End Of Lease Pest Control Adelaide: Everything You Should Know!

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End of lease pest control is an annual pest eradication service that must be performed by tenants or landlords for returning or keeping the property in great condition. A pest-infested property is a problem for both tenants and landlords that requires pest control Adelaide.  

Many a time, pest starts showing up inside the rented property that causes conflict between the property owners and tenant. A rented property requires the end of lease pest control services as it is beneficial for both tenants and landlords.

So, if you are a tenant or a landlord, then here is everything you need to know about the end of lease pest control Adelaide!

Whose Responsibility is End Of Lease Pest Control Adelaide?

Who is truly responsible for the end of lease pest control is often a debatable topic. So, let’s find out about the responsibilities of tenants and landlords and the benefits behind availing pest control Adelaide.


Usually, availing end of lease pest control is the responsibility of the tenants. The property is inhabited by the tenants, who take responsibility for keeping the space clean and pest-free.

However, due to lack of cleanliness or proper food storage, when the property gets infested with pests, the tenants are liable for restoring the integrity of the rented home.

The cost of end of lease pest control service is borne by tenants. The terms may seem unfair, however, when the former tenant moves to a new place, they aren’t required to get pest control again.


The landlords are often responsible for pests control in a newly listed property. If there are pests, and vermin inside the property, it is likely to drive tenants away. Landlords should get pest control services when their property is newly listed or has not been leased for a while.

However, when pests start showing up after tenants start residing, it becomes the responsibility of the tenants to get pest control services. Mostly, it is the cleaning and garbage disposal habits of the tenants that drive pests inside the property.

End Of Lease Pest Control Services and Warranty

Many reputed pest control service providing companies like Positive Pest Control Adelaide offer warranty on their services. It is greatly advantageous for both tenants and landlords.

The end of lease pest control warranty may last from anywhere between 3-12 months. The warranty comes with terms and conditions including the type of pest it covers.

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, make sure to hire the best end of lease pest control service provider that offers a warranty as well. Safeguard your interest and keep your property pest-free!

When is the Ideal Time for Pest Control Adelaide?

The best time to get the end of lease pest control Adelaide is when the tenants are moving out. Performing pest control is convenient for the experts when the property is empty. Here are some tips for the tenant to follow during the end of lease pest control:

  • Pack all your belongings and evacuate your house before calling pest control experts.
  • Vacuum clean the sofas, carpets and kitchen floor.
  • Keep your pets and kids in a safe place.
  • Communicate the information with the pest control experts if you are aware of the pest entrance points.
  • Do the final inspection before handing over the keys to the landlord.

Final Words

Are you moving out of your rented property? Get end of lease pest control from Positive Pest Control Adelaide! Experience affordable and effective pest control services in Adelaide. Don’t delay, give us a call now!