Top 10 Ideas For Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

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Every building, be it residential or commercial should have clean and efficient bathrooms that people can comfortably use. Although most people tend to focus on residential bathrooms, untidy commercial bathrooms are unpleasant and can be so frustrating not only for visitors but workers as well.

So, if you want everybody to enjoy the few minutes they spend in the bathroom, ensure it’s up to standard by renovating it.

But, before you involve professional contractors (which is important), here are a few ideas to help you ensure your bathroom remodeling meets your needs.


1.   Have A Budget In Mind

The best way to empower your commercial bathroom fitters and contractors is by giving them a budget to work with, right from the start. That way they know which products to select for the task, that too within your means.

If you are unsure of anything, take time to talk with your building’s accounting department to equip yourself with the necessary details concerning the minimum and maximum amount you can spend on the bathroom renovation.

2.   Hire Remodeling Experts

Now that you have a budget in mind, you should hire remodeling experts to help you with the smooth renovation of your bathroom. They know the right strategies to use to transform your space into a piece of art.

3.   Let it Complement Your Overall Interior


Your commercial bathroom is part of the entire building decor. Therefore, ensure the color schemes used there conform and align well with the rest of the building/ workspace. Ensure you discuss this with the designers.

4.   Give It A Modern Technological Touch

Add a contemporary cleanliness aspect to your bathroom redesigning. For instance, you may want to use advanced features such as electric air hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers, motion sensors for bathroom lighting, and even waterless urinals. They are not only secure but will help you cut down on energy and water bills.

5.   Work On The Fixtures

 Any experienced commercial bathroom fitters will tell you that broken faucets, lights, and leaking sinks can quickly become a nightmare and spoil your commercial image. So, as you renovate, ensure to fix durable and reliable fixtures to avoid unnecessary frequent repairs.

6.   Save On Water

Water bills can be overwhelming, especially in a commercial building. To counter this, go for ways to minimize water use.

For instance, use motion detectors on sinks to enable water to flow only when hands are under the faucet, have in place faucet restrictors to control water flow, and install a single-flush instead of a double-flush.

7.   Keep Your Bathroom Spotless


There is nothing as annoying as dirty bathroom floors, stained mirrors, or even cracks on walls and floors. Always ensure you maintain high-level cleanliness in your commercial bathroom. Have trash cans in place, and cleaning staff responsible for the space.

8.   Add Custom Tiles

Your commercial bathroom doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Get some 3D tiles and use them to add a unique dimension there to liven up the space.

9.   Luxury Shower Experience

Let your visitors/workers bath under a waterfall by installing multiple showerheads and spray jet patterns. What a way to add a statement to your conventional bathroom style

10. Decorative and Practical Lighting

Try adding different lighting options to your bathroom. From chandeliers to puck lights, illuminating your bathroom should be fun. Remember to add various color lights and fixtures to style up your commercial bathroom. Dare to be unique!

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