DIY Patio Tables With Ice Chest

Farmhouse Decor

This is one of the coolest builds in this list since it integrates ice chests in the middle of the board. With this table, you can use the patio area as a dining area for summer parties and BBQs.

You will need for the wood:

  • 5 8-feet 2x8s
  • 2 8-feet 2x6s
  • 5 8-feet 2x4s
  • 2 8-feet 4x4s
  • 3 8-feet 1x4s
  • 2 2″x6″x8’ boards
  • 3 2″x4″x8′ boards
  • 1 4″x4″x8′ board

Also, the design lets you place a patio at the center of the table with a hole. And since this table is going to be used outside, you should apply some quality sealer to it. You can get the full woodworking plan here.

With just a few tools and lots of patience, you can expect the budget to be somewhere around $150.

Here are some tips to build this table:

1. Cut as you go

This approach has the benefit of letting you make small adjustments as you work through your build to make sure that everything fits together nicely and the table is more durable.

2. First cuts

When there is cutting involved, you should always cut a half-inch off 1 end of the board. This allows a clean and straight end to measure.

3. Sanding

You should sand individual pieces of wood before assembling the table. Try to smooth out all the rough edges, corners, and sides. 120 grit sandpapers should be enough for the job, but you can go up 80 grit sandpaper with rough spots.

4. Staining

Just like sanding, staining is much easier when done in portions than when the table is finished. It also makes sure the stain protects and makes your wood more waterproof so that it is more durable against the weather.

How to make table legs

This is one of the highlights in the woodworking plan which could save you money on table legs. The idea is to create the legs, then attach them to the table using diagonal supports and bolts.

The system enables you to remove the legs in case you want to store the table somewhere or transport it.

First, create a flat surface using a table saw blade angled at 45 degrees. The table fence should be at 2.74″.

Next, measure and mark the place for the wood anchors, then use a 7/16″ drill bit and drill a 1 1/2″ deep hole. Insert the wood anchors, then tighten them using a 3/8 Allen wrench.

Next, to attach the legs, build 4 diagonal supports attaching to the skirting with 45-degree angles at each end using 2x4s.

Finally, at the center of the diagonal pieces, mark and drill holes at the same location as the legs, then use bolts and screws to attach the legs.

Tools highly recommended:

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