Do You Look Older Because of Your House?

Home Inspiration


We are only as old as we feel. That is true. But what is true, too, is that we must do our part if we want to maintain that youthful glow. That doesn’t only apply to how we dress or how we put makeup on our faces. It also applies to how we design our environment. Your house is a prime example of why you look and feel older than you are.

If you haven’t upgraded your home’s design for years now, then chances are that you are surrounded by old trends every day. Take matters into your own hands-avoid decor that can make you look older and upgrade some of your furniture.

Peeling Paint

Is there anything that screams old and outdated than peeling paint? If your home’s exterior has faded and peeling paint, consider upgrading it already. A gallon of paint doesn’t cost much.

If you’re going to do the painting on your own, you will also save on labor costs. Sure, it might take you at least two weekends to paint the entire home outside, but that’s money you can use for other fixes. You just need to be patient with the results.

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Broken Garage Door

Homeowners tend to overlook the garage door because they don’t use it as much. In fact, they’ve been parking their cars along the street for years now, and the garage is merely used for storage. Can you imagine how old that garage door makes you look, especially if the design was from the 1990s?

If you have already repainted your exterior walls, then the next order of business should be to fix or replace the garage door panel. That will give your home a more improved look.

Excessive Drapery

Drapes are great during the winter season. But if you’re using overly fussy ones with valances, window boxes, and tiebacks, then they’re making the house, and you look older. Such types of curtains and drapes were popular back in the 1980s to 1990s, but home designers now tend to gravitate toward lightweight and airy curtains. If you are not sure what suits your home, white curtains paired with roman blinds are a great idea.

Wall-To-Wall Carpeting


Nothing makes a homeowner look older than living in a home with wall-to-wall carpeting. Hardwood floors are more modern. That’s why the first thing that interior designers do in all those popular home renovations shows is to rip off the carpet from the floor.

If you have cold feet during winter, put some area rugs in the living room or get a warm pair of slippers. Never install carpet on your whole floor. That’s something you find in the ’50s.

Trinkets And Figurines

The younger generation wants a minimalist style. While they do have little trinkets here and there in their home decorations, it is nothing like how your parents and even grandparents used to do it.

Remember how the older generation wants to display their good china in the dining room? Don’t be like that. If you want to display something, you’re better off hanging your travel photos.

Lace Doilies

Do you still have that lace doily that your grandparents gave you when you were little? Because of sentimentality, you’re probably displaying it in your living or dining room. That makes you look old, unfortunately. When it comes to decorating for modernity, less is more. Replace the lace doily with anything or none at all. You don’t need to display every trinket that you get from your family.

Wallpaper Borders


If you still have wallpaper borders in the house, then say no more: that’s what’s making you look old. Wallpaper is still a popular interior décor in modern homes, but they’re not being used the way your parents did. Instead, you can find wallpaper only in one panel of the room to create an accent wall. Unlike before, home designers also don’t use wallpaper borders. Remove them immediately once you realize you still have them near the ceiling. Cover that space with the same color as your wall.

Floral Print Furniture

Get rid of the floral print sofa and matching footstool. You feel older in your home because you are actually an old soul if you can still look straight at the floral print furniture. Buy a solid-colored couch or have the old one reupholstered. It will look fresh, young, and definitely more modern.

Don’t be afraid to shake up your style. You are feeling and looking older because you haven’t changed anything in the house for years. Maybe now that you’re spending more time in the house (because of the pandemic), you can finally rearrange the layout, upgrade the furniture and appliances, and give the whole house a more modern style.