Guide To Choose The Best Succulents To Pair Together

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What To Consider When Planting Succulents Together? 

As aforesaid said, it is not an easy task to pair succulents and grow. Having said that, if you make a little effort to make it happen, they will reward you with an eye-catching pleasant set of plants and they will be all worth the efforts you put in.

However, when you are going to pair succulents, you need to consider the following facts such as their growing season, in other words their dormancy period and sunlight requirement. Moreover, you need to consider their water requirement, soil type, diseases such as fungus gnats 

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How Many Types Of Succulents Are There?

When you use several types of succulents with various heights, different shapes, and textures, you could create a wide array of succulent arrangements. There are so many options which you could  select from. 

For example, you could select succulents such as Sansevieria, Aeonium as a tall growing plant. On the other hand, if you wish to add rosette forming succulents, you could go ahead with succulents such as Sempervivum or Echeveria. In addition to this, if you want to give a cascading touch to the succulent arrangement, you could add cascading succulents such as sedum and Senecio.  

You could choose succulents with numerous heights to make this more interesting. Instead of that, you may come up with a uniform prototype of succulents which are in the same size. Apart from all these, if you are more excited to add more colors and textures, you could adjust your succulent arrangement based on that concept too.

There are some succulents which contain  fantastic texture formations. For example, succulents such as Gasteria, Aloe and Haworth carry an interesting texture with them along with markings in white. Apart from this, cactus adds a pretty texture to its spines as well for its branches too. Moreover, succulents like Euphorbia have a vast range of growth patterns and so many textures too.

How To Take Care Of Succulents

In terms of the requirements, you need to ensure that you fulfill their care treatments so that they can grow vigorously and happily.

Water requirement

Providing these succulents with a proper amount of water is equally important as providing sunlight. Many of these succulents can withstand the drought conditions.On the other hand, there could be some succulents which require  water more often.You could identify their water requirement simply by observing the thickness of their leaves.

For example, succulents such as Sedum adolphii, Pachyveria Empress or Moonstones contain thick leaves, and they can survive without water for a longer period. Having said that, there are succulent types such as Flapjack, Lavender Scallop and Portulacaria afra which contain slender leaves. As such you need to water them more often.

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However, it is possible for you to pair the succulents which have different necessities in watering, but when you water them, you need to be very cautious. You simply have to water the plants thoroughly which have slender leaves and you should ensure that it doesn’t reach the plants which have thick leaves. It would be safer if you could use a syringe or a water bottle to water them. 

Light requirement

The most crucial factor when it comes to care treatments is their sunlight requirement. Majority of the succulents will do well if they get morning sunlight and shade in the afternoon hours.

Not all succulents will thrive well under full shade when you grow them indoors. There could be certain succulents which would love to grow under bright sunlight throughout the day. In case you blend succulents which have different sunlight requirements, you will not come across any problems at the beginning. Over time, you could spot repercussions of that such as succulents, stems stretching, sun burns etc. Some succulents will start to stress too, while others end up getting sun burns.

Nutrient requirement

Generally, succulents grow in low nutrient environments. Having said, succulents would also love to have some fertilizers for their proper growth. Generally, once a year feeding is adequate for succulent’s survival.  You could use a well-balanced organic fertilizer for this purpose. You could cut the dose into half and then apply at the start of their growing season.

Color combination

They have a wide array of colors which are very attractive. They form in almost all the colors and the only exception of the color would be deep blue.  Succulents have their own uniqueness and attractiveness and on top of that when you make a succulent arrangement with succulents with different colors it will make them more attractive. You could use a simple color concept for a succulent arrangement.  

In addition to that, you could use succulents which contain complementary colors for this purpose too.

Soil type

You should utilize a well-draining cactus mix or succulent mix for this. Apart from that, you could amend the potting soil with some coarse perlite, crushed lava or even some pumice which will make the draining faster. For example, one part amendment and four parts potting mix would be very handy here.


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It is vital to be aware of the peak and on the specific colocation to locate them in a place where they could co exist healthily. You may have an exceptional thriller, a filler and a spiller in the arrangement. If you use succulents which are higher for a thriller will make the whole of it look eye-catching. On the other hand, when you use shorter succulents, it could give a more filling look.

Moreover, you may place some spiller trailing succulents to finish the succulent arrangement in a more attractive manner. It is an easy process to do.

Growing speed

It would be healthy and better if you could choose succulents which have similar necessities to pair the succulents. That is simply because there are so many succulent types, and their necessities would be somewhat different to each other. 

For instance, if we take the Jade plant and California sunsets, the Jade plant’s growth period falls in winter whereas California sunsets grow in summer. As such, you should avoid pairing them. 

You could plant succulents such as Agave, Echeveria and Sempervivum together as they are some winter sleeping succulents. On the other hand, Aeonium Aloe Graptopetalum and Kalanchoe would be a great combination when you want to grow dormant succulents of the same season together.

What Type Of Succulents To Pair Together?

You could plant Graptopetalum, Aeonium, Aloe, Crassula, Gasteria, Graptoveria, Pachyphytum,and Haworthia together as they are the types of succulents which go dormant in the summer season.

Moreover, you could grow plants such as Echeveria, Sempervivum, Agave, Adenium,Euphorbia,and Lithops too. They are the plants which go dormant in the winter season.

As you see, different types of succulents go into dormancy during different times of the year. As such you should grow the succulents together which fall in the same category.