Gable Roof Vs Hip Roof Comparison: What Are The Differences?

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If you are still wondering what you should choose for your house between a gable roof and a hip roof, then maybe you will find your answer in this article. We will focus on the pros and cons of these two roofs and under which condition you should choose one. 

This will be your guideline on what type of roof is appropriate for your house. So, let’s go and find out!

What Is A Gable Roof? 

A gable roof, also known as a peached or pitched roof, is the most popular type of roof when it comes to building a normal house in the US. 

Each gable roof has at least two slopes and two gables with a ridge running from peak to peak. In other words, a gable roof is a verticle, non-sloped side of the roof with sometimes contains a window like most of the house you saw in movies. They are easily recognized by their triangular shapes. 

There are numerous variations of the gable roof, such as the open gable roof, also known as the pyramid roof, or the box gable roof. However, in any shape, all kinds of gable roofs share their pros and cons. 

  • Pros of the gable roof

First and foremost, a gable roof is extremely easy to design and build since it is the most common roof in the US. Furthermore, it is cheaper than the hip roof. Therefore, if you have a tight budget for your house, this is the better choice. 

Talking about how the gable roof works and whether it has positive effects on your house or not, then the answer is yes. A gable roof easily sheds water from rain and snow, creating more space for the attic or vaulted ceilings, and also allowing more ventilation with gable vents. 

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  • Cons of the gable roof

There are several things worth noticing before choosing a gable roof for your house. 

However, one of the most severe problems is that a gable roof doesn’t deal well with extremely bad weather conditions such as hurricanes or high winds. 

If the roof does not have a good build quality and adequate support, it can collapse because of the strong wind. Even worse, the gable roof can detach and fly off the wall of the house if the wind keeps growing stronger and stronger. 

What Is A Hip Roof? 

Gable Roof Vs Hip Roof Comparison: What Are The Differences?

Unlike gable roofs, a hip roof has slopes on all four sides. The slopes form a ridge and call it a hip. 

To demonstrate it better, you can understand a hip roof as four slopes meeting in a peak. The “hip” part refers to the external angle formed where two adjacent sides meet. Therefore, hip roofs are much more complex in designing and construction than the gable roof and also, more expensive. 

Hip roofs also come with many variations. The most common is the pavilion roof – the hip roof on a square structure, all sides join to form a single peak. Besides, there are still many more types of hip roofs but not as common. 

So why do so many families choose a hip roof instead of a gable roof? Of course, the hip roof has its advantages, and also disadvantages. 

  • Pros of the hip roof

Being more complex and costly to construct, a hip roof is more stable and tougher than a gable roof. The inward slopes of all four sides make the roof stronger, which can protect your house and family against bad weather conditions like strong wind or hurricanes.

It is a great roof on a rainy day and also, snowy day. The slant of the roof helps the water and snow to slide off easily without being stuck. 

Last but not least, a hip roof can extend extra living space for your house with a dormer crow’s nest. 

  • Cons of the hip roof

As mentioned above, a hip roof is amazingly complex when it comes to designing and constructing it. Compared to a gable roof, a hip roof requires higher skill to build and more materials. 

Furthermore, a hip roof is more expensive. Since it needs more material, the hip roof must be installed correctly to prevent problems like water leaks. 

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All in all, you need to consider a few things before choosing which kind of roof is the best for you.

Deciding on which roof for your house should be considered with the following factors: safety, weather conditions, aesthetic, living space, and cost. 

If you and your family need a strong and steady roof when living in storm areas, consider the hip roof to protect the house better. If you are building on a tight budget, the gable roof should be chosen over the hip roof. With its simple design, it costs cheaper and uses fewer materials to build. 

For further understanding about the differences between the gable roof and the hip roof, this video from Love Capture will explain in detail to help you make a better decision when building your house:


1. Is hip roof cheaper than gable roof? 

As we have mentioned, the hip roof requires more material and also, more complex design. Therefore, the hip roof costs more than the gable roof

However, when it comes to the reroofing cost, which is the maintenance cost for the roof, the hip roof has a lower insurance cost because it is more stable, tougher, and more durable. 

2. Can you change the hip roof to the gable roof? 

Yes, you can change your hip roof to a gable roof. When changing the hip roof to the gable roof will extend your property and living space by replacing the sloping roof with a vertical wall, also known as the gable. 

3. How long does a gable roof last? 

With a proper installation and good weather condition, you can expect your gable roof to last from 25 years to 40 years. After that time, please notice signs which show that you need a new roof or need to maintain your roof.

Gable Roof Vs Hip Roof Comparison: What Are The Differences?