Top 4 Best Shower Caulk To Prevent Mildew Reviews


Over a long time, your bathrooms will start to show indications of tear and wear, even if they are advertised as very durable. That is when you have to find the best shower caulk to prevent mildew since mold and mildew will begin to thrive in those gaps and cracks. 

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We have tried many products on the market to find out which ones are the best. And we will show our results in this article. We also answer some common questions later, too.

Photo Product Price Buy
Gorilla Waterproof Caulk...image Gorilla Waterproof Caulk & Seal 100% Silicone Sealant, 10oz Cartridge, White (Pack of 1) $9.84 ($0.98 / Ounce) Buy on Amazon
GE Sealants &...image GE Sealants & Adhesives 281 Advanced Silicone 2 Kitchen & Bath Sealant, 2.8oz, White $11.49 Buy on Amazon
Caulk Strip PMMA...image Caulk Strip PMMA Self Adhesive Waterproof Repair Tape for Bathtub Bathroom Shower Toilet Kitchen and Wall Sealing (59/50 Inch Width x 10 Feet Length,Transparent) $8.98 ($0.90 / Foot) Buy on Amazon
Flex Shot Rubber...image Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk, 8-oz, Black $16.99 ($2.12 / Ounce) Buy on Amazon

Top 4 Best Shower Caulk To Prevent Mildew Reviews

#1-Gorilla White Silicone Sealant – Best For Large Projects

  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR: All Weather
  • 100% WATERPROOF - MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT, STORAGE TIPS – Store in a cool, dry location away from heat. Cartridge-store with nozzle attached. Tube-remove nozzle and replace cap tightly.
  • GREAT FOR: Kitchen, Bath, Window, Door, Plumbing, Gutters, Auto, Marine and more!**

Suppose you need to work on a large project, such as sealing your entire bathroom. In that case, you should consider using Gorilla White Silicone Sealant.

Its cartridge has a capacity of up to 10 fl. oz. (295mL), which is enough to accommodate small and medium plans. For even more tough jobs, like repair an entire bathroom, the manufacturer sells a package of six-packs at a lower price rate.

Bathrooms usually have many surfaces, such as metal, plastic, ceramic, wood, etc. Each surface has different properties. For the caulk to work with such various stuff, Gorilla has invented a proprietary flexible formula. 

Its exclusive recipe helps caulk to adhere firmly to any facade. It also increases the resistance to fit in any environmental conditions, from dry to wet. That means you can use this product for large projects.

For the caulk to look good with such various surfaces and environments, Gorilla chose to use silicone sealant that dries translucent white. This color is the most versatile choice, blends into tubs and showers, no matter what they are dark or light.

It is also the best option if you want no contrast between the caulk’s color and your existing items. And with their unique formula, this clear caulk will not yellow over time. Silicone also offers a slightly higher degree of mold resistance since they are fully synthetic materials.

If you want a specific color, like almond, blue, white, etc., this is not the caulk you are looking for. You can not cover it with any colored paints you like.


  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • 100% Silicone
  • Easy to apply
  • Dry in 30 minutes
  • Not crack or shrink


  • Chemical smell
  • Cheap-made container

#2-GE Sealants & Adhesives Advanced Silicone Sealant – Best For Preventing Mildew

  • 100% WATERPROOF: This 100% silicone formula offers ultimate protection from water damage, providing a reliable seal in areas prone to consistent water exposure
  • 40% MORE FLEXIBILITY & 5X STRONGER ADHESION: Stays permanently flexible with a high-performing, durable seal
  • 30-MINUTE WATER-READY: Ready for water exposure in as little as 30 minutes
  • SHRINK & CRACK-PROOF: Withstands extreme expansion and contraction associated with temperature fluctuations
  • WON’T BLEMISH METALS: Will not discolor most high-end metal finishes like chrome, bronze and nickel
  • LOW ODOR: Neutral-cure formula results in low odor while curing
  • BACKED BY A LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Get high-quality results, guaranteed for as long as you own your home
  • NON-PAINTABLE: Designed for applications in which the seal or area will not be painted
  • See product packaging images provided on this product page for complete performance and warranty information

Whether you find the best product to kill mildew or prevent it from growing, this GE Sealants & Adhesives Advanced Silicone Sealant will not make you disappointed.

This caulk contains a high concentration of biocide, especially fungicides and mildewcides. These two chemicals are very good at avoiding fungus growth on the caulk. 

So it is not surprising that the manufacturer announced this product has 10-year mold and mildew-free product protection.

This item not only stops mildew from growing but also eliminates the causes of decay. One of the critical reasons is moist. Mildew and mold thrive under humid conditions.

That is why the company chose to use pure silicon for this one. Unlike siliconized latex and acrylic caulk, pure silicon has excellent water resistance. Thanks to it and some other unique ingredients, this caulk is 100% waterproof under its life-time.

Furthermore, pure silicon is also known as a flex substance. That means that the caulk is very hard to crack under thermal expansion and can last long at least 40 years.

However, you need to use this caulk with a caulking gun. If you do not have it yet, remember to order one, too.


  • Excellent heat resistance 
  • Highly flexible 
  • Meet Federal requirements
  • Fit well with most caulking guns
  • 100% American


  • Sometimes deliver the wrong color
  • Hard-to-squeeze tube

#3-ToLanbbt Caulk Strip PMMA Self Adhesive Waterproof Repair Tape – The Quickest And Easiest Solution

  • ✎✎【Durable Material】Made of high-quality PMMA material, features stronger stickiness and adhesion than traditional PVC,PE. it is waterproof, Not afraid of humidity & oil, sturdy and durable, gives a finished professional look.
  • ✎✎【Flexible】Pre-shaped for Fast and Easy Installation: Simply peel and press self-adhesive strip to the surface in minutes. No tools, No mess, hassle and waste, easy alternative to regular caulk.
  • ✎✎【Sealed and Beautiful】Provides a long lasting seal and gives a finished professional look to kitchen and bath areas. Keep your house clean and tidy as new one for a long time. Very nice and comfortable feeling, specially designed for family.
  • ✎✎【Use ON】Widely used for sealing the seams of gas stove, sink, basin, bathtub and walls, it could protect them from getting black, keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy. Can be used over existing caulk for the finishing touch.
  • ✎✎【100% Satisfaction Warranty】 Making customers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from shopping experience with 90-days warranty and friendly customer services. Please feel free to contact us for any pre-sale or after-sale services.

Are you searching for the fastest and easiest way to prevent mildew? ToLanbbt Caulk Strip PMMA Self Adhesive Waterproof Repair Tape is the right answer for you.

Unlike other products, this caulk is in tape form, an easy alternative to regular ones. That means you do not need a hairdryer to make it dry quickly. It also does not pry any harmful chemicals during the process. Hence, you also do not have to equip any personal protection at all.

All you need to do is clean the surface. After that, peel out the strip and stick it to the surface. Then, cut it with scissors. 

In case you need to apply it to an angle, remember to use the right angle tool to press it several times to make sure the tape is correctly fitted. That’s it! Very easy and fast. 

The tape’s underside is made of high-quality PMMA material, which has more adhesion and stickiness than traditional ones, such as PE, PVC, etc. This material is very good at the damp proof and waterproof as well. So you can freely use it in your bathrooms.

The upper side, on the other hand, is covered by a very friendly and non-toxic material. You can rest assured when your children touch the tape. 

Remember, be sure that it fits well when working with angles. If not, there will be some space underneath it, and mold can grow in that area. 


  • Allow pulling back and re-sticking
  • Work well on dry area
  • Nice and clean look
  • Suitable for sealing joints and gaps
  • Can exposure to water instantly 


  • Bad for right-angle jobs
  • Not stick well with plastic

#4-Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk – Best Color Options

  • Caulks, bonds and seals virtually everything!
  • No need for a caulking gun! The free extension tube makes even hard-to-reach repairs easy
  • Gives you a perfect bead, every time. No running, no dripping, no mess
  • Expands and contracts to fill in huge cracks and holes
  • No waste – use it again and again

Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk has many different colors for you to pick from. Moreover, you can have color combinations as you like since it is paintable.

By default, this product comes in four already attractive hues: white, almond, black, and clear. The quality will stay the same no matter which color you prefer.

Its main ingredient is acrylic caulk. The most significant advantage of this chemical over pure silicone is that it can paint easily afterward. In other words, suppose you do not feel happy with the color, or you change your mind in the future. In that case, you can adjust the color easily. 

Almost all of the paint out there will work just fine. Thus, you can use the one you want. 

This caulk also contains cyanoacrylate. This material is used explicitly to bond two surfaces together, providing strong adhesion between them. 

The biggest downside of this product is its dry and cure time. It will dry in 20 minutes and need about one to two days to cure fully. In other words, you can not use your bathroom during that time.


  • Come with an easy-to-use nozzle
  • No need for caulking guns
  • Easy to apply
  • Look good
  • Harmless for skin


  • Unpleasant smell
  • Produce a messy process

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Shower Caulk Get Moldy?

In most cases, mold and mildew only grow if the wallboard behind your shower caulk moist because of the humid environment.

The other reason is the shower area has been built improperly.  Misaligned tiles, low-quality grout, and improper insulation can let dampness trapped within the wall. This damp will ooze out and cause fungus to grow everywhere, including the shower caulk. 

How Do You Remove Mildew from Caulking?

Mildew removal requires you to take a particular action plan. Getting rid of the mold is just not enough; you have to make both the mold and spores utterly extinct in your bathroom.

To kill mildew in your shower, follow the instructions below:

  1. Gather all the necessary tools. It would be best to have a hand vacuum/broom, scrubbing sponge, dustpan, and soft cleaning brush/old toothbrush.
  2. Now, remove grime. Mop away or vacuum any debris and dirt from your tiled bathroom floor. 
  3. Mix 10 parts water with one part bleach. Then pour it into a spray bottle.
  4. Spray the mixture on the mildew and mold.
  5. Wait for at least five minutes for the combination to take effect.
  6. Tenderly rub the grout and caulk with a scrubbing sponge and the toothbrush or other type of soft fiber brush.
  7. Clean the caulk with a wet wiper or cloth.

If you do not have time for removing mildew from caulking, you should search for a cleaning service. The mold will return very soon if the spores are not eradicated.

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How Often Should You Recaulk a Shower?

In general, you should recaulk your shower after around five years. However, many factors affect its longevity, including but not limiting to:

  • Cleaning practices;
  • Pre-existing mildew and mold;
  • Humidity level;
  • The surface condition when it was applied;
  • Application process;
  • Quality and type of caulk used.
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Are there any signs that help you know when it is time to replace the caulk? Yes. It would be best if you looked for these indications:

  • Peeling or missing caulk;
  • Cracked or dried out caulk;
  • Mildew or mold appears below the surface of the caulk.

Is Black Mold in Showers Dangerous?

Black mold, also known as Stachybotrys, is a highly toxic mold usually grown in bathrooms. 

For this kind of mold to sprout, the material needs to be moist for at least three days and have constant dampness for continued spreading.

Once it breaks off, it will unfetter mycotoxins. This toxic chemical is present in mold spores that get liberated into the air and can be inhaled afterward. 

Mycotoxins can cause many health problems when it intrusions into your body. The longer you exposure to mycotoxins, the more dangerous they are. 

Your respiratory will be the first target. Fatigue, rashes, sneezing, chronic coughing, mucous membranes of the nose and throat, irritation to the eyes, and persistent headaches are all the symptoms of exposure to mycotoxins.

Furthermore, it may attack the neurological and mental state of people, too. That is because mycotoxins are a neurotoxin. They can destroy your cognitive abilities by killing neurons in your brain. 

Your bloodstream is the last destination. Mycotoxins can cause heart damage and then induce problems with internal or external hemorrhaging and blood clotting.

Moreover, black mold can also create tiredness and soreness of muscles and joints.

In short, if you see this mold in your bathroom, you ought to ask for help from an expert to come in and clean it. In other words, you should not deal with it yourself. It is best to stay away from the area that has black mold.

What to Clean Shower with before Caulking?

  1. It would be best if you had a caulk remover to remove the old caulk first. You can use McKanica silicone caulk remover or 3M caulk remover gel. Once you have done, wait for two to three hours. 
  2. Use a caulk remover tool to pull out the caulk loose. Most of the time, a utility knife or blade will work. If not, you need a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers to pry some pieces. 
  3. Use a toothbrush, small putty knife, and the hook end of a 5-1 paint slinger’s tool to remove any remaining pieces of caulk loss.
  4. When the old caulk is wholly gone, use alcohol to clean the surface. 5. 
  5. Kill any mildew or mold with a mixture of one gallon of water and ⅓ cup of bleach

Final thoughts

After reading our top 4 best shower caulk to prevent mildew reviews, we hope you can choose the right one that suits your requirements.

But choosing the right caulk is just the beginning. The mold and mildew only will go away when you use it correctly.

If you get any trouble when going through the process or have any problems choosing the right caulk, please ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Top 4 best shower caulk to prevent mildew reviews 2021