Feng Shui Tips On Using Green Color In Interior Design

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The following Feng Shui tips will help to wisely use green, the color of health and nature, in interior design and home décor.

Green is a saturated and bright color, but calm and natural at the same time. It can calm down any person after a stressed working day or fighting some problems. It is especially good for the eyes. The peacefulness of green tunes people up for creative work drives unnecessary thoughts away and helps to concentrate. Green is good for decorating nearly any room in the house. The only exception is, probably, a bedroom.

Green Color In Interior Design

Green, just like any other color of the spectrum, has many shades that have different influences on the human mind. Therefore, the best recommendation for using green in home décor is using it as a color of furniture (chairs, sofas, etc.), walls or floor. It is especially good to have a green floor, because it looks like green grass, and it’s natural for people to walk on green grass barefoot.

However, it is better not to use green for decorating lights and lamps, because in such a case this color optically lessens the space and distorts all the other colors. At the same time, it might be fine to have a green lampshade on a table lamp.

The ideal use of green is in small interior accessories. Green potted plants are ideal for this purpose. They not only add green color to the room but also energize and refresh the whole place with their energy of growth and development. It might also be a good idea to have several green crystals in the house. Every time a person looks at any of them he or she gets filled with the vital energy of green color.

Feng Shui Tips On Using Green Color In Interior Design

Feng Shui Tips On Using Green Color At Home

Feng Shui recommends using green color for:

  • Studying
  • Relaxing and refreshing
  • Creating a comfortable environment
  • Outlining something new and young
  • Expressing a connection with nature

As for the shades of green, it’s better to avoid very dark green. This shade carries some energy of anger, envy, anguish and grief. Emerald green attracts wealth and well-being. Light green supports the energy of self-devotion and free aid.

Green is the color of life and vegetation. For hundreds of years, it has been symbolizing long life and goodness. As a color of spring, green is a symbol of new beginnings and awakening of nature. Since, according to Feng Shui, changes in nature are only reflections of energy interchanges, green and its shades symbolize beginning and development of new projects. It is also associated with hope and trust that come after the hardships that are over winter turns to spring.

Feng Shui Tips On Using Green Color In Interior Design