6 Trendy Styles For Glass Table Tops in 2022

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In today’s world when it comes to home improvement, glass plays an important role. Although glass and mirrors is a very ancient inventions and have been used for home improvement for several years.

But these days the usage of glass has become even more trendy. There are thousands of trends available which not only used to protect the furniture or close windows but also add design, colors, and themes to the environment.

Glass table tops are one of the main glass items which you can use to decorate your room. Most of the time people use simple clear glass tops to protect the surface of furniture. However, there is a lot more than a glass table top can offer. Following are some trendy styles of glass that you can use to add style to your table.

Back Painted Glass

Back Painted glass is a simple panel of glass with paint on its back side. It is a simple glass type but thousands of color schemes make it a perfect option if you want to give a colorful look to your table. You can find any color scheme, tone, or shade for your painted glass top. This option is a perfect fit for restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes.

Digitally Printed Glass

Some glass companies offer digital printing services on their glass which can change a glass panel into a signboard, logo board, or a branded coffee table top. You can also get any custom image printed on your tabletop. Some companies use such tables for branding and marketing.

Crackled Glass

When it comes to uniqueness, crackled glass is a perfect option for your table. This glass gives an illusion of broken glass which is actually not. This unique style gives it a very eye-catching look to your tabletop.

Crackled glass is made with three panels of glass. However, the center panel is broken intentionally to give it a crackled look. Some companies also offer different crackling patterns

Glittering Glass

It is a new trend in the glass market and only a few companies in the market offer this type of glass. This is made by filling a glittered layer between two panels of glass. This glass is a perfect option for kids’ room table tops, and school table tops. You can find many colors and styles in glittering glass for your tabletop.

Tint Glass

Tint glass is very commonly used in different applications. However, sometimes a tinted glass can add a very elegant look to your furniture. Bronze and gray tint are the most popular shades for tinted glass table tops. However, you can find thousands of shades and colors for your tinted glass.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a simple semi-transparent glass with a milky look. Although it is a simple type of glass with no style, if the sandblasting is done on a specific pattern then it can give a very unique look to your tabletop.

You can frost glass on a specific pattern or can print a logo or custom design on your tabletop. It is a perfect option for tables in offices.

These were the few trendy stylish glass options that can be a perfect fit for your tabletop. These tips will not only protect your furniture from scratches or moisture but also add a great impact on the overall look of your room.

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