DIY How to Make a Bean Bag Chair?

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How does one make their own bean bag chair? Well, making your own bean bag chair is a concept that a lot of people find quite intriguing. First of all, it’s a simple way to save money. Second, it provides you with an opportunity to make the exact type of bean bag chair you want. Depending on the type, a bean bag chair can be made in as little as 30 minutes, which means that it’s not even that labor-intensive. Also, you get to choose the dimension of the chair, which means that you get more customizability regarding your living space. Lastly, it’s a fun experience and provides you with the satisfaction of being self-sufficient.

DIY How to Make a Bean Bag Chair?

Now that you know why, here’s how!

1. Types of bean bag chair to consider

One thing worth considering is the fact that a bean bag chair is more of a category than a furniture piece. With that in mind and without further ado, it’s important that you check out different types and forms or bean bag chairs. Making a giant bean bag chair is not the same thing as making a miniature iPad stand, even though the methodology of this may seem fairly similar.

You can also choose to give it a theme and create a bean bag chair in the shape of a football. This can be perfect for children’s bedrooms or even man-caves. One can even go for a denim bean bag chair for their boho living room. The latter can fit in quite nicely with wooden floors, materials from natural rugs and a popcorn ceiling.

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2. Pick your materials

The first thing you need to do is get the right materials. One of the first things you might not have known about bean bag chairs is that there are actually two bags. The internal and the external ones. The external bag determines the aesthetics of the bag, which is why it should be chosen carefully. The internal bag is the one that actually holds the contents (beans), which is why, if you want to save money, this is where you can try to save money.

Due to the nature of the bean bag chair, you don’t even have to worry about the durability. Also, check online for different bag sizes and how many materials you’ll need in order to complete the project. The durability of the bean bag meant for outdoors can make a difference. Still, in this case, it’s probably better to just look for the outdoor ottoman instead.

3. The filling

The choice of the filling is quite simple to make, seeing as how there are not that many suitable options out there. For instance, the most durable choice you can make is expanding foam. This material is definitely tricky to work with since it expands in the open air. This means that from the moment you unseal the bag with the foam, you need to stuff it rather quickly. Having some help in this stage of the project is also quite useful.

An alternative to expanding foam is packing peanuts. The only caveat here is to watch out whether you’ve got the type that dissolves in water. Spilling things on your bean bag is quite common and there’s always a risk that some of those spilled contents will find their way inside.

DIY How to Make a Bean Bag Chair?

4. Draw outline and cut fabric

The key thing in cutting your fabric is doing this equally from all sides. So, make a circumference that’s long enough and make sure that your diameter is precisely measured. Measure, measure and measure again in order to avoid making a mistake. The key thing lies in finding the center of the circle and unrolling enough fabric.

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In order to mark this properly, make sure that you use either chalk or fabric pencil. This won’t leave permanent marking on the fabric, which means that it can save you from a world of problems in the nearest future. One more tip is to use a string in order to ensure that you mark a perfect circle. Simply put a pin in the center, tie a string to it, then, make an outline by tying a pen or chalk to the other end. If the string is pulled tight enough, the marked area will be a perfect circle.

Finally, get your scissors ready and start cutting the fabric. You need two identical circles from each fabric (for a total of 4 circles). The best thing is that you can actually use the first circle in order to mark and cut the rest.

5. Cut and sew

Other than circles, you also need to cut two rectangles from each fabric. Again, the size of the rectangle should depend on the size of the circle. For instance, a circle with 54 inches diameter needs an 87×32 inches rectangle. These long rectangles should be sewn together on their shorter ends. This way, they will make the sides of the structure that you’re trying to make. Naturally, you’re only sewing the same types of fabric together.

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6. Add the zipper

Once everything starts coming together, you need to add the zipper to the bag. You need to zip it all the way and then unzip it so that you can add the contents of the bag. Then, you need to start filling your bags. As we’ve mentioned, if you’re using expandable foam, you need to act rather quickly. Having a pre-installed zipper will make this so much easier since you can just unzip, fill and sip it again in a matter of minutes. The inner bag doesn’t require a zipper, although it can be quite handy. Some even prefer the inner bag to be sealed rather than closed with a zipper. Once everything is closed shut, your job here will finally be complete.

In conclusion

There’s one more advantage of making a bean bag chair worth mentioning and it’s concerning the process itself. Namely, there are a lot of people interested in similar DIY projects who, unfortunately, lack the courage to embark on this journey. Bean bag chairs are one of the simplest pieces of furniture to make. This means that a successful (and easy) completion of this project, may give you the courage you need in order to attempt a more challenging project in the future. While it may not sound like much, it’s definitely something worth seriously considering.

DIY How to Make a Bean Bag Chair?