Best Putty Knives Reviews You Should Have in The Toolbox


A putty knife is a tool that you can use for a wide range of applications. As it is versatile, a putty knife is a must-have for every home.

What is the Best Putty Knife in 2021?
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We can use this tool to apply or spread a paste-like compound that works as a wood putty or wood filler. Painters also use the putty knife when spreading painter’s tape. The blade of the knife is significant to achieve the best result of the project.

There are many brands of putty knives available. Beginners may have difficulty finding the best putty knife. It makes sense reading reviews and other useful information to narrow the search. 

Types of Putty Knife

  • Chiseled-edge blade
  • Flat-edge blade
  • Angled-edge blade
  • Straight-edge blade
  • Flexible blade
  • Stiff blade

Best Putty Knives Reviews for Home Improvement Projects

#1. WORKPRO 4-Piece Putty Knife Set

  • Highly Quality - These putty knives are constructed by stainless steel, for high quality, flexible, durable and smooth
  • MORE DURABLE - Mirror polished for durability and rust resistance. Note: After using the putty knife, it needs to be cleaned in time and kept dry during storage. Ensure that the blade has a longer life
  • Safe to Use - Ergonomic handle by PP&TPR material, comfortable and soft grip, comes with finger guide rail
  • Multi-purpose - 4 sizes of putty knives and in flexible and stiff versions for multi-purpose
  • Includes - This putty knife set includes 4 different width size, 1.5" 3" 4" 6". Meet most of your essential needs in working. Thickness: 1.2 mm

If you’re looking for high-quality putty knives, this WORKPRO set is a good option. It is durable because of the stainless-steel material. This putty knife works smoothly and rust-resistant. The ergonomic handle of this knife ensures safety. It features a guide rail on the handle and a soft grip made possible of the TPR and PP material.

The set includes four different sizes that may work with various essential needs. The blades can withstand tough work. It also works for cured adhesives and scraping paint. These putty knives are a great help to get a job well done. The set is ideal for DIYers, homeowners, and even professional workers.


  • Great product at affordable cost
  • Strong and flexible blades
  • Rust-resistant
  • Ergonomic and soft grip
  • Requires minimal effort
  • Multi-purpose


  • Requires extra caution when using

#2. Warner 1-1/2″ ProGrip Stiff Putty Knife

  • Stiff stainless steel blades
  • Featuring a hammer cap handle
  • Large hang-hole size

When buying a putty knife, it is essential to check if the blade matches the work. The Warner ProGrip putty knife is perfect to work on a lighter finish and lightweight spackling. It boosts balanced control and flexibility, thus guaranteeing smooth application. You can use this knife when spreading drywall compound.

You can have full control when pushing the knife because of the ribbed holder. It enables easy shaving and scraping. The chisel-like edge prevents chipping and gouging. If your work involves using a putty knife, it is best to use the appropriate size. The best thing about this item is that it has a hammer cap.

This product is a great help for an industrial painter. Unlike other brands, the pommel of this putty knife is a hard plastic material. The rubber handle ensures a secure grip.


  • Quality build
  • High-quality and sturdy
  • The handle provides a solid feel


  • Would not last long for abrasive surfaces
  • Not made of stainless steel

#3. Purdy 144900315 Surface Prep Tool

  • High carbon steel blade
  • Comfort cushion grip
  • Flex, flat blade
  • Lifetime
  • Extreme durability

The Purdy Prep Tool is manufactured having in mind durability and convenience. There’s no need to use other tools because this putty knife works with different uses. It can withstand even the toughest projects.

The edge of the knife features a hammerhead. Because they make it of high-quality material, it guarantees to last for a long time. The rubber cover of the handle offers an ergonomic and convenient grip. Also offers precision to prevent slippage. The blade is stainless-steel and high-quality carbide. Thus, you can expect it would not rust easily.


  • Great tool having a sharp blade
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient and ergonomic grip
  • Ideal for filling and scraping jobs


  • The blade is not flat
  • The blade is not rust-resistant

#4. L5 9-In-1 Painter’s Tool 

  • PLEASE NOTE: This professional finish tool features a high carbon steel blade. It requires proper care and storage or it will corrode/rust (see care instructions in description below).
  • PREMIUM QUALITY | Heavy duty, rigid high-carbon steel blade with full tang through the handle. Hardened and tempered to stay sharp for a long service life. Laquered for corrosion resistance. Lightweight, solvent resistant, nylon handle ergonomically designed for all day use with minimal fatigue. Large hang hole.
  • THE ULTIMATE 9-IN-1 MULTI TOOL | Straight scraper, curved scraper (concave and convex), gouger, paint roller cleaner, can opener, bottle opener, nail puller, screwdriver, hammer.
  • BUILT TO LAST | Our tools are built for reliable, daily use on the job site.
  • GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE | Our finishing tools are developed by professionals for professionals and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. If for ANY reason you aren’t pleased with your purchase of this 9-In-1 Painter’s Tool, returns through Amazon are easy.

This finishing tool is premium grade manufactured by LEVEL5. The blade is heavy-duty made of carbon steel. The hardened blade guarantees long service and stays sharp even for frequent use. It is rust-resistant because it is lacquered and tempered. 

The design of the handle does not cause hand fatigue. The tool itself is lightweight making it convenient to use. It is very versatile as it can work as a straight scraper, hammer, screwdriver, can opener, nail puller, bottle opener, paint roller cleaner, gouger, and curved scraper.

Buying this tool is worth the cost because it guarantees customer satisfaction 100%. It also offers a warranty. To ensure the blade will last long, you should wash it and stand upright so that the water will drip completely. Once the blade dries up, apply a protective lubricant such as WD-40.


  • Durable design
  • High-quality and affordable value
  • Offers optimum performance
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Flexible yet strong


  • The blade slightly curve

#5. Warner 3″ ProGrip Full Flex Putty Knife

  • This product adds a great value
  • High-quality Carbon steel blades
  • Large hang-hole size

The blade of Warner 3” ProGrip is fully flexible. It is ideal to use on hollow ground. The thickness of the blade is perfect for more application rates and lighter compounds. If the project is to apply the finishing coat, this putty knife is the best choice.

The handle is flatter and wider that easily fits your hand. Thus, it reduces fatigue in your hands while spreading the putty. The handle is color-coded but features a soft grip. This tool is ideal for applying on edges. But does not work well for filling gaps.


  • Cost-effective tool
  • Comfortable grip on the handle
  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Perfect for spackle projects


  • Easily rust because of the carbon steel material

Guide for Buying a Suitable Putty Knife

Putty knife is available in various sizes and shapes. Each has a specific feature. Thus, beginners may have difficulty choosing the right one. To find the best putty knife suitable to your needs and project, the best thing to do is to consider a buying guide.


The size varies on the blades. Some blades are wider, while others are narrow. The latter is ideal to fill cracks or small holes, and accessing narrow spaces. If you will apply or remove putty on bigger surfaces, use the knife with a wider blade. With this, it makes sense buying a full set of putty knives.

Stiff or flexible 

When buying a putty knife, choose either a stiff or flexible one. Select the one that will work on the project. The flexible knife may last long, and effective for spreading or applying the putty. But never use it for scraping. Instead, use the knife with a stiff blade and firm handle. It can sustain and withstand the pressure. 


In finding a durable putty knife, pick the one with a rigid handle, check the material, and its flexibility. The material must be rust-resistant so that it would not corrode. The handle must be covered with ThermoPlastic rubber to ensure good quality texture and softness.


As you will use the knife in applying a putty compound, it is ideal to choose the one that is rust-resistant. If the blade is stainless steel, it does not corrode easily. But a carbon steel made blade quickly rusts. 

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Using a putty knife requires pressure that can strain the muscles. If the handle is made of plastic it can cause discomfort. With this, better choose a handle covered with light rubber. It must have ergonomic grip to achieve comfort. Avoid a weak handle that can break easily.

You can also find putty knives for specific tasks like sealing of grout. Again, choose a knife that will work best for your project.

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Q: What is a putty knife used for? 

A: You must understand that the real purpose of a putty knife lies in the refinement of the glazed windows. This tool does not have sharp edges that can cut through materials.

Instead, it has a rather blunt trapezoidal shape that helps in scraping putty on walls. This shape also helps smooth out the putty after applying it by hand onto the wall.

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Q: What can I use instead of a putty knife? 

A: A putty knife is a versatile tool used by many in their construction in DIY projects. This goes to say that you can use it not only for your glazed windows. But what makes putty knives all-around is the flat wide shape that scoops materials. You can then find a substitute to it by finding any flat shaped edges too.

Q: Is a joint knife the same as a putty knife? 

A: Unlike putty knives, joint knives are not all-around compared to the former. One reason for that is how joint knives cater to the specific types and sizes for a specific type of job. Joint knives are also thinner and more flexible than putty knives. Thus, can reach areas that rigid putty knives can’t.

Q: How do I keep my putty knife from rusting? 

A: Because the putty knife is composed of metal, it can rust like any other knife on the market. To keep the putty knife from rusting, it is a must that you should clean your knife from substances. Proper storage is crucial, as poor conditions of storage will make it rust. You can place it on a safe and sound tool kit, one away from the reach of children and unsolicited users.

Q: How do I use putty? 

A: You can use putty for repairs, woodcraft projects, and other Do-it-yourself tasks. The most common putty is wall putty, applicable on cracks and dents on the wall. It also serves as a thin adhesive layer where paint sticks better at the surface. To use it, you should first clean the wall from unnecessary debris; mix the putty powder on a 2:1 ratio. It is then you can apply it to the cracks using a putty knife.

Q: How do you use a putty knife? 

A: Putty knives are versatile tools. Some considered it to be a must-get tool. But to use it on putty, you can use this knife to scoop the putty thanks to its wide trapezoidal shape. This shape also helps to spread the putty once you are applying it to the wall. Putty knives can scrape unwanted debris on the wall.

Q: How do you clean a putty knife? 

A: Unless you are not using it as intended, putty knives aren’t dirty. To clean it, you can rinse the edge using tap water, and then wipe it dry with a cloth. If some putty sticks hard enough on the blunt edge, use soap to make the putty slip out of the edge. It’s as simple as that.

Q: What size range do putty knife blades come? 

A: Putty knives are not that flexible with sizes. This tool can work for all-around projects. Putty knives come in a small range, from 0.75 inches up to 6 inches wide. You can use the smaller wide putty for scraping, as it can give you the strength to scrap hard materials. With spreading putty, it is advisable to use wider knives to cover more walls as possible.

Q: How do I apply putty on a window? 

A: When you apply the putty to your window, what you’re trying to do is glazing it. Windows have already putty in their glass, but it wears out with time. To replace them, you need to heat the old ones first before scraping them out. Usually, these are being discarded when the window is broken. You then apply a new putty on the window, like how you apply it on a wall.

Q: Can we apply paint without putty?

A: Of course, you can paint walls without applying putty. The only question here is, will it bring significant results if you do that? Probably not. The purpose of putty is to act as a primer for the paint to stick better on your walls. Without the putty, the paint will degrade faster on walls.


Having enough information about a specific product can help in finding the best putty knife. Among the products mentioned above, the WORKPRO 4-Piece Putty Knife Set is the most sought by professionals. It is because this brand comes in sets. That is why you have options which one to use for a particular project. This product is also durable, requires less maintenance, and does not corrode easily.