DIY Designing an Acrylic Signboard for Your Office Interior to Look It More Professional

Home Inspiration

Why is interior design so important in an office? Just like in homes, it is an essential to create a working space that is comfortable for everyone. Note that appealing office design plays a critical role in enhancing the occupants’ mood and boosting productivity.

Good interior design at the office helps in better managing the space available, making collaboration easy, creating a sense of belonging, and also impacting the professionalism of a workplace.

There are so many ways that you can enhance the interior design of your office. It could be installing wall art, partitioning the spaces using glass, changing the floors, and many other techniques.

Signboards are also among the items you can use to increase a more professional atmosphere in your office. Not only do they enhance the interior design, but they can also boost your marketing strategy, convey important information about your brand, and draw attention to your operations.

While there are so many materials that could be used for signboards, polycarbonate panels would be the best picks for several reasons. The material is durable, easy to clean, and maintain, and it also shimmers when light hits the surface adding elegance to the office space.

Acrylic signboards are also very affordable: you don’t have to call a professional to do the installation for you; a DIY works perfectly.

Here is a guide that can help you design an acrylic signboard for your office.

Tools and materials requirements

⮚ Acrylic sheet
⮚ Switch
⮚ Wire
⮚ Tracing paper
⮚ Mini drill
⮚ A marker
⮚ Wireless LED strip light
⮚ Connector (9v would be ideal)
⮚ Battery
⮚ Resistor (100 ohms)
⮚ Soldering rod
⮚ Engraving tool
⮚ Measuring tape
⮚ Jigsaw
⮚ Masking tape
⮚ Screws

Precautions to note when doing this DIY project

After you collect all the tools and materials needed for the job, you should start thinking about your safety while working on the project. Note that there will be a lot of drilling and cutting and a high possibility of particles jumping in the air and targeting your eyes and dust from the drilling getting into your lungs.

That is why you need to wear protective glasses, a facemask, and gloves to prevent cuts and injuring your hands.

Procedure to design DIY Acrylic Sign Board

The following are the steps you should follow to end up with a presentable acrylic signboard.

1. Take measurements

Using the measuring tape and the marker, take measurements on the wall of the space where you want the signboard to be installed. Focus on the length and width. Mark using the marker or pencil on the wall for installation, then transfer the measurements on the acrylic sheet and cut it.

Alternatively, you can order an acrylic sheet from a vendor with customized measurements to make your job easy.

2. Cut the sheet

Using the jigsaw, carefully cut the acrylic sheet according to the measurements you have transferred from the wall.

3. Do the engraving

Working with a printed tracing paper will give a better finish or look. Therefore, type the words that you want carved in the acrylic sheet and get a printout.

Using masking tape, attach the printed paper at the bottom of the acrylic sheet. Secure using the tape will ensure that the paper does not shift and impede the carving’s perfection.

Using the engraving tool, carve the writings or drawing on the tracing paper. Once you are done, remove the tape and paper, and you will have your perfect carving.

If you don’t want to engrave or carve into the sheet, you can work with paint. You can paint a drawing or letters on the sheets, and it will work perfectly.

4. Connect the LED

The next step would be to connect the LED so that the carving is visible on the acrylic signboard. Using the marker or pencil, create marks on where you will install the LEDs on the signboard.

Using the drill, remove parts of the acrylic sheet where the LEDs will be that placed. Glue the LED to the acrylic signboard and connect the wires. Note you will be working with positive and negative wires.

Use the smouldering rod to connect the resistor to the LED’s positive wire and the switch, and then complete the connection by linking it to the battery.

With that, your project is complete, and you can turn the switch on and off to see how the wireless LED strip light looks. You can then install the signboard on the wall or any other surface using the drill and screws.

Where to fix acrylic signboards to make your office look more professional?

For your signboard to be functional and give your office a professional look, you must have a clue on the best place to install it. If you are using the signs to target customers, it would be best if you install it on the wall in the reception area or even on the reception counter’s face.

Signboards can also be installed on supporting columns. If you have a big office, you can install them in different positions to help visitors with easy navigation. Interior walls are also ideal locations to install signboards to make your office look more professional.

Installing Plexiglass signboards will make a big difference in the interior design of your office. The guide above will help you create professional acrylic signboards for your office.