How Buying Land Can Help You Fulfill Your Countryside Dream

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The desire to buy land in the countryside is half the battle. You still need to find one that suits you as much as possible. First of all, it is worth remembering that a piece of land in a rural area is a commodity that can be called seasonal and starting from autumn days. When buying, you can save a severe amount of money up to the onset of spring since the demand at this time is low.

10 Pros of Living In The Countryside

1. Ecology

The main advantage of the countryside is the non-polluted environment. Clean air is exactly what you can’t buy for any money. If you live in a place where there is a high level of pollution, you will breathe what you have, whether you like it or not. At first glance, the issue with quality drinking can be solved by buying bottled water. But this is not so because often the water is purified, that is, not spring water, but passed several levels of filtration, which means that its composition will not be helpful for the body.

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2. Lack of information garbage

In the countryside, people are surrounded not by signs and billboards but by trees. There is no constant intrusion of unsolicited information into the head. Because of this, it is easier to think here, to hear your inner needs more efficiently, and not the Wishlist imposed by a cunning advertisement. Instead, you will learn to adjust to the necessity of country life and learn how to build a shed floor, a rooftop, a small cottage, and maybe even build a small farm for yourself. All this knowledge will result from absorbing the surroundings.

3. Possibility to eat natural food

The main advantage of living in the countryside is the ability to eat quality food. There will be good food. There will be good health. Many can argue that there are farmers’ markets and shops in metropolitan areas. But I would like to note that not every product is natural, on which is written “farm,” “eco,” “country,” “home,” and so on. A person living in the countryside is more difficult to deceive. He is better versed in the peculiarities of food production and accurately determines the taste and composition of the product.

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4. The nature in the countryside is always close by

You are walking around the neighborhood, picking mushrooms, fishing, or wondering how to build a shed floor. It doesn’t matter whether you meditate or swim in the river. You must communicate with nature. And you don’t have to pay for such a pleasure. You don’t need to go far for him. You can enjoy nature every day, not on weekends. In order to make the most of it, take your sugar-free vitamins so you feel more energized while running or simply walking on these beautiful fields.

5. More free time

It is a controversial point because the owner of a private house with a plot always has more things to do on landscaping than a city dweller living in an apartment. But there is no need to waste time standing in queues and traffic jams in the countryside, which means there will be more time spent with benefit. You might start to take care of animals or even learn how to build a shed floor by yourself. And this can certainly be attributed to the pluses living in the countryside.

6. Finding a suitable site

Few people want to carry water in buckets and heat the stove with wood. It means that the availability of communications is the essential criterion for choosing land.

Another critical point is how the issue of drinking water has been resolved. It happens that there is a water supply system, but it is simply impossible to drink this water. This issue needs to be clarified before the site has already been purchased. Don’t be too lazy to seek professional help, if you’re going to buy land in Alabama, make sure to work with land specialists to help you make your countryside dream come true.

Next, let’s move on to characterizing the methods of acquiring a dreamland.

7. Transactions with the administration

Acquisition of municipal or state land is considered to be relatively safe, as the owner is, by default, conscientious.

The sale is carried out at the cadastral value, which is deemed to be profitable, but:

  • The cadastral price in some regions is greatly overestimated (more than the market price)
  • Land valuation is not done every year. It does not always correspond to reality
  • The municipality aims to sell illiquid land (infertile soil, inability to carry out communications, etc.)
  • There is a risk of land acquisition with limited use rights

If a citizen wants to buy a plot, it is worthwhile to independently search for it and pay for all the land surveying.

8. Consider all the risks when dealing with an individual or organization

When concluding a transaction with a legal entity or an individual, it is imperative to use the services of a lawyer. You cannot sign a contract without first reading it because there are much more risks here. A lawyer will help you deal with complex definitions and incomprehensible clauses of the agreement.

It would be best if you did not choose the land to buy based only on the price. The low cost and urgency of a transaction usually mean there are additional risks:

  • Poor soil quality
  • Spring flooding
  • The planned acquisition of land for the needs of the state
  • Location close to common areas

9. Acquisition of land with construction in progress

If you are purchasing an allotment with an unfinished building, you must make sure that:

  • The unfinished house is registered as the property
  • At the time of purchase, a construction contract was not concluded because such a house cannot be bought until the end of the work
  • Less than ten years have passed since the notification of the relevant authority about the construction

If these conditions are met, the unfinished building can be bought together with the plot and continue its construction. But first, you need to check the compliance of the house with the norms (indent from the border, area, etc.). If the house is not registered or the construction time is missed, the seller can only demolish such a building.

10. Ownership

Do not forget about the registration of the site for the subsequent registration of ownership. Once this stage is passed, the applicant will receive a certificate of ownership. And only after that, the applicant becomes the complete owner of the land.


Living in the countryside today is the desire of many. What could be better than clean air and beautiful nature? For a resident of a big city, this is a great option! So choose a land plot and make the right deal for its acquisition.