Budget Décor Tips For Home Walls

Wall decorating is a key part of interior decoration. Plain and bare walls look cold and dull. However, cluttering up space with too many things will look untidy and unkempt. It is possible to achieve symmetry and harmony by using some basic décor principles and create walls that look beautiful, inviting and pleasing. Here are some cheap decorating ideas and tips to help get started.

Bedroom Wall Décor

Walls in the bedroom must look warm, peaceful and happy. These walls are perfect for placing family pictures, a great painting or a portrait and souvenirs. Group similar items together to create symmetry. For instance, small holiday souvenirs or baby keepsakes can all be framed together and hung up on a narrow wall. A collage of family photographs can occupy a larger wall while the area above the bed’s headboard can be home to a warm and beautiful painting or portrait.

Bathroom Wall Décor

Bathroom walls offer many interesting and cheap options for decoration. Decorative tiles can be interspersed to break the monotony. Waterproof stickers, with an interesting phrase or two, will add life. Another budget yet unique idea will be to print out jokes or cartoon strips and frame them in cheap frames. Hang these behind the door or on the wall and add some comic relief.

Using Collections Of Items

Every home is filled with interesting and unique collections. All it requires is the effort to put them together appropriately. For instance, kitchen walls can be decorated by hanging framed favorite recipes or displaying collections of shiny pots and pans hung neatly on a row of hooks. A child’s bedroom wall can be decorated with artwork collections. Picture and photograph collections are an easy and cheap way of decorating home walls instantly.

More Home Wall Decoration Tips

  • Avoid displaying items at random to simply fill up a bare wall.
  • Grouping like items together creates symmetry and balance. Both even and odd numbers can be grouped with success.
  • When the size of frames is different, paint the frames in the same color to create a “grouped” feeling.
  • Try to adopt a themed wall decoration approach. For instance, keep children’s artworks in their respective rooms or probably, in the family room. The dining room and kitchen can be used to display food-related items while the walls in the living room and study can be used to showcase other interests and activities.
  • Be imaginative and innovative. Experiment with unusual items to create wall art that is unique and personal. For instance, a graffiti wall in a teenager’s room is a great idea and so is painting a piece of wood with a word, phrase or name and hanging it above the door.
  • Wall murals are a great idea for entrance walls and hallways. Ask an artist friend to help with it or use a dash of imagination and a good art book to create an unusual wall mural.

Make wall decoration a fun activity by digging through memorabilia, household items and creating personalized walls that welcome and invite. It will be a good idea to reserve this interior decoration activity for rainy days and weekends and have everyone in the family pitch in with their efforts.

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