8 DIY Windmills For Garden To Make Your Backyards More Beautiful In A Rustic Look

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These days, a windmill is a type of renewable energy and this source definitely protects our environment. When it comes to windmills, we think that these are so big and require huge space. Also, it is a nice symbol for a rustic look when getting the windmills to our gardens. Windmills are not new but they have a lot of creative versions.

Mostly, you spend a few hours to complete. Nevertheless, there are some ideas you should do more than a couple of days because they require more details. Depending on how small or big a windmill is; the number of woods and materials are various.

1. Artistic Garden Windmill

This idea is flexible because you are able to buy some in Esty or doing it by yourself. However, please bear in mind that you should spend time figuring the materials and design templates out.

2. Miniature Dutch Style Garden Windmill

Do you want to bring the Dutch style windmills to your house? I drop this idea for you! Just make some mini ones which possibly look nice in your garden or on the porch area. Wood is the main material, but you can get some other pieces. It is also simple to put all together.

3. Four-foot Metal Bladed DIY Windmill

Although this windmill is pretty high (four feet), you still arrange the plans to meet the space in a garden. To reduce cost, choose the sheet metal and it makes your windmill is real. The most important part knows how to trim the cut sheet metal properly and do forget to prepare tools along with materials and protective equipment. This is because the sheet metal might cut your skin due to its sharp points on the surface.

4. Upcycled Pallet Windmill

With recyclable pallet from woods, it is a great idea to make an upcycled pallet windmill. You also pick alternative materials for your garden. Primarily, there is a bundle of materials you can do windmills.

Another amazing point is that you may have a chance to put a traditional Dutch style and your new style in those windmills. You absolutely own a good-looking focal point around your backyards. Summertime is a cool time for showing some outdoor pallets.

5. DIY Decorative Windmill Sign

In case your garden is not big and spacious, add some mini windmill signs is another cool thing. It is often made from recycled materials to build basic frames. These signs even are surely suitable for indoors.

After finishing, take these windmill signs in the entryway, the porch or the living room. It is a new way to welcome guests without making them disappointed or scared them.  

6. Upcycled Ceiling Fan Blade Windmill Decoration Design

Usually, we have to make a windmill if we want to take it to the outdoors. However, this idea does not require you to build anything. Just take old woods from ceiling fan blades and mix them. It sounds difficult to start off, but follow this tutorial video and you probably feel easy at this design idea.

7. Windmill With Wooden Base

This wooden windmill will spend a little time but it often takes less than one week. You freely choose your loved colors. For me, I pick the white and the red one. Then, I paint and match it to my outdoor decoration. This is also a perfect way to save woods after completing other projects. Woods are precious in our world today and do not waste them!

Wooden base also helps us feel rustic and peaceful when walking around the garden. Some public parks also put some wooden pieces to decorate. Probably, rustic décor is suited to nature.

8. Spinning Windmill Garden Feature

Making windmills are boring because this is an old task for making a craft item, but I will show you a little difference. This is the spinning windmill garden feature. Wooden boards are core materials that you can get them from your last project. And you know what…it is a piece of cake to undertake like a puzzle game for children. You must not believe me, but follow the instruction to own yours.

Garden windmills are the latest backyard decoration with a lot of commercial items in the mall or a small store. If you need to get a sweet decoration for your gardens, you will spend time studying the instruction and following. Windmills also make your house cooler in the summer.

Garden windmills are also not ideal for outdoors but also indoors. In this case, you need to do a small one and put it on a table, a shelf or anywhere in your house. Most of the time, I take some and move them to my living room. Making small windmills is also a good way for me to paint and garnish anything on its surface.

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