Living room decorating can be quite a fun exercise and economical as well. By using a bit of ingenuity and some out of the box interior decorating ideas, a drab and dull room can be transformed into a warm, welcoming and comfortable space. Here are some easy and cheap interior decorating ideas that can be used to create a perfect family or living room.

Deciding On Living Room Color

The living room or family room is an area where color selection can be quite interesting. Choose a pastel yellow or blue to reflect space and light while brighter colors such as a bright blue, green or even, red can be used to infuse energy and life. Another alternative can be to keep three walls one color and paint one wall in a contrasting color. The idea is to be imaginative and creative.

For a cheap yet tasteful option, keep the color of the walls as it and instead, decorate them with pictures, photograph collections or even an old but bright rug. Collections of items always add interest and character to a room, so use wall space to showcase CD collections, books, music albums or even, framed clippings of interesting news articles. However, do avoid cluttering up the walls with too many pictures and collections.

Choosing A Décor Theme

Interior decorating on a budget can be fun and easy if everyone in the family is involved in the project. So, do ask for suggestions and inputs for theme-based family room ideas from all the members. Theme décor makes rooms look put together yet casual. Choose a simple yet creative theme for the living room and bring in pieces that fit the theme from other parts of the house.

For instance, if entertainment is going to be the main activity in the living room, decorate the room accordingly. An entertainment unit, comprising of a TV, DVD player and music system, along with other leisure material such as, books and magazines must be the focal point. Wall décor can include framed pictures of old movies or CD covers. Make sure that the furniture is comfortable and placed at the right distance from the entertainment unit.

Family Room Furniture

Family room furniture must always be comfortable and easy to maintain. Sofas or couches, coffee table, bean bags, floor cushions and even, small stools are all basic living room furniture items and must be able to take frequent and rough use. For a cheap yet fun living room makeover, simply change the furniture arrangement. Move existing pieces around to create a different look instantly.

Another cheap decorating idea is to bring in spare items from other rooms. For instance, an extra desk can turn into a place to stack books, magazines and CD collections. A slightly more expensive option will be to visit a few garage sales and pick up a few furniture items to create a complete and well-furnished living room.

Storage Systems

Living room decorating can never be complete without considering storage. A TV cabinet that houses the TV and DVD player and has space for CDs and DVDs will be great. Otherwise, invest in inexpensive wall shelves and racks to store video games, board games, movies, music, and books.

Choosing a décor theme, deciding on furniture arrangements and redecorating the living room are simple yet fun ideas that will help to create a room that will suit the preferences of children as well as adults. Use these basic home decorating tips to liven up the family room and create a warm and welcoming space.