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Can You Paint Over Flex Seal? Understanding How Flex Seal Works

Flex Seal is an adhesive product manufactured by a company of the same name. It is an effective sealant that you can use to cover up leaks, fix any cracks, and bonding things together. It is easy to use, but many are asking if it is possible to paint over flex seal. 

This product manifests a rubberized, thick, and durable coating formulated in liquid form. Spraying the sealant into holes and cracks delivers a watertight coating. But Flex Seal comes in various products including:

Flex seal products

Flex paste 

It is a thick paste with a rubberized composition that you can fill in holes and gaps. Paste strongly clings onto the surface and offers an effective seal once dry. It ensures sealing out the gaps or holes from moisture, water, and air. 

Flex glue

This product is waterproof adhesive and simple to use. It guarantees amazing to hold and grab and can work on both wet and dry surfaces. 

Flex tape

This tape is waterproof, and you can patch it instantly, even on wet surfaces. It is the rubberized duct tape that’s why you can ensure that it is durable. Flex tape can hold a weight of 45 pounds. It works well to seal a leak in the pool or cover a hole in the bucket. 

The adhesive is three times thicker that is why it does not weld easily. Best for emergency repairs of a vehicle such as in a broken car bumper. It is simple to use. All you have to do is attach the tape to the surface and peel off the back part.

Flex seal liquid

As it is in liquid form, you can easily apply the thick liquid using a roll or a brush. You can also pour it over gaps or holes. As the liquid dries up, it becomes rubberized and flexible. Thus, expect it to be watertight and flexible.

It works to seal cracks on downspouts, PVC pipes, pipes and gutters, foundation cracks, RVs, and campers. It comes out liquid and becomes a flexible rubber as it dries up. The best thing about this product is it can endure extreme cold or heat. It also prevents corrosion and rust.

Flex Seal spray

You can use the Flex Seal spray on different surfaces such as wood, concrete, tile, metal, glass, fabric, and many others. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t peel during winter cold weather or sag during the summer heat.

Flex Seal spray comes in various colors including black, white, red, clear, terra cotta, brown, almond, silver, and green.

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Flex shot

It is a super thick sealant that seals everything. The Flex Shot serves as a flexible barrier, making the surface watertight. Need not use a caulking gun. All you have to do is push the nozzle to apply the shot. It never shrinks or drips.

Is Flex Seal Paintable?

The answer depends on the type of flex Seal product you applied prior to painting. There are instances in which the paint does not cling to the surface with Flex Seal. A good example is painting over a Flex Seal Liquid. Keep in mind that the liquid is silicone. That’s why the paint or the primer won’t work on it. 

Applying incorrect paint to the Flex Seal may cause the sealant to serve its purpose. The sealant may dissolve or peel off from the surface. 

The good thing is you can use Flex Seal Spray because it is paint-friendly. After applying the spray, let it dry completely and apply the paint or primer. Nothing to worry about because it does not gum up. If there is a Flex Tape, you need to apply first the spray before coating it with commercial paint. The Flex Seal glue is also paintable and works with various paints. 

How to Apply the Paint?

Before you decide to paint a Flex Seal product, make sure that it is paintable. This way you can expect that the paint or primer will stick onto the sealant like an ordinary painting surface. But do not sand the surface. 

If you have used Flex Seal Spray on your roof or wall, there’s a lot of paint options available. This Flex Seal product works with any paint or urethane. It is also possible with Flex Seal Glue. You can use urethanes, acrylic latex, or acrylic. Ask help from an expert if you do not have any idea which paint to use.

How Long Flex Seal Stays on The Surface?

As mentioned above, this product is on par in terms of durability. That is why it is most-sought in the market. It lasts for years that’s why it will save you money, but make sure to use it properly. Approximately, it will last up to 10 years on the surface. 

But the problem arises if you want to remove the seal. As soon as it dries up, it would be difficult to remove. Removing the Flex Seal requires hard work as you need to do it manually. You have to scrape it or use pliers to get rid of it. 

How long Flex Seal Becomes Waterproof?

The flex Seal becomes waterproof as soon as it cures. It takes a maximum of 48 hours for the sealant to cure and becomes waterproof. Because of its waterproof characteristic, you can use it in wet areas or apply it even it rains, but not that heavy rains. 

Is it workable to use Flex Seal spray over Flex Tape?

If you will use the tape, make sure that it covers larger than the area you need to seal. The good thing about the Flex Tape is that you can apply Flex Seal spray over the tape. You will notice the color transformation. To attach the tape, use your fingers or rubber roller to press the tape to prevent bubbles and air pockets.


If you are looking for an effective solution for any leak problems, try using Flex Seal. It comes in different forms. You can choose the one that suits the problem and surface to cover. If you plan to paint the surface in the future, use Flex Seal product that is paintable. 

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