DIY Dining Table and Benches – 9 Steps

Farmhouse Decor

The parts include 1 removable top made from 2x10s and the base which consists of legs made from 4x4s and ledgers made from 2x4s held together using pocket screws and glue.

The benches are built using the same principle as the table.

  • Step 1: Cutting the Boards to Length

Cut the 2x10s to the desired length. You can start by cutting roughly near the desired length, glue the boards together, then cut down the second time to the desired length.

For a circular saw, you can use a speed square for a straight cut.

  • Step 2: Jointing and Biscuits

Join the board together so that they line up with a seamless edge. You should give yourself a flat straight edge to work. You can use either a table saw or a hand plane to flat out the edge afterward and do this on both sides.

Then, align and make biscuit grooves to use the biscuit jointers.

  • Step 3: The initial gluing

Put glue on the biscuits and the board edge, join 2 boards together and use a soft mallet to tap the board together. Then, hold the board together using clamps, pipe clamp is recommended for the strong force.

When gluing the third board and onward, use cauls to keep the board from misaligned.

  • Step 4: The final gluing

Once you have done gluing the boards, use a circular saw to cut a straight line along the short edges of the boards to get the final length.

Then, glue the breadboards to both sides that were cut down, then hold them in place with pipe clamps. Use pocket hole screws to attach the ends

  • Step 5: Building the Base

Use 4x4s with pocket hole screws and glue each corner of the base to the legs. Then add spreader bars on each end leg for sturdiness using the 2x4s and attach them together with glue and a pocket hole screw.

  • Step 6: Finishing the Base

Add 4 45 degree braces on each corner to further increase sturdiness, and use glue and pocket screw to attach the braces.

Lastly, add a footer brace to span the length of the table. Remember to keep everything square and at an equal distance from each other.

  • Step 7: Planing and Sanding

This is to further platen the table’s surface, use the planer and belt sander or orbital sander to smoothen the unevenness

  • Step 8: Finish and Bench

Use dark walnut Danish oil and apply 3 to 4 coats. Then apply oil-based poly and sand with 220 grit sanding between coats

The bench can be built similar to the table.

  • Step 9: Installation and Final Result

Now just install the tabletop to the base and you are good to go. The whole build takes about 20 hours and the material cost is roughly $135.

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