5 Ways To Conserve Swimming Pool Water And Save Money

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These days having a swimming pool in your home means in-home staycation; although there is no such word, it’s fun to have a pool inside your house. It adds an extra element to your home and gives you an extra spot of comfort where you can have your “MeTime”.

Cleaning your swimming pool time-to-time is a good habit; it saves some big maintenance coast. Has this thought ever come across to your mind that you can conserve some of the swimming water that can help the problem of decreasing groundwater levels which is one of the critical problems we all are facing?

We thought it makes a huge difference, but when people work as an individual, that also makes an impact, and doing so will also save some of your bucks. So have listed some of the ways you can conserve your swimming pool water and money too. 

Ways To Conserve Swimming Pool Water  

These are some of the methods by which you can follow and conserve your swimming pool. Conversing water is related to your water bill, so the less you get, the less water bill you will get, which automatically saves your money. So pay attention to these methods: 

1. Cover Your Pool 

You might have observed during summer, your pool water evaporates fastly, though in general, the evaporation time is slow. This is why pool coverage is important; you will lose more than half of your pool water within a year if you do not cover it.

You will be reducing the evaporation rate by 90 to 95 percent by covering your pool regularly. This way, you will be saving 7000 gallons of water.

Also, covering your pool frequently means you won’t need to put more chemicals which will again save up your money. You will also be able to bail out your pool from the algae growth.          

2. Check For Any Leak 

Leaks mean a waste of water, and waste of water means an increase in your water bill, including the unnecessary waste of water. Follow the listed points to look for leaks, if there are any.

  • Firstly look for damp spots downstream of your pool if there’s any water-saturated soil near the pool.
  • Look out for leaking pipes, joiners, or valves. 
  • Search for any loose tiles or cracks because they could be an indicator of a leak. 
  • You should also check the gaps in the bond beam for any potential leaks. 

Though if you clean your pool regularly, you will get to know about lots of potential leaks; if you are looking for some swimming pool cleaning devices, then give the Intex pool vacuum kit a short as it will surely ease your hard time cleaning pool bit relaxing and easy. 

3. Splash Inside The Pool 

It might seem insane to you, but while you play inside your swimming pool, you should splash inside, not the outside. By doing so, you will be throwing the pool water back inside the pool, which reduces the water wastage.

Also, discourage your kids from playing in the pool and splashing water outside the pool. This way, you will be conserving a lot of water. 

4. Be Careful When Backwashing

When you clean your pool filters by reversing them to remove debris from the filter, it is called Backwashing. It is important in pool maintenance; you will be saving lots of gallons of water.

If you have a sand filter, then it will take around 200 gallons of water; stop the Backwashing the moment you observe clear water cause doing so, you will be saving 200 gallons of water. Try to keep your filter clean so that you do not need to backwash more often, which automatically will save your water.  

5. Do Not Drain Your Pool Unnecessarily 

Drain your pool only when it is necessary because some swimming pool owners start off by draining their pool entirely every season. They just scrub their pool and poor freshwater; if you maintain your pool throughout the whole year, you do not need to drain your pool fully.

Experts believe that you should drain your pool every three to five years. Only your Spas need to be drained every three months as a part of maintenance; that also depends on how frequently you use them.  

Why It Is Important To Conserve Water? 

From our primary classes, we all study that the human body contains 60 percent water. Water is not just a vital part of our body but essential for the entire ecosystem.

Can you think of your life without any water? You won’t be alive to think anything because, without water, this entire world will be dead. Everything from a human being, household, plants, animals, and everyone needs water to continue their life processes. 

If you will say that the earth is filled with 70 percent of water, then why do we have water crises already? Then the answer to it is. More than 90 percent of it is glacier water which no one can consume.

So there is only 10 percent of it is rest. So not forget that we are non the only ones living on earth, and we share our ecosystem with multiple other organisms who also consume water.

You can not cook food without water, but firstly you also need water to grow those plants and vegetables that you going to eat.

There are multiple reasons for water conservation, and those reasons are the demand of the condition and the need for the coming future, and saving your pool water is the tiniest effort you will be putting in.    

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In short:  

With the increasing crisis of water and decreasing the groundwater level, every individual must try to conserve some water under their capacity. There are many places where people can not get enough water.

Conserving water is indirectly or directly related to saving some bucks, and you can save up some save some on your water bills. So try to follow the ways mentioned earlier to conserve water and money.