5 Tips For a Better Outdoor Area This Summer

Exterior Decor

Outdoor living spaces can be a great place to enjoy the summer sun and create memories with friends. There are many ways to make your outdoor space even better this year, such as adding succulents or herbs that thrive in dry conditions, or hang up an old hammock under shady trees so you have somewhere comfortable (and cool) to relax after playing outside all day long.

What about getting yourself an amazing rug made from recycled materials? They’re perfect if there isn’t any grass around because they’re durable enough not to get destroyed by kids running on them. Just make sure it’s big/longer than what will fit underneath where people sit down at dinner time though as otherwise, someone might miss out.

Anyway, let’s go through all our top 5 tips on creating a better outdoor area this summer.

1. Add some plants to your outdoor space

Plants can really transform an outdoor space. Beautiful green hues, textures, and scents can make a backyard feel like an oasis.

a green garden with chairs and table

Tip: If you’re not sure what plants to get, try looking for ones that have similar needs as your outdoor furniture (ie if it’s in the shade or sun). This way they’ll all thrive together!

We recommend putting some of these types outside – succulents are perfect because most varieties don’t need much water. Ivy is good too since its leaves provide natural shading while also being easy on watering requirements.

Palms are another beautiful and tropical plant option for your outdoor area. They’re great for adding height and can be a focal point in your garden.

Tip: If you have space, try planting different types of palms to create an interesting contrast between their heights.

Palms also make excellent room dividers so if that’s something on-the end table as well! If there are any other plants around them they’ll get more light too which is good news since it means less watering time needed.

2. Hang a hammock in the shade for lazy afternoons

Oh yes, hammocks. My favorite thing in the world. There’s nothing better than relaxing with a book in the shade on a hot summer’s day.

Tip: If you have an outdoor rug, use it under your hammock – they look amazing together.

I also recommend using strong rope for tying up and securing them so they don’t fall down when someone gets in! This is especially important if there are kids around because some of those little people can be really heavy-handed sometimes.

3. Get an outdoor rug for extra seating and comfort

Outdoor rugs transform areas. They’re perfect when you have people over and they want to sit outside. They also look great under your hammock if it’s in a shaded area!

backyard space with armchairs and table

Tip: Outdoor rugs are really easy on the eye, so make sure that whichever one you choose has some color or pattern.

I recommend getting an outdoor rug with plenty of cushioning because this will help keep everyone comfortable during long conversations out there. And don’t forget about using cushions too – these can be used as extra seating around tables etc.

I love them being scattered across my patio floor where we all sprawl after dinner. It looks like such fun, doesn’t it?

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4. Set up a table with chairs or benches outside so you can enjoy meals outdoors

Let me guess, you’ll probably be eating outside? So you should absolutely buy or style an outdoor dining set. Outdoor dining sets that are large enough for a family of four to six people are perfect for those summertime gatherings.

If you don’t have space for a lot of chairs, or if your outdoor dining set is not big enough, consider buying some folding chairs and tables that you can bring out for those really big parties! They’re also really inexpensive so it’s worth investing in even though they’re not as pretty as the real deal.

I would recommend buying an umbrella and stand too – this way when all these lovely sunny days start coming around again, you’ll be ready with your drinks and food, to pull the outdoor dining set onto the grass and chuck the umbrella overhead.

5. Create an outdoor living room by adding comfortable furniture like couches, armchairs, and ottomans

You’d be amazed at the outdoor furniture you can get out there today. It’s not just wicker dining chairs or aluminum dining chairs, you can get some really comfortable couches and armchairs that are designed to be used outside. They’re perfect for lounging around in the summer or as a place where you can read your book.

outdoor furniture and trees on the table

If it’s too hot, there is also outdoor furniture with an umbrella attached so they’ll keep out of direct sunlight while still being close enough together! It sounds crazy but I promise that these things exist – just go online shopping instead of trying them all at home first (though if anyone has any recommendations let me know!).

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Wrapping up

So there you have it, that wraps up our list of tips for a better outdoor area this summer.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, I recommend checking out some of the other articles we have on our blog about outdoor furniture, or read up and start planning your own garden design!