Decorating A Home Office

Interior Decor

Learn ways to increase the functionality and aesthetic quality of your home office. Find the perfect home office design for your needs.

Home offices are becoming more important in today’s homes. Whether the home office is used for organizing family finances, homework, or if it serves as an actual work station for a family member, it’s become less a choice and more of a necessity.

Use the following tips to create a personalized workspace that suits everyone in the family’s needs.


Decorating A Home Office

The function seems like an obvious consideration when designing and styling a home office but many people just throw a desk in a room and forget what the room will actually be used for. Take the time to think about how the room will be used, what accessories are needed, is their internet or a phone connection will file storage be necessary. Look at all regular and semi-regular uses of the home office before purchasing and organizing furniture.

Multiple Users and Uses

Decorating A Home Office

This plays into the function a little bit but before decorating consider who will be using the home office and how it will be used. If there are a couple of children that will be using it for homework then each should have their own work station. If an adult will also be using the area it’s probably not a bad idea for an additional work station to be added. Consider a cluster of desks in the middle of the room with shared office equipment in the middle. This creates some family bonding and gives everyone their own space.


Decorating A Home Office

One of the first considerations when decorating any room is color. Learn how to create a mood with color and use this knowledge to enhance the home office workspace.


Decorating A Home Office

When buying furniture for your home office, spend a little extra to get quality furniture that will last a long time and withstand any hardships it encounters. Home offices were once considered an afterthought but as they’ve gained prominence the furniture that graces them has become more important.


Decorating A Home Office

Lighting is one area of interior decorating that tends to get overlooked or isn’t well thought out. But a home office needs good lighting for obvious reasons. If possible select a room with plenty of ambient light and then add task lighting where necessary. A standard overhead light in a small bedroom just doesn’t suffice and can cause eye strain. Likewise, bulbs that are too harsh and bright can cause eye strain so use lights specifically designed for desks and task lighting.

In addition to the above tips for creating a perfect home office make sure you eliminate any distractions that will draw people away from their work but add the little amenities that will make the room more enjoyable.

Feng Shui Tips On The Home Office Location

•    Ideally, a home workspace should be located on the south-east, north-west, north, or north-east of the house.

•    It is better to situate the home office in a separate area, which is to be used for work only. This will separate home energy from the energy of the business and will reduce the confusion the business energy may bring into the house.

•    If a business meeting is held in a home office, it is better if the working space has a separate entrance. The shorter is the way to the home office through the house, the better.

A Feng Shui Premise for the Home Work Space

•    The worst locations for the workspace are those in the center of the house, in the bedroom, or under a stairway.

•    A home office area should be well ventilated and lighted. It is good to have a window in the office room. It stimulates the activity of positive energy and creates a working atmosphere in the room.

•    A premise with a low ceiling is not the best option: it provides too little space for the business potential to develop and grow up.

Home Office Furniture for Attracting Good Feng Shui Energy

Since office furniture has many straight lines and sharp corners, it naturally activates the productive home office energy. Computers, phones, and other office equipment, also naturally stimulate the inflow of active chi.

•    If some used furniture is bought for the home office, make sure that the previous owner was successful in his or her business. Otherwise, there are high chances that the new owner will inherit the problems and failures of the previous one. The ideal variant is to buy new furniture for it to bring fresh and active energy into the workspace.

•    The best colors for the home office furniture, including the office desk, are dark or bright tones, like black and dark red. They stimulate and help to concentrate.

•    Shelves are better to be closed because the many things, that often fill them, may distract from work.

In general, home office design can greatly improve the owner’s productivity, business success, and attract wealth and prosperity. Feng Shui recommends home office areas to be separated from the rest of the house. The best option would be a separate light room with a window. The home office furniture is better to be new, and not too large.