10 Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

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Home interior decorating doesn’t need to be expensive and you don’t have to renovate the entire room to create a fresh new feel. The following 10 tips will help to add spice to a room’s décor without breaking the budget.

Cheap Bedroom Decorating Tips

  • Bedding in a Bag – Bedding in bag options have come a long way and there are some very attractive options out there at relatively inexpensive prices.
  • White Bedding – By going all white with bedding a fresh new look is created that’s perfect for winter or spring. It also creates a neutral palette for future decorating with colored throw pillows, blankets, and accessories.
  • Paint and Sandpaper – You can transform furniture in a weekend with some primer, paint and sandpaper. Inexpensive furniture from a second-hand store is the perfect target for trying a new paint color, some decorative painting or a distressed furniture look.
  • Change the Lighting – For a really inexpensive bedroom new look, change the lampshades. For a more dramatic look, get totally new light fixtures and turn the installation into a DIY project.
10 Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

Cheap Living Room Decorating Tips

  • Window Treatments – Change the view and the natural light in a living room by changing the window treatments. No-sew curtains are easy, inexpensive and don’t require a sewing machine.
  • New Floor – Replacing flooring can be expensive but buying an area rug doesn’t have to be. It can create a dramatic impact immediately.
  • Accent Wall – Painting an entire living room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a room’s décor, but even an accent wall can have a dramatic impact. Step out of the box and do some decorative painting or freehand scrollwork to make the accent wall even more impressive.
10 Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

Cheap Kitchen Decorating Tips

  • Painted Cupboards – Buying new cupboards is expensive, but painting cupboards isn’t and can give a kitchen an entirely new look.
  • New Floor – Peel and stick floor tiles have gotten very inexpensive and attractive over the years. Old linoleum can be covered in just a weekend with fabulous results.
  • Tiled Backsplash – A tile backsplash is a pretty big DIY project but it can be done with some patience, a little research and some pretty inexpensive supplies. The result is not only impressive but it’s an incredibly rewarding project.

When trying to change a room’s décor on a tight budget there are a few key tips to remember; changing the lighting can give a room a whole new feel, color is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a new look, and DIY projects can dramatically drop the price of any home redecorating or renovation.

10 Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas