Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas To Add Color, Life, And Warmth

Interior Decor

Bedroom decorating needs more thought and planning than other rooms simply because bedrooms are a place where one relaxes and unwinds after a hard day’s work. This room should, therefore, reflect the homeowner’s personality and radiate warmth and comfort.

Here are some simple and easy decorating ideas to redecorate bedrooms easily, quickly and on a budget.

Deciding On A Bedroom Décor Theme

The easiest way to decorate bedrooms is to decide on a theme and then, work around that. Choose a theme that is personal and easy to work with. For instance, a book lover can use books as a theme and decorate bedroom walls with bookshelves or framed pictures of favorite book covers. Family-loving people can easily use the family theme and do up the bedroom with family pictures, souvenirs or even, a painted family tree.

The basic idea behind choosing a décor theme for bedrooms is to find a unifying factor and make it easy to add or remove items while redecorating. So, choose a décor theme that is pleasing to look at, easy to work with and adds personality to the room.

Deciding On A Bedroom Décor Theme

Using Pictures And Photos To Decorate

Pictures and photos are a great way of decorating a room. Everyone has collections of photographs and framed pictures and the bedroom walls are a great way to display them. Whether a bedroom has a theme or not, it is possible to have wall displays of pictures with a similar theme in them. For instance, family pictures, holiday pictures or pictures of Nature or landscapes can all be clustered together and showcased to create a unique display.

Deciding On A Bedroom Décor Theme

Color Palette For Redecorating Bedrooms

Choose colors for the bedroom paint orwallpaper with care. The colors or prints should be soothing but not dull and exciting but not loud or garish. Select a wallpaper or paint that would be easy on the eye and relax the senses while not being boring. Having an accent wall in a contrasting color is a good way of adding a dash of personality to the bedroom without going over the top.

Linen And Other Accessories For Bedroom Decoration

If a major bedroom makeover is not possible, redecorate by changing the color palette of the linen and other accessories such as lampshades, cushions, throws and rugs. By adding a brightly colored rug or a new lampshade, one can give the bedroom a fresh look. If budget is a problem, consider buying just one new thing and use it as a focus point. Scour thrift stores, online auctions and yard sales to find inexpensive but pretty accessories for the bedroom.

Deciding On A Bedroom Décor Theme

Redecorating the bedroom needn’t be a complicated and expensive affair. By adding a dash of color, a few pictures and photos and even, a single new thing, the bedroom can be given an instant makeover. So, use these tips and ideas for decorating the bedroom and creating a space that is welcoming, tasteful and comfortable.