Key Rules To Design Kitchen In Industrial Style

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Industrial-style kitchens have a special atmosphere that reflects the final and unconditional victory of man over modern reality and high-tech civilization.

This design direction will appeal to creative, freedom-loving, dynamic individuals who know exactly what they want to get, and not just try to equip their home in accordance with the fashion trend of interior design.

Industrial Style Kitchen Design

A recognizable feature of the industrial interior, which can be clearly seen in the photo in the catalog, is the variety of “raw” textures. The obvious favorite of this design direction is exposed brickwork.

Concrete walls also fit perfectly into the concept. Sometimes it is decided to paint such vertical surfaces without prior preparation in order to leave irregularities and emphasize the deliberate roughness.

For wall decoration, you can choose panels made of corrugated or perforated metal or ceramic tiles. If you want to recreate a kitchen in the style of constructivism, you can pay attention to the sale of such flooring as a wooden board, porcelain stoneware, and a self-leveling floor imitating concrete.

The ceiling is leveled, and along with it, it is possible and even necessary to carry out engineering communications. This creates the necessary effect of presence in a factory or other industrial facility. If there are beams, they are saved.

Kitchen Furniture And Appliances

Kitchen sets are designed with the inherent liberality of this American style. Bottom and wall cabinets can be made in completely different sizes (different widths, heights, and depths), from roughly processed wood and shiny, but touched by the touch of time, stainless steel.

The presence of open shelves and vintage holders for towels and utensils will significantly expand the functionality of the space, while avoiding clutter, for example, when decorating a small room.

Industrial style welcomes the design of kitchens with industrial style furniture elements such as bar counters, “islands” and “peninsulas”.

Furniture for the dining group is chosen in the spirit of an American cafe or an English pub: a simple, no-frills table made of metal or wood, possibly with a transformation mechanism, stools or chairs with leather upholstery.

Everything should contribute to the comfort and ease of the owners and their guests. Household appliances are selected mainly in gray, silver, and black.


The industrial design of the kitchen requires special attention to the organization of the lighting system. There is no place for ordinary lamps with lampshades and shades. At the same time, the room should be bright enough.

The central chandelier and local illumination of individual zones in the form of metal shades on long cords, devices stylized as spotlights and railway lights, luminous letters, inscriptions, or signs cope with this task.

Decor And Accessories

Finding elements for sale that will organically fit into this concept is not an easy task for them. The main thing is that the decor should reflect the individuality of the owner of the house, his character, tastes, lifestyle, and hobbies.

Therefore, it makes sense to order the individual production of such things from designers or go to the nearest flea market or garage sale to buy something that the soul lies in and that pleases the eye.

The main idea of ​​​​the industrial look is to demonstrate architectural structures.

The industrial style usually combines as many functions as possible in one room. In lofts, areas for living, sleeping, cooking, and eating merge together, while destroying the traditional interior layout. Kitchens, as a rule, are an island located in the middle of the living space.

Next to it is a large dining table with spotlights or industrial lighting. The materials used for floors and walls take center stage in the industrial style. The floors are usually unpainted concrete or old, unpolished tiles. Walls usually remain in their original state.

As a result, the unfinished wall protrudes in places or the plaster gives the wall a rough texture. Such imperfection is sought after because it is precisely this that gives the space its character. This means there is no need for lavish décor and accessories that can detract from the free space effect.

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Restraint Is The Essence Of Industrial Design

The slogan of the industrial style is less is better. Pure shapes and designs prevail in both the living room and the kitchen. The carefully crafted living concept and accents mean designer living spaces don’t look cool.

  • Stay away from patterns: Avoid floral or nautical motifs, colorful walls, and bright decorative elements.
  • No wooden furniture: industrial design is the exact opposite of country style with its warm colors and natural materials. Wooden furniture does not belong here.
  • Don’t opt ​​for glass kitchen cabinets: Dishes, pots, and cooking utensils. And handy cleaning supplies should be kept out of sight.
  • Avoid accessories that do not serve any function: use decorative items very carefully. You can use a few large-format photos or a vintage neon sign to lighten up the atmosphere. Nothing else is needed.

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