How To Clean Graco Paint Sprayer?


So, you moved into your new house. What are you going to do now? Let’s water the plants. But wait a minute. You know that you have a lot of unpacking to do and of course taking care of your plants is also a priority but what about the mess that was created upstairs yesterday?

The Graco paint sprayer is still dirty. It has a lot of smudges and paint residue and a lot of other unsightly things on it. You must clean your Graco paint sprayer before the residue and paint harden up to become even more solid than they already are. Let’s begin with a few tips right away:

1. Cleaning The Spray Gun Filter  

You will begin by cleaning the spray gun filter. Unscrew the spray gun and then remove the filter from inside it. These sprayers guns usually come with cleaning tools that work great when maintaining the cleanliness of the filter.

You can use these tools to remove gunk and paint buildup from these filters. You can just swirl the tool around to clean the mesh screen inside.

2. Flushing Out The Sprayer  

Flushing out the sprayer is also very easy. Whatever material or paint residue that is stuck inside the sprayer can be removed from the pump very easily provided that you do it right after you are done spraying the paint.

Use the right cleaner and cleaning fluid. It is going to come out of the spray gun nozzle when the insides are cleaned. Do not leave the paint in the machine overnight.

It is also equally bad for the pump if you leave it unattended for even two to three hours. It can damage the pump and you don’t want that.


3. Cleaning The Airless Filters  

The airless filters should be cleaned regularly too. They can get clogged very easily but the simplest and fastest way to remove their buildup is by dipping them in alcohol.

You can also use ammonia depending upon the material that the filter is made of. Alcohol dissolves the primer and the residual paint faster and more easily. You can also use a toothbrush to remove any gunk that is too difficult to get out.

4. Inlet Strainers Need Your Attention Too  

You will notice that there is a metal screen that helps the paint drain off from the container into the sprayer. This inlet strainer is what prevents your paint from getting contaminated with any debris or dirt.

It can get clogged and you may need to clean it out more frequently. The inlet strainer is supposed to filter any pollutants or gunk from the paint but it can get dirty itself. You might want to place a paint strainer bag or film over the inlet strainer.

This is going to prevent your inlet strainer from getting dirty in the first place. When you’re trying to clean the inlet strainer, it is always advised by the house removals to clean the screen holes as well the moment you are done painting your house.

Do not delay this because over time, these holes will become densely clogged with gunk which will become very difficult to clean.

5. Removing Latex Paint And Primer  


The easy part is that removing the latex paint and primer is very fast and simple. Just begin by pouring warm water into a bucket. Add a little bit of ammonia into the bucket.

Now wipe off extra paint from the siphoned hose and the sprayer using this mixture. The ammonia in the water helps break down the pain particles easily so that you can store the pump and spray hose without any trouble.

6. Cleaning The Airless Spray Tips

If you have forgotten to clean your spray tips, steer your attention to them right away. You must clean them after each use.

It is never a good idea to leave any paint or its residue inside. This is going to damage the orifice. The paint is going to clog the spray tips as it dries up.

When you are done spraying, it is time to flush the cleaner through the spray, and then once you are done with that, screw the cap on the tip back of the gun.

The best thing to do is to insert the tip of the guard in a reverse position and then turn up the pressure. Pull the trigger so that any residual paint gets cleared out in a swift action. Make sure to clean the spray gun after every use.

7. Getting Rid Of Oil Paint And Primer  

When it comes to removing oil paint, you can follow the same process as mentioned above. You can also use paint thinner or any spirit instead of water.

You do not have to mix any ammonia with these liquids. Just keep a bucket of water handy to squeeze out all the paint and oil from the cotton rag that you use to clean your equipment.

8. Removing The Shellac Primer  

The shellac primer can be removed again with a combination of ammonia or alcohol with water. Denatured alcohol is a bit more expensive so ammonia should work just fine. It is also good for cleaning clogged filters and you might want to protect your skin by wearing rubber gloves.

9. Caring For Your Manifold Pump Filter  

You must check the manifold pump filter if you think that you are losing pressure. This filter prevents debris and any kinds of contaminants from entering the pump.

By keeping the manifold clean, you are going to prolong the life of the entire equipment. Use a toothbrush and a company-recommended cleaner to do the job.

10. Storing Your Graco Airless Sprayer  


When you are done cleaning your Graco paint sprayer, it must be stored neatly to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged for any future use.

You should never store it with any water in the pump. If you live in a cold place, it is better to drain out all the liquid from the pump.

This way you can prevent any corrosion to the equipment. Make sure to release all the pressure when you are trying to store your Graco airless sprayer.

11. Caring For And Preserving Your Airless Paint Sprayer  

The airless paint sprayer is one of the most-used components of the entire equipment. There are a lot of corrosive processes that take place including evaporation and paint reacting with the air outside. Both the inlet and outlet valves get paint residue in the process.

The best way to protect your device is to give it a break and keep on cleaning it in between. Make sure to use cleaning products only after you have diluted them with a little bit of water and as given in the instructions manual.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping your house clean and all the necessary equipment including your paint supplies functional is very important. You cannot rely on professionals to do every little thing for you.

Also, it is going to cost you a lot if you do not learn how to do certain things such as painting your home or cleaning your Graco paint sprayer and equipment all by yourself.