Great Redecorating Ideas for The Kids Bathroom

Home Inspiration

If your children have a bathroom of their own, you should consider redecorating the bathroom to make it feel like their own. There are several ways to remodel the bathroom to make your kids bathroom more fun and practical. Best of all, there are many redecorating ideas that are simple and relatively cheap.

1. Double Sinks or Vanities

If you have two children, you should consider installing two vanities or two modern ADA sinks. This will allow your children to wash their hands, brush their teeth and use the mirror simultaneously.

This will prevent arguments over the sink. If you don’t have the budget to install two separate vanities, you can install a large one with two faucets.

2. Use Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is great for kids because it lets them write on the walls or furniture, and it can easily be erased. If you have a wooden vanity in the kids’ bathroom, you can paint the doors with chalkboard paint. If the bathroom is large, you can paint one wall with chalkboard paint, making it the room’s focal point.

3. Install Whimsical Lighting

Changing a standard light fixture with something child-like and whimsical will scream “kids’ bathroom.” If you choose a fun and funky hanging light, it will create a focal point in the room, and the kids will love it.

4. Step Stools

If your children are young, they are going to need step stools to reach the sink. Rather than using clunky plastic step stools that will create an eyesore, you can go with wooden step stools that will match the vanity. This will create flow in the kids’ bathroom, allowing them to reach the sink in style.
If you have it in your budget, you can purchase a vanity with a pull-out step. Your kids can pull the step out when they use the sink and push it back in after. This is a great option if the bathroom is small and there isn’t enough room for two step stools. Most pull out stools can hold up to 90 pounds, which is perfect for a child’s bathroom.

5. Use Open Shelves for Towels

Most bathrooms are designed with adults in mind. This can make it difficult for your kids to get a towel without pulling the entire pile down. To make things easier for the little ones, you can install open shelving that will allow your kids to see the towels and reach them easily.
You can either have shelves built or use plastic shelving or colored milk crates. If your kids’ towels are in open shelving, you can use the other cabinets to store bath products, and you can keep it locked so the kids cannot get into the cabinets.

6. Use Bathroom Accents to Add Color

If your children’s bathroom is going to look fun and playful, it will need plenty of color. If you don’t want to paint the walls a bright color, you can go with colored accents, such as a bright shower curtain with matching toothbrush holders, cups, and towels. You can even paint the countertop with brightly colored paint, which will really make the room pop. Adding bright colors to the children’s bathroom will make it feel like their own.

7. Fun Wallpaper

If you want the kid’s bathroom to be bold and showcase their personalities, you can use colorful wallpaper. Over the years, wallpaper has come a long way. You should be able to find something fun that will withstand the moisture in the bathroom. Best of all, the new wallpaper available today can easily be removed. When your kids outgrow the fun wallpaper, it can easily be removed, making it look like a teenager’s bathroom rather than a young child’s. This is much easier than painting over a bright color.

8. Fun Decals

If you aren’t a fan of wallpaper, but you want to make the bathroom fun, you can use decals. Bathroom decals are designed to withstand the moisture in the bathroom, and you can easily remove them when your kids outgrow them.

9. Install Low Hanging Hooks

If you want to keep towels off the floor, you should install low-level hooks so your kids can hang their towels. You should choose fun hooks that are colorful or in fun shapes, such as animals.

10. Use a Bath Toy Holder to Minimize Clutter

Kids love to play with toys in the tub, but they can leave a mess behind. A bath toy older will keep the toys off the tub floor and teach your kids to clean up after themselves. Toy holders can be held on the wall with suction cups, and they are very affordable.

11. Fun Artwork

You can use colorful artwork that reflects your kids’ personalities. It will also add a pop of color. Best of all, when your kids grow out of the artwork, it can be replaced with something more their age.

12. Install Shampoo and Soap Dispensers in the Shower

Little hands struggle with shampoo and body wash. Dispensers will make it easy for your kids to get the soap and shampoo without making a mess. You can also install the dispensers closer to the shower floor, making it easy for your kids to reach.

You don’t have to break the bank to make your kids’ bathroom all their own. Most of the tips listed above are relatively inexpensive, and they are great DIY projects.