Evergreen Rug Trends You Can’t Go Wrong With

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Your home needs to get redecorated, and you’re not sure where to start from? The rugs are a great beginning, and you can build the interior around them easily. They can easily switch your home from simple to stylish, and with a few tips and tricks, you’ll make the right investment. 

In the following, here are a few evergreen rug trends that will never go out of style. Your home will look put together and appealing to visitors, no matter what year or season it is.

For starters, the Traditional Medallion Area Rug is a great example of this, if you’re looking for something specific. Anyway, you’re in the right place, as in this article we’ll share ideas on decorating with bold area rugs that will never go out of style. 

Evergreen rug trends that’ll never go out of style 

Vintage area rugs 

What’s great about vintage area rugs is that you can easily find them second-hand. You don’t have to spend all the money buying a new rug that will look worn out.

If you want to be safe and peaceful, have it professionally cleaned, but other than that, vintage area rugs have nothing but benefit them.

They come in different designs, and sizes, and are usually rectangular, but if you’re lucky you can find oval ones as well. Not to mention that you’ll worry less about spills, stains, and crumbs. 

Play it safe and choose neutral colors, while playing around with the pattern, or go all out and choose one with tassels, crazy patterns, and vibrant colors.

You have complete freedom, and a vibrant rug might be just what you’re looking for to add some personality to your home. Vintage rugs are unique, each rug offers a different design. They are the perfect way to add some history to the room. 

Layer it up!

Do you own a rug that feels too small for the room? Not warm enough? Keeps slipping, shifting, forming bumps? The latter can be solved with liners or a double-sided tape, but the former two can be solved by layering it up. Area rugs work great with bigger carpets underneath them.

Often you can see vibrantly colored rugs with nice patterns laying over neutral-colored carpets that are usually brighter.

The good thing about neutral colors is that they work great with anything and everything, especially multi-colored area rugs. No matter how crazy and overwhelming the area rug is, they tone it down, making it bearable. 

Not to mention that they provide you with extra warmth over the winter! Carpets come in many sizes and materials. Opt for a carpet that is 12 inches away from the walls, or opt for a wall-to-wall carpet that will provide you with comfort and coziness no matter where you’re standing. 

Sisal area rugs 

If you follow trends online, you’ll notice that over the years, they’ve changed. But, there are some that remained, and according to interior designers, they’ll never leave.

One of those evergreen trends is the sisal area rug trend. Sisal rugs are made of the long leaves of the agave plant, which makes them 100% natural.

Because of the way the rug is made, it’s highly durable, will last you for years, and will give you that coarse, steady feeling under your bare feet. 

Another, really similar rug would be the jute rug. Once again, it’s made of natural fibers, so it’s eco-friendly, but it’s a bit softer than the sisal rug, making it more desirable amongst rug lovers.

Both of the rugs bring nature to your home, they are completely safe and loving towards the environment, but the best of all: they are evergreen!

Sheepskin rugs 

One other thing that you see often on social media is that white, fluffy rug that influencers put in front of their fireplace.

Now that you think about it, putting it in front of a fire is highly impractical, but layering it up in the wintertime, putting it in your bedroom, or your kid’s room, is a great addition.

Sheepskin rugs offer you warmth, comfort, and a cozy feeling like no other. Not to mention that you can layer them up for some extra warm feeling, or store them away once summer comes. 

They’ve come a long way from the oval, white, fluffy rugs they used to be. You can find them in different colors, with asymmetrical patterns that will open up and brighten your room, resulting in a whole different outcome. The different designs of the rug make it the perfect choice to compliment tons of different styles. 

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Bottom line

Evergreen rug trends are the same as they were a couple of years back. They’ll always be there, complementing different styles and fitting in different rooms.

The only thing that’s changed about them is their diversity so that they can blend in better and steal the spotlight for as long as possible. There is no possible way for those rugs to ever leave the stage,  and we think that they’d make a great addition to your redecorated home!