How to Choose the Best Primer for Asbestos Siding?


Do you know that it is not easy to paint asbestos siding?

The surface easily cracks or chips because it is brittle. To resolve the issue, the best thing to do is use a primer to make the surface smooth to paint.

There are lot of choices available making it challenging to find the best primer for asbestos siding.

asbestos siding


Tips and Best Practices Before Choosing Primer for Asbestos Siding

We know that asbestos has hidden dangers. That is why it is essential to be extra careful when dealing with asbestos siding. Here are some tips and best practices to consider.

  • Determine if the current paint on the siding has lead content or asbestos. You can use test kits that you can find online. For lead-based paint, I recommend removing it with hand scrapers and keeping the surface wet. Make sure to wear disposable coveralls or HEPA-graded respirators. Collect paint chips and dispose of them properly.
  • If there’s a need to remove asbestos materials, I recommend asking help from a licensed removalist. It is a must especially if the asbestos is friable. Keep in mind if the asbestos sheet is damaged the fibers will get into the air. Thus, it requires immediate sealing. Broken asbestos needs a quality primer to seal the asbestos material and conceal the damaged area. If the current paint is in good condition, you can prefer to repaint.
  • Start the painting job by using an exterior latex primer that has 100% acrylic. To ensure the paint will last long, apply another coat of paint that is 100% latex. Using the right coating of paint guarantees quality results.

Prior to painting the asbestos siding, think about some precautions. I do not recommend power washing especially on damaged siding. It will lead to releasing asbestos fiber into the air. Keep in mind that it is dangerous to our health when inhaled. It would take time to clean and prepare the siding before painting.

Here are some tips to avoid pressure wash:

  • Wet the siding with plain water to get rid of loose dirt.
  • Use a soap that can kill mildew and let it set for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse the surface using low pressure to remove the soap and mildew present.
  • Dry out the siding or the surface for at least three days before applying the primer.

After cleaning and preparing the surface, apply a binding primer to prevent peeling of current coatings. You can do back-brushing or using airless spray. After applying the primer, apply two coats of high-quality paint.

Top 5 Best Primer for Asbestos Siding Reviews

1. Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer – The Best Product


I have a high recommendation for this premium quality Acrylic – Urethane conversion primer. It is because of its ability to coat hard to paint surfaces. Such as glossy tiles, plastic, fiberglass, PVC pipes, ceramic tiles, and pre-coated siding. It converts the topmost layer of my structure to a paint-able area. This prepares for the best finish coat and it cures even on low temperatures.

Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer comes in a can of 1-quart white color. Buy a 1-quart can for as low as $1499.00 compared to other brands. With this amount of paint, you can cover an area of 75-100 square feet. All types of topcoat paint are applicable for this affordable yet quality primer-sealer.

I can say that it is best in holding your finished coat so it won’t come off that easy. Despite its ability to adhere to almost all material, this primer stays odorless. This helps DIY painters and professional painters to lessen the burden of painting.


  • Affordable and high quality
  • Sticks on almost all surfaces. Including hard to paint materials such as glass, vinyl, galvanized metals, etc
  • Great bonding primer-sealer
  • Cures in any temperature as low as 35°F
  • Supports utmost adhesion of finish coat
  • Great hold for almost any finish coat
  • Usable indoors for its low odor profile and does have lower fumes


  • Low coverage. Its primary purpose is to convert hard-to-paint materials into the easy paint surface
  • Poor stain or tannin bleed blocker
  • Needs 2 to 3 coat for full coverage
  • Takes long hours to cure

2. Prestige Exterior Paint and Primer In One


If you are looking for top-notch exterior paint, you shouldn’t look further than the Prestige Paint. It is 100 percent latex. Aside from working as exterior paint, I also use it as a primer. It can cover imperfections of your exterior surfaces, like factory primed siding. Aside from that, it also works on aluminum, vinyl, cement board, and masonry surfaces.

A single gallon of this paint can cover about 37 square meters of 400 square meters. After I prime the surface, I apply two layers of this paint to see the best results. I do not recommend this product to apply indoors.

The good thing about this latex paint is that it is quick-drying; it dries within an hour or two. But if you are planning to recoat it, wait for at least one day before doing so. The temperature in your area will also affect the drying time of the paint.

When it comes to cleaning, I wipe off the excess paint with soap and warm water. The paint provides a matte finish. That’s why it is a must-have if you want to cover up wall imperfections like patches, nail holes, or dents.


  • Fast-drying; dries within one to two hours
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean
  • Can cover wall imperfections, such as dents, holes, or scratches
  • Budget-friendly
  • Has matte finish
  • Does not stinks


  • Not suitable for indoor painting
  • Needs to apply extra layers to see better results

3. KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Satin Paint & Primer in One


Are you looking for an all-in-one paint with superior hide coverage and durability? Worry no more! KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Satin Paint & Primer in One is the one you’re exactly looking for.

KILZ TRIBUTE has low VOC, which means it is odorless. This paint meets all the standards being an environmentally friendly paint. KILZ TRIBUTE’s paint is Greenguard Certified. Another plus point of this brand is the wide variety of colors. From pastel colors to deep ones and grays, they all have it. Its best feature is superior hide and coverage.

Formulated as a paint and primer in one allows you to save time and money. It is also very easy to clean. TRIBUTE paint resists dirt which you can wipe to clean.

The color wind chime is best painted in bright appliances, furniture, and accents. The mixture of cool white and grays gives off a clean, minimalist look. Windchime color in satin will give a luminous finish to your home.


  • Low VOC
  • Durable and mildew resistant
  • Guarantees superior hide and coverage
  • Paint and primer in one
  • Low cost
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean
  • Great quality
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Low chemical/paint odor
  • Environment friendly
  • Gives off a luminous finish


  • The paint is quite thin, and needs to apply a few times
  • Advisable for interior use only. Especially living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and hallways

4. The Spruce Best Home by KILZ


I always want to use paint that is of optimum quality. A paint that I will never regret to choose and to buy. And finally, I have made the right choice by picking the best paint.

This is the best pick for quality paint. This kind of paint is made of 100 percent acrylic. It is also a long-lasting property. It has a low-odor paint scent ideal for a healthy environment.

This paint has mildew resistance. This made it best for kitchens and bathrooms. It is also ideal for hallways and interior furniture.

This paint is available in three different sheens. It can be in Matte, Satin, and Semi-Gloss. I always love the colors of this paint. The paint can be available in 32 designer colors.


  • Easy application with the use of a brush, roller, or a sprayer
  • Easy to clean paint with the use of soap and water
  • Excellent coverage and is best for touch-ups
  • Low-odor paint scent
  • Available in 32 different colors including timeless neutral colors
  • Long-lasting paint
  • 100 percent acrylic
  • Has a lifetime limited warranty
  • Wide coverage
  • Thick paint
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • Mildew resistant
  • Budget-friendly
  • Water-based paint
  • Best for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Ideal for hallways and interior furniture


  • Cannot be used on floors
  • Shaking before opening to achieve the best results. One may forget it
  • It is time-consuming. Needs to stir occasionally while painting
  • Limited for interior usage

5. PRESTIGE P300-P-SW7015 Interior Paint and Primer in One


Prestige paints Ultra Premium acrylic latex interior paint is the best option. I am recommending this to everyone. It is applicable in any surfaces that would guarantee a best result in any spaces. This kind of paint is ideal in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or even in hallways and comfort rooms.

This acrylic paint works with leaders in paint colors to match the specified colors. Thus, create a comparable color that catches my preference. Also, Prestige paint is high-quality because of its blocking primer sealer. It repairs all the imperfections of houses, offices and/or any establishments. The result gives a brilliant color to any surroundings.

I am using Prestige paint and considering this a best brand. Thus, I already adapted the best paint color to my office and I am very satisfied by the result. There is no harmful odor and other requirements needed. I apply it on my walls following the instructions and I achieved the best result. Hence, I am also giving you these tips for you to achieve the desired color and ambiance unto your places.

Also, Prestige Interior Paint, Eggshell is a durable and washable paint. It lasts for a lifetime following a proper care for the surfaces. It can be washed by any detergent and solutions to remove the dirt and stain.


  • It is stylistic and at the same time durable
  • It lasts for a lifetime with proper care
  • Washable, can use any detergents to remove dirt and stain on the wall
  • An acrylic based suitable to any surface and easy to apply
  • A smart friendly deal that would guarantee a best result
  • Perfect to any spaces and will please your needs


  • A bit more expensive than the other brand
  • The paint has not the right color, it seems to appear more lilac than gray

Buying Guide

If it is your first time to buy a primer for asbestos siding, it can be confusing. Good thing is that there are plenty of information that will help in making the right buying decision.


An essential factor to consider when purchasing a primer is the application. I recommend buying a primer that you can apply through rollers. It will prevent messy surface.

Surface compatibility

Choose a primer that will work both inside and outside surfaces. This way you can save buying different products.

Bond and adhesion formation

To ensure that the paint will stick to the surface, you must use a primer. It makes sense considering the adhesion capability of the product. Choose a primer suitable to the surface.

Drying time

The drying time of the primer is a necessary consideration when purchasing a primer for asbestos siding.

Color factor

Check if the color of the primer will affect the paint. In some cases, the primer color changes and hide the paint. With this, I recommend picking the clear color primer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cover up asbestos siding?

Asbestos siding is very brittle and tends to break or crack when nailed. The asbestos fiber may get into the ground or in the air. Lung problems may result from inhaling asbestos.

With this, it is ideal to cover the asbestos siding with foam insulations or vinyl siding. But in the long run, I recommend to remove the asbestos siding.

Can I pressure wash asbestos siding?

Implementing pressure wash to asbestos siding is dangerous. It can damage the surface and eventually contaminate the area. Using a pressure washer in a closed box is the best alternative. Be gentle when washing the asbestos siding to avoid any damage. If you’re knocking pieces, quit the job.

What kind of siding has asbestos?

Asbestos siding resembles different materials. A siding that looks like roof shingles most likely has asbestos. It looks like tar paper and is generally brittle. Asbestos siding may also resemble cedar with wood-grain texture. If the siding of your house has such descriptions, you should have it tested.

Can you paint over asbestos paint?

Yes, it is possible to paint over asbestos paint. Good thing is that you can avoid inhaling asbestos fiber if the siding has been painted. Repainting it or covering it with another coat of paint will seal the asbestos siding. Thus, protect your family from asbestos contamination. Make sure to use the appropriate paint for asbestos siding.

Can you test for asbestos yourself?

It is possible to test asbestos yourself. There are testing kits available and you can follow a simple process. First, get a sample from the area you suspect of having asbestos. Second, send the sample to a laboratory and wait for the results. When collecting sample, do not disturb the surface. Avoid the microscopic fibers to become airborne.

What can I replace asbestos siding with?

If you are planning to replace the asbestos siding, identify first if it is a friable or non-friable type. It is essential to employ some precautions to prevent health risks. If the siding is not serviceable anymore, better remove the asbestos material and change for other material. You can use the factory painted asbestos siding or vinyl material.

Can you use bleach on asbestos?

Using bleach is ideal to clean asbestos siding especially for mold buildup. Mix bleach and water and use the solution to get rid of biological growth like fungus and moss. The organic matter will die and you can remove them easily from the surface.

Is it safe to clean an asbestos roof?

Cleaning an asbestos roof is not an easy task. Yes, you can do-it-yourself, but be mindful about the risk. I do not recommend using a pressure washer to clean asbestos roof. Otherwise, the asbestos particles will spread everywhere. I recommend hiring a specialist to clean the asbestos roof. It’s because they know about HSE guidelines.

Does fiber cement siding have asbestos?

Fiber cement siding usually has asbestos. This mineral is used as reinforcement, but poses health hazards. In some cases, asbestos was changed by cellulose that is more rigid and harmless material.


Finding the best primer for asbestos siding is a lot easier as long as you are knowledgeable about the product. With all the information cited in this post, you can have a sound buying decision and find the best deal for your money.