAQs that might come in handy later on. 

Is it better to spray or roll paint a dresser?

Since paint dressers are commonly large, it is more convenient to spray paint them. While rolling paint on a dresser is still a viable choice, paint spraying costs less time and is more convenient. Paint spraying also gives an already finished look with less pain. 

How do I get a smooth finish with spray paint on wood?

To get a smooth finish when you spray paint on wood, here are some tips to follow: 

  • Never spray paint vertically. 
  • Carefully turn pieces over. 
  • Do not spray thickly. 
  • Never spray paint directly under the sun. 
  • Shake the can well before spraying. 
  • Use spray trigger for more convenience. 
  • Never spray paint plywood edges. 
  • For the last coat, use a fresh can. 

What to clean furniture with before painting

Old-school power washing is still the best thing to clean furniture with before painting. After it dries, sand it and smoothen the grain. Use the right grit of sandpaper so as not to strip off the surface. Remove the sanding dust and then start with the spray painting. 

Which paint is best for wooden furniture?

For wooden furniture, the best paint to use would be a semi-gloss or satin finish that is either latex or oil base. But before anything else, make sure that you do not leave any spot without primer paint. 

What kind of paint can you use on furniture without sanding?

Painting without sanding is no longer peculiar. The kind of paint to do it with is milk paint. It could be bought as either premixed or as powder.

It is organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic so it is best to use it with spray paint. The only thing you have to add would be a good binding agent so that sanding becomes inessential. 

How to remove wax from furniture before painting

Furniture, especially those upholstered wood, has natural wax in them as time passes by. It is one of the few things you have to consider before sanding and painting afterward.

It is no biggie and you can do it by yourself for a few minutes. You can remove furniture wax in four easy steps:

  1. Get a clean cloth and saturate it with mineral spirits. 
  2. Wipe the cloth in the furniture’s surface. 
  3. Apply more mineral spirits to the cloth and then use a fresh cloth to wipe off the loosened wax. 
  4. Rinse the surface with clean, dry rag. 

What grit sandpaper for wood furniture before painting

The standard grit of sandpaper that is used for wood furniture before painting is 150. You have to make sure that you do not gouge the surface of the furniture because of hard sanding.

You only need to roughen it up slightly just so the primer would stick to the surface. Stripping the surface is not the goal of sanding. 

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Final thoughts 

With the many outstanding paint sprayer in the market today, it is hard to just pick one for furniture. The key to landing on the best paint sprayer for furniture is to consider portability and overall performance. There are some good picks that are affordable too, so the budget should not be a problem. 

Remodeling and revamping furniture should not be that hard. As such, you have to carefully select which paint sprayer is the best for you and the most suitable for your furniture painting job.