Tiny House Inexpensive Lap Siding Alternative

Learn the advantages of using an engineered wood siding product to create the curb appeal and look of traditional wood lap siding for your tiny house. As noted at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website, since 1997, company owner and founder Jay Shafer has championed the idea of tiny houses as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly […]

Exterior House Paint Ideas

Exterior house color schemes can show off detail, minimize poor appearances and increase curb appeal. Selecting the right house paint makes all the difference. There are many factors at play when choosing house paint, and coordinating the exterior house color schemes. The age and style of the home, personal homeowner preference, the condition of the […]

Additional Tips To Paint The Exterior Of A House

Safety Safety is important, and no one should work alone on ladders and scaffolds, should an emergency arise. A safety harness should be used when working on two-story structures. No one should work underneath scaffolds. Time Saving Tips If a scaffold or ladder is being used in a spot that is difficult to access, it […]